Ask Source: Leptin Resistance, is it a racket?

What is up with the ever growing number of sales videos pushing Leptin resistance supplements?

Leptin is sometimes called the satiety hormone.

First guestion to Source: is leptin resistance real? yes, says Source. It is.

Source says that people who never diet, have never dieted, don’t get fat.

The next question: even if they eat the same food that makes us fat? the answer was ‘no’. If they eat the same food as dieters eat, everybody gets fat.


OK, let me go back in time and remember WHAT I ate back 60 years ago when I first went from normal to fat?

I was about 10 years old. Previously I was a skinny kid. But I heard somewhere that eating whole grains is healthy and it would prevent me from going fat. I wasn’t fat. I wasn’t overweight. So why did I start on this fad? In addition to the fact that whole grains taste like sawdust, they also made me fat.

Let me ask Source a new question? Do fat/dieting people eat something because they think it is good for them? the answer is ‘yes’.

Here is a hunch I need to test: normal (not dieting) people eat whatever they eat. They are not concerned with it being good for them, bad for them, they eat to live, don’t live to eat? True, says Source.

Somewhere around 1960 the emphasis on eating flipped.

Whether it’s the person’s concern or the concern of the person who prepares the food, the concern for healthy food makes one fat.


Health food makes you fat. No normal person would consider eating health food. Health food is ridiculous… I say.

Back in the 60’s my mother switched to cooking with vegetable oil instead of goose fat she used before to cook. Result: both my father and mother started to gain weight, and years later they both died in circulatory diseases… and all three kids also deal with circulatory diseases. Healthfood my ass.

Her concern wasn’t for weight, it was for heart health, but the solution actually caused the problem, instead of solving it.

It could be said that the concern, manufactured by industry that pays for doctors’ education, caused, causes the health issue.

Humanity survived, even thrived on the diets they traditionally ate… goose fat for Jews, pork fat for Gentiles, at least in Hungary. Every health discovery has been a fraud.

The newfangled food substitute dupes your body’s and your brain’s natural sense of what is good, or when you have eaten enough.

This loss of the body’s ability to tell when you are full is what they call Leptin resistance… but whatever you call it, it cannot be ‘cured’ with adding some herbs, let alone herbs that carry such a profit margin that the shipping cost actually pays for the herbs in the capsules, and the whole price you pay is pure profit.

But even if they gave you want they say they gave you: the solution is not some herbs, the solution is a return to a diet that is only informed by what your ancestors ate, what your body can disambiguate, what your body can recognize as food.

Anything you eat to make you healthy, thin, or strong, or smart is a violation of this rule of life.

Even if you return to eating the way your ancestors ate, so that you can become healthy again, and so that your brain can tell full from hungry, is a concern that will mute your senses.

Muscle test has also been telling me that when food is processed, nearly everything you can buy in a package in a supermarket, something is added to it that makes you not feel that your hunger has been abated. You actually feel like eating more… and more.

I haven’t been able to figure out what that additive is, but I have asked Source about many of the food items in my refrigerator and in my freezer, and most of them have it in them.

  • My frozen salmon,
  • most chicken,
  • the peanut butter, yes.
  • My A2 milk: some
  • My ground bison: no
  • My ground lamb: yes
  • roasted red peppers: no
  • My hot sauce: yes
  • Onion powder: yes. Onions: no
  • Garlic powder: yes. Garlic: no
  • None of the fresh or frozen vegetables.

By the way, now that my health numbers are higher, I suspect that my food list might change as well.

OK… I just measured my new food list. Big surprise: I now have a lot more food to eat… many more, but… to my dismay tea is off my allowed beverages.

Energized water is on… and it is the only beverage I am allowed to drink… although I have A2 milk. I have energized the A2 milk from Australia to correct the ultra-pasteurization that would make it still harmful… I used the Water energizer energy to energize it.

OK, this article has been a long ‘journal entry’… no conclusions other than the insight that there is something, chemical, in almost all processed food… and almost all food is processed, unless you pull it out of the ground, pick it from a tree, or slaughter it yourself.

Some places, some processors put that ‘something chemical’ in the food, others don’t.

For example, in the United States you are allowed to inject meat/fish products with up to 20% water… And some stores, some processing plants do that, and others don’t. That water contains the chemical that disables your leptins from warning you that you are full.

I looked at one of the stores on Instacart, Aldi’s, I looked at at chicken breast. Roughly 50% of the items have that ‘something chemical’ while the other 50% don’t.

I am now allowed to each chicken, but if I buy the processed kind, it will make me hungry… that is how they (the food industry) makes you fat because you’ll eat more. Yesterday, before I asked this question, I ate three slices of a chicken, and packed on 3 pounds…

I would have thought it was sugar to blame for my nagging hunger… but it seems it was some other chemical.

My suspicion is that this chemical can be used in minute quantities, so it doesn’t have to be listed on the labels. But you can find it in powders, in meat products, in nearly everything… and we, humanity, are getting hungrier and hungrier, because the body is duped into believing that we didn’t eat enough.

I am going to continue digging, and let you know what I see… if anything. And muscle test for leptin inhibitor presence in the food I want to eat.

In the meantime, pay attention to what food makes you hungry, and stop eating it. Even of food that is on your food list. The food list is generic. It can’t test for GMO, it can’t test for the leptin inhibitor. Example: I can eat chicken but not all chicken. I can eat lamb, but not with the leptin inhibitor infused into it.

I can muscle test the ideal food list for you.

My food list tells me that genetically I am from the Middle East, my ancestors were sheep herders, there was no agriculture (no grains, none) and even the vegetables are those you can grow in a month or two staying in the same place. No fruits… Most things can be eaten raw or roasted over open fire.

If you would like me to muscle test a food list for you, here is a link to a payment page

Let me muscle test your food list
Until Tuesday, August 25 midnight EDT, you can use a coupon to save 10%. Use coupon code TEN for the discount.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Ask Source: Leptin Resistance, is it a racket?”

  1. Sophie, what you are discovering, or investigating, about the food additives is both interesting and alarming. How sneaky of the food chain businesses to add in leptin inhibitor to make us eat and buy more. I had no idea.

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