What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light? Why Being A Second-Hander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?

most everybody is a second-hander

What Is A Second-Hander And Why Being A Second-Hander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?

Most of the people on planet earth are second-handers. Chances are that you are too. 1

So what is a second-hander?

According to Ayn Rand, as expressed in “The Fountainhead,” and in “Atlas Shrugged” a second hander is someone who leaves the decisions about life, and other important matters to another.

They give up their right to thinking their own thoughts, and fully generate their own life.

Truthfully, if you want to live in the United States of America, you need to be a second-hander, unless.

Unless you have the Life-Force strong enough in you to

  1. do your own work
  2. do your own thinking
  3. make your own choices

Now, you have been doing fairly well without any of that, so why would you want to change it now, right?

Well, if you have been satisfied and happy with your life, then by all means, leave this site and continue doing what you have been doing or not doing. If you just want to opinionate about me, the Method, and all that, you have the right to do that, I can’t throw you out. But you are not welcome. This site is not for you. In fact useless.

But if you have been dealing with a sense that there is more to life than what you have been dealt, if you have a sense that you could do more, be more, have more, then this site is for you.

But, and there is an important but.

You can’t be, do, and have more inside the slavish and slothful ways of the second-hander.

It is the safe and dead way of billions, but staying there, committedly, effectively cuts of your light. I mean the light from Source.

Why? Because, in addition to the physical position you put yourself into (tangerine, triangle, etc.) you need to have a mindset, and that mindset is not compatible with being a second-hander.

That mindset is called the Expanding Mindset.

It is a mindset that asks for the light in a particular way. Let me take it apart:

  • Element #1: It needs to be non-competing. I.e. you can’t ask for something to beat your competition. In fact, the mindset of scarcity, which is at the root of competition, the “either you or me” deactivates your light switch.
  • Element #2: The light that you receive needs to be used for expanding. Expanding your mind, expanding your playing field, expanding Life.

You already have light for survival. For just being. You may be slothful and don’t do your part to earn it in the world, but it is available.

You may have lust for luxuries and stuff that titillates the senses, or shows others how successful you are, but it will be just there, no expansion.

Why would Source not be interested in “financing” that? Because it is a “desire for the self alone.”

You should ask here, if you ever want to hear something that you don’t already know:

How do you create a desire not for the self alone if what you want is for you?

Tricky, isn’t it? After all it seems to mean that you can’t have what you want unless you give it away, right? Wrong.

Instead of following the party-line where you need to be a do-gooder (I see there is another article!), a charitable person, a donor, a helper, a missionary, or something like that, you need to partner up with Source. Make sure Source also gets what Source wants.

Story-time: A few years ago I had a Kabbalah teacher who was pushing all his students to become high achievers.

He kept on saying: “You must partner up with The Creator! You need to ask The Creator to work with you and be a partner in the enterprise you are building.”

It confounded me. It actually paralyzed me. It felt like I cannot have what I want, that I have to build something really big that would be worth The Creator’s time, and effort.

Of course, at the time I didn’t know that the so-called Kabbalah teachers are veritable second-handers, that they repeat what they heard, without having an understanding of what the words mean.

This is the problem with ancient texts: you cannot be sure that one interpretation is better than the other: after all even today, if I say something, there are many ways to interpret it. But you can ask me to clarify, because I am still here. And if I am still able to think, and if I still agree with myself of minutes, hours, days, months earlier (lol) then I will try to clarify what I said then. I will be honored that you considered what I said important enough to fully comprehend.

After all, who knows what Moses meant, what he misunderstood, what the slew of scholars misunderstood. The Kabbalists say the Old Testament is written in code. Why would they say that? Because most of it looks like, sounds like a story, so what? But if it is code, then it needs to be interpreted, and here we are again. People interpret everything from the Tree of Knowledge, the knowledge that got us where we are.

Or in the case of Christianity, what the disciples misunderstood, misinterpreted, changed so it makes more sense… what the church re-wrote, what your priest or minister understands by the “knowledge” that went through 15 or so rewrites.

You see, this is a world of second-handers telling second-handers what is true, what is right, what works and what doesn’t. Except those 1,000 or so people that connect to the Source of it all.

What about all the mystics, all the gurus, all the people that you are learning from? As far as I can tell, they don’t connect to Source. They may connect to some man-made dimensions, like the 4th plane. Like the 5th plane. Like the 6th plane… and tune into the Tree of Knowledge. Because your only access to the Tree of Life is through Source, through the Creator.

You have the tools. I am giving you the mindset here… So go and connect. Become a first-hander.

But most people don’t. They tune into the collective knowledge, the Tree of Knowledge, and pick out an interpretation that looks good to them.

My interpretation was that The Creator wanted me to do something big, otherwise it won’t lend me his support.

Years later, when I am able to consult Source, and the Tree of Life, my interpretation is radically different, so radically that it won’t make sense to most people.

Here it is: Source experiences through you. Source expresses itself through you. The more experiences you have the more excited Source is, the higher you get on its “distribution list.”

Now, even a half-successful connection will alert it to give you light, to push you. Because from that light you get, Source will get back what it wants: more experience. Because you are expanding. Expanding yourself, expanding your playing field, expanding your vessel.

Having three cars in the garage doesn’t expand your vessel. But trying new things, learning new things, being on the cutting edge of knowledge does.

Second-handers are not on the cutting edge of anything. They want to survive, and they want second-hand light. Third-hand light.

Unless, of course, they connect, diligently, with the mindset that they want to channel that light into their Life-Force, so it can grow and give them enough energy, enough courage, enough desire to expand.

For Source it is all about expanding. And to be in vibrational harmony with Source, you need to put expanding on the top of your list. That is to say: abandon being a second-hander.

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  1. It is important to mention that the world of second-handers also includes the self-sacrificing, selfless, the do-gooder, and the moocher and the looter. They comprise 99.99% of society, with the 1,000 producers living outside of this paradigm. They EARN their light.

    Government is part of this world, any and all government. Education, churches, all part of this world. So if you are there, you are normal. Even some of the people that have been connecting for a long time live a second-hander’s life: it is comfortable and requires no courage of you. Fear of getting killed for being different is one of the most potent enforcers of this world. The world of the Matrix, you could say. I know, I obeyed it, this fear, for a long time.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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1 thought on “What Is The Mindset That Activates The Light? Why Being A Second-Hander Is A Real Deactivator Of The Light?”

  1. Sophie,

    Your comment that “Source experiences through you.” makes perfect sense.

    I had not heard of the term “Second Handers”, as put forth by Ayn Rand, but recognize that the term could be applied to me when at my worst, while authenticity could be ascribed to me at my best.

    This is very engaging material. Thanks for posting ! – Ken

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