You could get better… but you just don’t want to get better

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Yesterday I had a session of the Playground.

The Playground has been my favorite program where I attempted to take people from wherever they were to Heaven’s gate… and maybe beyond.

It’s main principle is that you made up stuff at an early in life incident, stuff about yourself, about people, about life, about what you need… and what you didn’t get.

You called that wrong… and you have been trying to fix it all your life. So your life is still about that thing. That injustice, that unfairness, that thing that happened to you, that was done to you, that was wrong.

So this last Playground has been going on for almost two years.

I learned a lot. Some people made great strides.

I have disproven many of my theories and came up with new ones.

I have, for example, proven that unless you have the DNA capacity of Sight open and active, you won’t want to see that you made up what constitutes the core issue of your life.

Won’t. It’s not that you can’t see it at all… no. You won’t.

Do you want to know how I came to this conclusion?

I have turned on The Sight capacity just for my Playground participants about a month ago, give or take.

Some, about half, turned it off promptly.

So I turned it back on every day for the past month.

One person kept it on till two days ago. then he turned it off.

What happened? We had a disagreement. He decided that he is right and I am wrong.

Being right about something, anything, is a huge blockage in the flow of energy… But seeing that would mean admitting that maybe he isn’t right, or I am not wrong… and the EGO, desire to receive for the self alone, doesn’t want that.

So he turned off The Sight capacity so he doesn’t have to see it.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t think, didn’t know one can turn a capacity off… just so they can escape seeing reality. And here we are: it just happened.

So I asked Source: Can I too turn off a capacity if I don’t want it to give me what i don’t want to see?

And Source answered: Yes.

Holly crap… My whole worldview is suddenly upside down…

I am starting to see what has been invisible to me: it has more to do with willingness than with abilities, brain, or anything, whether you grow in life or shrink in life.

I also see that maybe you have the will to go to the second floor of your being, but not all the way to heaven… And you’ll stick with what you know, tooth and nail.

It is not that you can’t… it is that you don’t want to get better.

Are you wondering if you are one kind or the other?

Let me do your Starting Point Measurements and we’ll see it from that

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “You could get better… but you just don’t want to get better”

  1. You calculated that my Soul Correction is “Memories.” I was and am blown away by the uncomfortable accuracy of that. I’ve been able to relate some of your posts to this soul correction in a very direct (almost creepy) way. This one felt direct for me. Maybe all of your posts can advise on any soul corrections, I don’t know. But they are helping me get a better understanding of what it looks like in my own life, when it has recurred, and flesh out some details of it. Very helpful.

  2. I have a number of Memories soul correction people who I think of when I write the articles, so I am not surprised that you are recognizing yourself.

    That is a good sign, by the way. The question is: can you, will you, are you willing to change your ways?

  3. If I said definitely yes to those questions, I’d be lying to myself. It is what’s best for me, of that I’m sure. I’m taking small steps. I’m learning bit by bit (with lots of repetition) and as I do, it seems more possible.

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