It’s not always what you do, but in what order

Actions that are perfect at one time are disastrous at other times.

To see what is the cause and what is the effect is mandatory if you want to be happy.

To know that starting a building the roof before the house is stupid… is a rare skill… most people do the equivalent of that in the area of spirituality, building a business, finding a fulfilling vocation, etc.

The Sight capacity can really help, but it takes building the skill of seeing what is there to higher levels than it naturally is. Normal sight is 1% accurate. 1%… horrible, no?

If you were a tracker, someone who tracks an animal or a person, the signs you see as clues would mean nothing to the other… although they, maybe, have the same sight capacity open, and yet.

Sherlock Holmes was a fictional hero, but what he did was no fiction: he trained his eyes… or better said: his brain to see accurately.

As you have hand-eye coordination, you can also have hand-logical brain coordination.

Seeing is right brain… you need to build out the pathways to the left brain if you want the right brain signals coming in useful.

Too complicated? Too much work? The moment you say that, you expressed a low ambition number, you expressed that you don’t want to deserve what you want, you just want it.

Children want and want, and use magical thinking or asking, or stealing to get what they want.

To the degree you don’t want to do what you need to do to get what you want, to that same degree you are a child, and you don’t have access to your adult capacities.

It is one thing to have me turn on a DNA capacity for you, and it is another thing to practice and practice and practice it to make it better and richer and richer.

I had two massive brain damages and two grand mal seizures between 1969 and 2003. The sum total of those four ‘incidents’ has been loss of memories, death of entire areas of the brain, and to keep it still working at the rate I was working it, a much stronger connection between the two hemispheres of my brain.

It was a curse and a blessing in disguise…

But had that happened to someone with lesser willingness to do what it takes, you, for example, especially if you are impatient, would have meant long term disability or death.

I am 73 years old (almost). My birthday is six weeks away.

I look and behave like a 50 years old. My hair is turning dark again… everywhere… lol.

What’s my secret?

There is no secret.

Aging is NOT from telomeres shortening, telomeres shorten because of aging…

Aging means slowing down, becoming self-sparing, as if you had only so much energy, only so much vitality that you have to ration it.

There is a 76 years old dude who climbs the stairs in the park near my house. His body works as a 30 year old’s… 177 steps in one climb. On a slow days he climbs it ten times… when he feels like it he climbs it 15.

His brain functions at 70 age though. Why? He doesn’t do things that need it to stay young. But he could rejuvenate his brain by exercising it.

Recently I have learned about that.

For a long time I was fretting of getting Alzheimer’s disease. I watched, about 10 years ago, the movie Iris about Irish Murdoch, a prolific British novelist descend into madness… and saw a possible future for myself, if I continue doing the same thing, day in, day out.

I didn’t have any hopes of escaping that future until about a month ago, when I bought a series of interviews about a method to exercise your brain with the Whole Brain Method.

There are quite a few exercises, but in my experience, and according to muscle testing, the hammer method is the most effective in keeping the brain getting younger.

It also has the unexpected effect of getting the physical body work better too.

When I started to do the hammer exercises, bounding a golf ball on a rubber mallet, both hands, I was able to walk all the way to the park, turn back, climb up to my apartment and feel I had to lie down to survive.


A mere week after I started the mallet exercises, I was able to get all the way to the park, and make a circle… one seventh of a mile around the circle.

Now, just a few weeks later, I am up to six-seven circles, and I don’t have to lie down after my walk. Next week I am starting to climb the steps again. All in the right order… not putting the cart in front of the horse. Gently.

I am not trying to remember tip of the tongue words I want to use. I am not overly tired. I sleep faster and deeper: this was an unexpected ‘side-effect’ that I didn’t expect. I have been a chronic insomniac all my life.

I am able to learn stuff that has been hard for me before… technical, programming work for my work.

This is the result of just one month with the mallet.

I am clumsy with my hands, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the doing of it, the many ways this exercise needs my brain to work out.

It’s a brain workout.

The mallet exercise is required for my students who are in my courses… I can tell from their energy level, from what they see if they are doing it or not.

Thus far only one is doing it… so this article is a warning: start doing it or it is good bye.

You see, having a capacity activated is like having a Maserati in your driveway. Unless you drive it, unless you take it to places, it is just bling…

And bling may cost a pretty penny, but doesn’t benefit you the least bit.

Whether you are in my courses or not, you owe it to yourself to do what it takes to become all you can become… and use what you have.

Many of you have a good brain used poorly… result: not a good life. No fulfillment, no energy, no joy, no inspiration, no good life.

I give access to the audios on my mobile app… It’s free. Just claim it. Text your email to +13155092888 If that doesn’t work… oops, then just email me with your best email. I’ll find another way…

If you have technical difficulties, if you have an old smart phone, let me know. I’ll see what I can do for you.

I myself had an old iphone… and I had to upgrade it to be able to use the app. Not to the latest and greatest… no, only to iphone 8… but I did it, because in order to grow, you need to do things you don’t want to do.

If ‘I don’t wanna’ holds you back, you may want to buy my ‘Feelings’ course… it will teach you how to ignore the feeling and even turn it around.


It gets a lot easier once you practice with the hammer and the gold ball… both hands.

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If you buy it before Monday night, you can use a coupon code, FEELINGS, to get a hefty discount. and in addition: you’ll be invited to a workshop where I’ll teach further how to use your words to modulate the feelings, attitude that rob you of freedom, peace of mind, and productivity… in essence of the good life.
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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “It’s not always what you do, but in what order”

  1. Your hair is gorgeous. And it appears a great cut. (It’s what I do). Beautiful and healthy, regardless of age. Why has no one said this? Is that superficial? I want to look ageless. Of course to feel ageless but definitely to look ageless as well. Health is essential but everybody wants to be beautiful don’t they? Haha. Maybe I am superficial, but I don’t feel bad about that. Lovely, really.

  2. great hair is rare as health declines. My hair was limp and lifeless for a few years while I was experimenting on ‘fixing’ instead of getting well. Now that I have returned to sanity, my hair is healthy looking, and springy… So if your hair is gorgeous that is a good sign about your health. Anything lovely about you deserves to be celebrated. A cause for joy. Pride? I am not sure about pride, it can easily slip into comparison and judgment.

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