Your obsession with fast, instant, effortless…

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It’s not how fast you are, but how fast you get there…

Our culture is obsessed with fast. Instant. Effortless.

Fast thinkers are put on pedestal.

But, between you and me, anything that is built fast will come down fast.

The faster someone is, the less they perform in my programs, for example.

Fast is from the left brain.

There are people who seem fast… but the truth is: it took them a long long time, countess days, hours, weeks, months, to build a large enough foundation from which, they can, seemingly produce lightening fast products, books, results.

Most people have no foundation, and yet they aspire to be fast… standing on nothing.

Knowledge, relationships, a business, a house, all take a long time… and most of that building happens under the hood, invisible for the onlooker.

Fast ‘memes’ abound.

A meme is a though ‘brick’… or maybe a though fart… leaves the listener with the smell but not the essence of the saying.

Memes are often quotes… quotes for people who distilled that thought through thousands of observations… but the listener, again, is left with not the result of a thousand observations, but with the smell. Etheric, insubstantial, not even a guidance. A guidance needs something to hold onto, and most people enamored in memes and quotes, have nothing solid to attach a meme to.

Here are some more examples:

It’s not how fast you get there, but how long you stay.
It’s not how fast you go, it’s not about how far you go…

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop. This seems to be my way…

But not stop what?

In my case, not stop looking.

Most people don’t look at all… or if they look, only for seconds. They arrogantly believe that what they see is an accurate image of reality, forgetting that 99% of reality is in the concealed… not on the surface.

This is true everywhere.

This is, probably, the reason so many conspiracy theories spring up, and more every day.

People have a sense that there is more to things than what is obvious… and of course there is.

But given that people have no accurate knowledge about much of anything, almost all the conspiracy theories are hogwash, and just muddy the water.

So instead of developing their seeing/thinking faculties, people fall for drama… or remain, slavishly, with the popular narrative.

And you scurry about the surface, never actually seeing anything that matters, a lot like an ant. Brainless.

About everything.

One of the things you never stop to ponder, or see is that people, you, want to live a meaningful life.

Is it possible to live a meaningful life if you live the life of an ant?

No. Meaning needs some depth. Depth of thought, depth of feelings, and awareness. Awareness of Life, awareness inside and out.

One of the ways this ‘fast mentality’ manifests is in people’s desire to fix what seems to be the matter. What seems to be wrong.

Always looking for the next quick fix… I need a food list. I need to know my eating style. I need to get a healing energy. I need a capacity…

Just to list the shopping list of seemingly quick fixes on my site.

Every single person that I know is out of touch with what they really want.

What they really want, what is their core desire is hidden under mountains of words that masquerades as wants and desires.

And then people interact with each other based on that…

The ITCH I teach is one of those layers that is hidden.

For example, my unscratchable ITCH is: I want to be treated as if I mattered.

But do I appreciated if and when I am treated as if I mattered? Yeah, for a moment. But I have stringent conditions, and also who says I matter is important too.

So no, this mattering thing, this ITCH covers and obfuscates the real desire, the desire to experience joy, freedom, being in the world and the spirit flying.

But as long as I am fixated on forcing people to make me matter, or doing things that make me matter, my real desire is denied… you can’t experience joy, freedom, the spirit flying when you are too busy forcing.

I used my example because I am not sure it is a good idea to break people’s cocoon open: unless they have to struggle to break it open themselves, they won’t be butterflies that can fly, they will be fat, swollen caterpillars.

This is not a slight… this is an analogy. A metaphor. Every person has that butterfly in their future… what robs them of it is this urge to get somewhere fast, and thus missing the real thing.

I have been unconsciously relating to people as their real core desire, the soul desire, the spirit desire, that is why I have clients at all.

People come to me for what they want, for what they think will fix them or their lives. But they stay for that connection, for having someone who connects to them deeply… To a depth, that they themselves haven’t dared to connect.

To the beautiful, to the heavenly, to the wholesome.

Then there are the ones who I have to let go, because they are unwilling to do the work of revealing what is covering up that beauty.

It is always ugly. The covering.

You get to the beautiful through the ugly. Always. No other way. Much like the hero’s journey.

There are exceptions in literature, but I assert, not in real life.

