Words create your emotions, your reality, your next action

Words create your emotions, your reality, your next action, your beingness, your attitude… everything

‘Law of attraction’ teachers abuse this fact… and fleece you, dupe you, and infuse you with delusional beliefs. But regardless… it is true. Words create worlds. But not all words, and definitely not imprecise words…

In this article I’ll deal with that imprecision.

Words create your emotions, your reality, your next action, your beingness, your attitude… everything. Everything you can’t wrap some words around don’t exist for you.

Do you think it would be a good idea to use the words with some finesse, precision, instead of doing it with sloppiness?

Of course, how you do anything is how you do everything: if you are a sloppy person, your language will be sloppy too.
If you are stingy…
If you are a time waster…
If you are cowardly…
If you are a liar, a cheater, a bombastic promiser who never delivers…

You get the drift, I hope.

If you knew how important your words are, you would learn to express yourself clearly, build a vocabulary, use the words that mean what you think they mean.

One of the key and threshold capacities of a person is responsibility. Owning what you can own. Owning what belongs to you.

You own your words, and unless you own them, truly, you will never make the effort to get them precise, you’ll use the words so you can get off the hook…

My project failed because… I am fat because… I am a loser because… while everything starts with the words you say or think… and if your project failed, digging out the words and take responsibility for the is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

The reason so is so that you can see that you created the failure already in the words, and will continue create failure as long as your language is sloppy, vague, noncommittal, slimy, etc.

I am leading a workshop that is opening my eyes maybe for the first time.

The workshop is called ‘Create your own growth’ but I just simply call it the Growth workshop.

I have never worked this hard for any workshop in my whole career. And although I have been leading workshops for about ten years now, I never realized to what degree people have no mastery over their language, and therefore over their lives.

People have ideas, fantasies, aspirations, but their language isn’t sufficient for them to realize them.

Clarity of language is also indicative of your clarity of thinking, and if your spoken/written language is convoluted, imprecise, etc. then this tells me: your thinking is also that way, and your ideas, fantasies, aspirations are likely to fail, unless something magically happens to your language.

I remember in architecture school we were told that we were being taught a vocabulary. The vocabulary of building, designing, construction, planning… and without that you cannot succeed.

The elements of language are seemingly words, but words stand in for distinctions.

Every task, every job, every profession has a number of distinctions that unless you speak them correctly, it is obvious that you are not trained, not effective, not useful in that job, profession until you crispen up your vocabulary, your distinctions.

Imagine a surgeon during surgery ask for that little shiny thingy that has a curved blade… Would you want to be operated on by a surgeon like that? hell no, right?

Lay people throw around words as if they knew what they mean… and look, sound stupid when they do that.

It could be said that any organized education is a language learning… but people focus on the content, and miss the language, and if they do that, they have useless fragments of information without a framework that carries it.

Language is that carrier.. and most people missed it in school.

In Landmark Education one of the yelled out truisms was “For you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always”

It’s a koan… whatever that means… lol. It talks about language… more precisely about distinctions that are all in language. And that koan says: you don’t know jack… and you don’t even know that you don’t know. You look at something, and you don’t see, don’t hear because unless the words you attach to that thing you see or hear, you really didn’t see it, didn’t hear it.

It’s very seductive to think that I make a difference while I speak or I write. But when people come back and attempt to do and express what I asked them to do, what I modeled to do in my talk, it becomes clear that they listen from unclarity producing unclarity inside their heads, and therefore they can’t do what I modeled to do.


OK. Done ranting. For now.

What can you buy that helps you with all this? First off: if you are not healthy, your hydration is not 30% or above, I can’t really help you. If you eat foods that you can’t digest or are toxic for YOUR body and mind: I can’t help you.

So your first job is always, ALWAYS, to make sure you are well enough to expand. Increasing yourself, your world, your sight, your vocabulary needs you to be well.

So take care of that first.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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