The three questions gently turn your life or business around

Three questions that can take you from where you are now to movement… on the path to wherever you would like to be.

I have lead a workshop about a hundred times that asked slightly different questions, and it strikes me funny now, that maybe I was asking the questions that are ‘fixing’ based… not what I wanted.

The old workshop asked:

what’s working
what’s not working?
What are you doing? Who are you being? (attitude) What are you having? (results)
Who would you need to be so what isn’t working can start working?

I’ve lead that workshop over and over again, and it was always a disappointment for me: people, on the evolutionary level they are, the small number of spiritual capacities haven’t been able to benefit from the workshops.

Here are some new questions:

1. What is working?
2. What is missing?
3. What is next?

I have been looking for a new way to turn people around and found these three questions that, hopefully, put people into a gratitude mode instead of a fixing mode… and with that they will be able to see something they can actually DO… nouvelle idea, isn’t it?

Most people take things working for granted. Things that work. They keep their attention on what doesn’t work, what seems to be missing.

Don’t be most people.

For one, acknowledging that something is working gives you an opportunity for gratitude, appreciation, thankfulness. Why is that important? Because it changes your mood… it temporarily raises your vibration… it gives you a way to look at what is so in a different, much higher minded way.

And another reason is: Drucker said: you can come from your strengths… and to see your strengths you actually need to see them in action, need to see their results… and then they are real, and you can ‘come from’ them.

Your results, your strengths need to be real, not imagined, not fancied, not a potential only.

I remember some 33 years ago a dude telling me that I was fearless. I wasn’t really, I was full of fears and trepidation, anxiety, like everyone else. It is normal to be afraid.

So I looked what made me appear fearless. And I saw that I had ROOM for the fear, and I didn’t have to obey it. That I took the fear WITH me instead of allowing it to stop me. I cried though a lot… not loud, but still. Crying is crying.

The fear came out through my tears, one could say, but no, the fear didn’t go away.

Eventually I started to practice, consciously taking the rein back from fear, from pain, from tiredness, from disappointment, anger, hate, vengefulness. Today I succeed at that 80% of the time. Not 100%, mind you. Those who know me know that I yell, carry on, which are symptoms of something other than me being in control.

Same with my attention.

The world seems to conspire to snatch your attention, to control your attention… a lot like fear.

So I practice that and practice that and practice that. I am only 50% successful at that.

So when you say, you know who you are: you lack focus, you are scattered, you don’t have control over your attention, what you are saying is that you never asserted your ownership, and you play victim… And no wonder… You are like that everywhere in your life… Am I right about that?

I am going to use the three questions formula this coming Saturday in the What’s the Truth About you workshop. We’ll see stuff we cannot see with my other methods.

This is a paid workshop. You pay peanuts compared to the value. Why? because all my courses, all my workshops are experimental, or developmental.

I am not creating and selling courses that are not developmental… And because some of the things I am testing out will either work or not (they work mostly, but not always or not as well I would like it to work), I price them accordingly.

According to the participants, even when I am unhappy with the experiment, because it didn’t produce what I wanted it to produce, the participants love the workshop. Because everyone loves to talk about themselves, find out new things about themselves, see a new future for themselves.

There are many courses and workshops that promise the sky… and they don’t, they can’t deliver… or not for many of the participants.

In my experience and in my muscletesting, the average ‘effectiveness’ of a workshop is 1%. It means: it delivers the full result to one person out of 100, or delivers a little bit to many. 1% of what they promised.

The kinds of courses I’ve participated in, in Landmark Education, for example, delivered flash in the pan, temporary results to 7% of the participants, lasting results to one in 400… 0.25% ‘effectiveness’

Why? The secret is in the methodology.

If a course/workshop leaves it to the participant to judge what they see… the participants astuteness plays a crucial result.

In my Playground the participants have weekly ‘partner calls’ that they record, and they send the recording to me.

It is clearly visible to me that the level of astuteness is low. And even when for a fleeting moment a person gets a glimpse of what is running them… they can’t tell that it was different, that it was important, so it flies away… as if it never happened.

One of the other important divisive force is the participants’ ability to take full responsibility for everything that happens in their lives. Responsibility for their reaction, responsibility for their mindset, responsibility for their expectations… their attitude, their actions.

Responsibility for making everything say something about them. Responsibility for never taking ownership of their lives.

Everything I ‘teach’… (I really don’t teach…) my job is to wake people up, to point out things they have not looked at… but if you want to call it teaching, be my guest.

Everything I teach needs to happen over and over again, so we can reach depths the first the second, the third attempts didn’t reach.

Such is this workshop: Layered like an onion.

What’s the Truth About you?

Interesting tidbit: every one of the people who managed to keep The Sight capacity on is registered in the workshop. That doesn’t mean that there are no people in it who are not doing the work to keep The Sight capacity on, by the way.

So far keeping The Sight capacity on is the result I am using as a yardstick, and after two sessions, the ‘effectiveness’ of the workshop is 60%… not bad for a cheapo course like this.

Anywhere else you would pay hundreds for the typical 1% result.

Anyway, if you are interested in becoming all you can become, and finally be in action about your dreams, health, wealth, love, fulfillment… this may be the course for you.

It is always on Saturday, once a month, at 4 pm New York time.

The next session is tomorrow at 4 pm.

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I am getting emails asking what is the significance of The Sight capacity. Good question: without that capacity you cannot be astute, accurate, productive, make good decisions in the moment, because you can’t see…

What can’t you see? You can’t see anything accurately, and you cannot see what you haven’t seen… So your life cannot get better.

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