Maugli is an exception, Maugli in the Jungle Book.
Children. Like the Prince and the Pauper in Mark Twain’s novel.

But in real life children by age three, I say, are already removed from their feelings… the words took over.

In my feelings course I attempt, I repeat ATTEMPT to help you get in touch with that inner person, with the real desire, with the spirit that only wants that there is flying.

When in 1985 I first heard the Rainer Maria Rilke poem: The spirit only wants that there be flying. Who does the flying the spirit only have a passing interest. I got in touch with the spirit, but I was still in a me-me state, and remained there for decades.

I wanted to be the one. The one whose spirit flies. Not you. not everyone. No. Me.

My whole coaching was about me flying.

Only recently i got the essence of the spirit… Flying is not personal. Flying cannot be owned, monopolized. Flying is flying.

And maybe my job is to release the spirit so it can fly. Release it from the tyranny of the words…

The spirit is wordless. Completely wordless.

The job is to release the spirit.

So how am I going to go about it?

I started it a few years ago with the Feel your feelings workshop. And now, that I am clearer as to what is the significance of the words, I will do two workshops, that will attempt to put the participants in touch with their wordless essence.

Meditation, when it works, could do that… but everything depends on the person who does the thing…

Most meditators don’t ever get there.

I have done TM, Transcendental Meditation for quite a while.

The ‘trick’ of that meditation is to drown out words by one nonsensical word, your mantra… If and when it works you are in a wordless state.

How many people have accomplished that state during meditation? about 7 percent.
How many people were able to carry the wordless state over to their life? On percent of the seven percent.

For me, meditating while reading, meditating while playing Freecell, meditating while listening to people, meditating while trying to fall asleep… a whole decade long.

It started when I connected to Source back in 2007. I could feel that the moment the words showed up, the connection stopped.

Today I can even talk and remain wordless inside. Because I am not thinking.

And because I am not thinking, the words don’t cover up what there is to see.

I used to teach connection classes, some of them were ‘attention calisthenics’.

they went well, but they fell completely apart when I asked people to open their eyes, and sweep their environment with their eyes, without naming the things the eyes touched.

They could not do it.

But that is the job.

As long as the word gets between what you see and what you feel and you, the observer, you our out of touch.

any word, by the way.

Sunset? you say: beautiful… now you are not in touch with the sunset.
flower? you say: smells good…
and so on.

Krishnamurti tried to teach this for 40-50-60 years… unsuccessfully. why? Because he taught it with words. words won’t eliminate words. Words don’t create silence.

Osho also talks about it. ditto. words… and more words.

I have watched his dynamic meditations… all words inside.

How do I know? I feel it.

In the Feelings workshop we’ll have more than words…

It’s not open for people who don’t have The Sight capacity open.

Ultimately unless you can see wordlessly, you won’t be able to feel your feelings either.

Is it worth doing it, even if you fail at it?

I say yes. I believe that every failure teaches you something that success can’t… as long as you see failure as part of the process.

What is available if you succeed? Or even if you fail?

An experience of yourself. An experience that you are more, deeper, cleaner, than what you think you have been.

You’ll be able to let go of the rigid requirements you have set for yourself to experience yourself worthy, valuable, important, good, and start to live your life without those rigid requirements… so you can be fun, curious, joyful, adventurous, and maybe even loving.

As I began to let go of the self-importance, the essence of my soul correction, I started to have moments of freedom and joy. Experiences I didn’t even remember from my childhood… but they are intoxicatingly sweet.

The more I let go, the more of those moments came, and now I have hours of it.

That is what is available.

Did I stop working? As you can tell, I haven’t… and probably never will. Work is self-expression for me, an expression of freedom and joy.

You’ll find your self-expression… and your joy.

If and when and to the degree you let go of the words.

Here is a bonus I have never offered. If you get the Feelings workshop, the recordings and the two live session, I’ll give you a 30 minute one-on-one consultation, sold every day for $140. You can use it for any topic. Deadline: August 7, Friday, midnight.

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PS: Why am I offering such a big bonus?

I have people who read my articles, who even bought some of my products and we have never spoken. And almost every time I speak with someone, I see their beauty, their soul, and I can see how far they can go, how much more they can get out of life than they are. And that gives me pleasure to talk to them.

That’s why.

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