Before anyone can help you, before you can help yourself…

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Before anyone can help you, before you can help yourself, you need to accurately identify the blockage, the problem, the mess you are in.

It is hard. Why?

Because there is too much data. It is trying to find footprints under the snow… you don’t know where to look, and even if you managed to shovel away all that snow, who knows if you can see the right footprints…

The difference between a good detective and a normal guy, gal, is their ability to tell the difference between what has ‘diagnostic’ value and what doesn’t.

Yesterday I was muscle testing a dude who made my hackles rise, hackles are the hair in the back of your neck… showing you are in an alert mode.

The dude was everything I am afraid of, everything I despise.

I had to nudge that suspicion, that opinion out of the way so I can take my opinion out of the way and measure truthful data for this person. It was hard and I got through it, although I had to wave the disgust out of the way several times.

I am a good ‘detective’. Because of my ability to not latch onto the first impression, I can go deeper and deeper until I get to what is relevant, what is the issue that when it is moved someone can be healed or made to grow.

A detective is looking for the perpetrator, but in a way I am too. Except in my case it is not a person, it is an urge, an attitude, a word, an emotion that is guilty of keeping a person at a low vibration, at a low quality of life, not happy, not fulfilled, not enjoying life.

Sometimes it’s easy, and sometimes it takes some time.

And sometimes I need to learn a new distinction or two, have a new insight, to be able to help.

But all in all, the goal is, my goal is to help the people who come to me for help. Help them fast, as expeditiously as possible.

By the way: I have as many clients as I can handle… not being hungry, not being needy is an important part of staying true to one’s purpose: provide the help that is needed.

Another important part is: knowing that the client doesn’t know what they need.

You don’t know what you need. If you insist on being right, if you insist on getting what you want, you’ll not get better, and I won’t want to deal with you. It is hard work enough to deal with what is not working, to deal with YOU on the top of that… that is too much, and I am not interested in that.

But then there is a gaping abyss between what I can and am willing to provide and what you want.

If you want to be rich, beautiful, and happy, but want it from me: I can’t help you.

If you are willing to do what it takes to be rich, beautiful and happy… I can help, but please know that the road from where you are to where you want to get to is difficult, and it also takes time and many wild turns.

It’s a lot like unraveling a ball of yarn that got messed up by a couple of kittens… It’s not even possible in some of the cases.

Life is not as simple as it seems from 40-minute long TV episodes… or even a full length 90-minute long feature film.

A pair of ginger kittens play with a ball of wool

I just finished the fourth Cormoran Strike book JK Rowland of Harry Potter fame. It’s 657 pages. Following the actions of the two detectives, minutely, until there was enough data to connect the dots, and catch the murderer.


Definitely not a 40-minute, or a 90 minute long episode… But it is closer to how life really is: the dots to be connected to unravel the mystery each person has is a longish novel.

I have the patience and the dogged determination of a detective, and that is my biggest gift to you.

Unless I find that you are not interested, I’ll work with you as long as it takes… so you can have the life you were born to live, without all the stuff that was added on by things that happened to you, things you made up, or things you resisted.

I had two long conversations with two people yesterday where I discovered one typical distortion, one typical snag in your inner life that now I can attempt to straighten out for you.

The combined value of the two calls is priceless. But if I needed to put a price tag on it, I would say $197 is still underpriced… for the right person.

Will you benefit from listening to the calls? I can’t promise. Some of you will. If you have been in courses or coaching with me and benefited from them, yes. If you are brand new: probably not.

Get the Sunday call recording and if you wish… the second Sunday call as well

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