Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds.

‘Common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds. A sense of humor is just common sense, dancing.’ ~ William James

One of the surest symptoms of someone not taking full responsibility for how their life is going is a lack of sense of humor. And because responsibility, the capacity is not available under 200 vibration, that means 99% of humanity lives without a sense of humor.

I clearly remember when, for the first time in my life, I found EVERYTHING funny. Even things that before were annoying, irritating, wrong, or just plain ‘not funny’.

It was only 13 years ago. And it’s never left me longer than for a few minutes at a time.

This may be what ‘gurus’ refer to as enlightenment. It doesn’t necessarily come with being able to responsible… but it becomes possible there.

Your gurus’ vibration was 200 when everything struck them as funny. This includes the ‘creator’ of the vibrational scale, David Hawkins himself.

In one audio I hear him chuckling, and being amused, and he was certain that that was a symptom of being superior, and in a way it was. In a world where other people have a low low vibration, averaging now 100, a person with 200 vibration is king…

If they use it. If they use the magical capacity that becomes available there… responsibility.

Responsibility is the act where you pull towards yourself and claim everything that belongs to you. Your actions, your words, your attitude. When you own your words, spoken or unspoken, you also claim ownership over your emotions: after all all emotions are marker feelings, meaning: they are created by words.

In times of upheaval, like this COVID thing where governments print trillions of dollars in unbacked money, only the people who have the capacity of responsibility available to them, and USED by them, are going to thrive.

Just like any capacity, when it is turned on, it starts with bad news.

When you first see that you have been at cause of your misery, actively, when your misery isn’t happening to you, you are causing it, it doesn’t strike you as good news, does it?

You know you are starting to own it, really, is when it becomes funny. To you. Instead of shameful, instead of something to deny, deflect responsibility: it becomes funny.

I have signed up to a new group coaching program yesterday with my two favorite business teachers, and even though they are still selling the coaching program, in a call this morning I have already got my money’s worth… and it hasn’t started yet… Yeah…

How come? When you use the capacity of responsibility, then your habitual finger-position is: your fingers point at you, yourself.

Meaning: you live like ‘if it is to be it is up to me’ or alternatively ‘if it is not working it is because i am doing something that doesn’t work, or there is something I need to see, learn, or do.’

The learning was of the second type: Troy was talking about him teaching fat men to become fit men… and he shared that all those men didn’t believe that they could do it. So he had to believe it for them.

Moreover: if, as a teacher, you can’t believe it for them, your job is to not take them on as a student, or let them go… maybe some other teacher/trainer will be able to believe for them.

I have had teachers, coachers who didn’t believe ‘for me’ and the moment I realized that, I quit their program.

This even applies to hair dressers, massage therapists, house cleaners, and definitely friends. The moment I realize the shift in their attitude towards me where I cannot shine… I quit.

And as a teacher… I let clients go, even if and when a lot of income is lost with letting them go.

Integrity is your most important asset. Without integrity nothing works. So keeping on someone who I don’t believe i can help is out of integrity for me.

During any given day, I have dozens of decisions to make that require me to remember: without integrity nothing works.

If a client keeps forcing small talk with me… instead of blaming them, my job is to either ignore their emails, or to tell them I don’t do small talk, even PAID small talk.

If a client isn’t getting well from the food list and the water energizer, it means that they are not following my guidance… so I need to let them go.

If a client consistently refuses to do what they said they would do, they have to go.

Interestingly, ever since I got ‘real’ about integrity, I tripled my business.

At the same time, when I am able to believe that I can help someone, and they are struggling, my job is to REALLY believe in them, and let them know I do.

You need to know that someone believes in you being able to get the result I am teaching you to achieve… It is magical. Oftentimes that is the only thing that is missing… the tiny push that gets you over the hump.

And I like to be that someone for you. But you do need to do your part.

On a call with me, off a call with me… doing is your job. Your mindset is your job. Your words are your job… and thus your emotions are your job.

I provide the guidance, I provide believing that you can do it… but you need to provide the rest.

My experience has been that I have a few products that are like a gatekeeper.

If you are willing to use them to get the results, you’ll probably use everything I teach.

The water energizer is one such product.

If you have a tendency to make up your own theories, for example, what constitutes coherent water, you’ll not energize the water fully. Or you will add lemon, salt, tea, whatever to it, and render it not coherent any more, so the results you were sure to get won’t be there.

If that is you, my belief in you is seriously stretched thin… and eventually I will let you go.

What does the water energizer do?

First off: it is an energy I received and receive from Source. It needs to be conveyed to energizable water through vibrations.

The vibration where water suddenly becomes coherent is 653. Vibration is logarithmic, so it is not linear, the graph is like a hockey stick. It takes almost as much energy to go from 650 to 653 as it took from 500 to 600. Not linear. Also, 652 is not coherent yet.

The challenges that throw people are many.

You need energizable water. 90% of commercially available filters create non-energizable water… why? the impurities of the original water are replace with chemicals from the filter itself.

You need a container with flexible walls so the walls convey the vibration to the water.

You need to play the audio loud enough so it actually can vibrate the walls of the container.

You need to pay attention when the filter is clogged, or some other reasons the water is not charging. Your purchase includes a month worth of handholding. Most successful users buy other stuff to stay on my good side, and I measure their water’s vibration for free… otherwise they would have to pay for my troubles every time they need the water checked.

That is the what…

What does coherent water do?

It can penetrate and hydrate the cells, so the cells can generate energy. No hydration: your cells are in survival mode. Your cells are considered hydrated if the cell-hydration number is at or above 30%.

What happens if your cell hydration is lower? For one thing: you are sluggish. You are also less intelligent than you could be. You make poor decisions, your integrity is suffering, your results are suffering, your life is suffering. You are living a sub-standard life.

Ultimately you cannot hold any capacity on, you cannot remember stuff, you don’t ‘grok’ it… and you think it is not your fault. You look for solutions outside of you, desperately trying to fix things… but the problem is within you.

Want to find out what you are made of and find out what life can be when you are empowered?

Empowerment means: given power or power boost as opposed to be disempowered… where something takes your energy and power.

Most people have a life experience of being powerless… even if they don’t use that word. They mostly say: ‘no matter what I do, things don’t change’

OK, if you are ready to embark on this experiment, be prepared to exchange many emails with me after your purchase, have your cell phone camera ready, and be ready to spend an additional 40-60 dollars on supplies.

OK, here is the link to buy the Water Energizer.

Get your Water Energizer audio and a month long handholding by me

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