Four Reasons you can’t grow… if and when you don’t grow

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It should be clear by now that my work is 100% about self-growth, spiritually, mentally, healthwise… in essence: growing as a person…

Grow to what end?

So you can live a life you love and you live it powerfully.

Obviously this is not an easy task.

The following is my experience, my powerful debriefing of why don’t you grow, if you don’t grow.

Most of the reasons are readily visible in your starting point measurements and in your health measurements.

But the biggest reason is:

1. Your attitude creates a mutually exclusive futures scenario.

What am I talking about?

Your attitude was born when something happened as a child. Your reaction to it is largely influenced by your clarity in judging what actually happened, i.e. your level of intelligence, and your soulcorrection.

You interpreted what was happening on the level where you were… and although everyone’s interpretation is off, it could be off a little bit, or a whole lot… like it’s not even in the same ballpark.

I am going to give you some examples, because theory is great, principles are great, but the best way to see something is to see it in a story…

—The attitude of the un-self-confident yet willful student:

This student asks a lot of questions, asks me to muscle test a lot of things for her, because she doesn’t want to make a mistake. but when it comes to things I teach, her attitude is: “I’ll do it my way”.

Resulting in no growth, poor health, not what she wanted.

What does she want? She’d like to live a life where she makes a difference… but here undeclared commitment “I’ll do it my way” interferes… and she can’t make a difference.

That what mutually exclusive futures means… you can have either the one or the other, but not both at the same time.

Now, there are exceptions. Steve Jobs was a “I’ll do it my way” type of person, but he wasn’t my student… In the area where he was good, he was good and his ideas were good enough, that doing his way was a winning way. As a human in relationship with others, that attitude made him a veritable jerk… by the way.

—The attitude of the ‘I should have it without having to work for it’

This student also asks a lot of questions, bright, and gets it. But…

The attitude of “I shouldn’t have to do what I need to do to get what I want” whether it is work, learning something, or communication is a very strong attitude, and obviously if you don’t do what you need to do to get what you want, you won’t get it. Duh.

Regardless of its obviousness, this student never does what he needs to do to get what he wants.

Mutually exclusive futures… in every area of life.

— The attitude “I should be already there, already know it, already have it. I should not have to ask any questions”

You hear entitlement, I hope. This student, when he actually does something, it feels to him like he is lead to the slaughter. So he does work towards what he says he wants occasionally, but sadly comes from “I should already know” so he makes wild jumps, skips, and messes up. And then he becomes both offended and devastated.

Admitting that he should not know anything that he didn’t learn, he should not have anything he didn’t acquire, he shouldn’t be where he isn’t is hard for the ego of this person… and therein lies the mischief…

This attitude blocks the actions that need to be taken to get what he wants, even to know what he wants. His entire self-esteem depends on his accomplishment, but with attitude he cannot accomplish much.

—The case of “Don’t tell me what to do… I won’t do it, and I will have an excuse”

The unfortunate aspect of this attitude, that the person with this attitude cannot even do what they tell themselves to do. Resistance, rigidity. All fear-based. Obviously the price is mediocrity… No joy, no accomplishment, no victory.

— The attitude of “It is due to me”

Entitlement, and jealousy. I want mine and I want yours too. I should have it all.

We all know that entitlement creates a blockage to doing what you need to do the get what you want. If you think you are entitled, you’ll spend your life complaining, bitching, arguing, and not doing.

— The attitude of “If I can’t get my own, I want yours”

Whether is always the case, this student secretly indulges in the complaint that she can never get what she wants… So she wants yours. Your thunder, your air time, your everything.

She will work to get yours, but won’t work to get her own… Doesn’t make sense, but obviously she will never get what she wants because she won’t work towards it.

2. Reason 2: you fancy yourself too smart…

…and you never follow up, you never consider that you need to create practices, actions, and build on what you learned, whether it was in a book, a course, a coaching session.

No followup, no implementation

3. You sample things, you listen approximately, and you think that that is going to be enough.

You never take the time to really GET things, to really get it deeply. You are shallow, surface, as deep as a mosquito…

In the current water energizing challenge this is becoming clearer than it has ever…

4. Your brain is like a sieve.

Nothing stays, nothing sets up home there… When I check people to what degree they use their brain, I get 1%, consistently.

No wonder humanity is facing a devastating Alzheimer’s, dementia epidemic… in fact it has already begun.

So now that I have painted such a dark picture, what should you do?

Your number 1 effort should be to identify and disregard the little voice that spouts your attitude that is failing you.

I teach this method in the Amish Horse Training method course. Unless you learn and practice practice practice, nothing much will ever change to the better, in fact it will just get worse. So start now, and you can maybe have a future it is worth having.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “Four Reasons you can’t grow… if and when you don’t grow”

  1. #1- Guilty, #2-Guilty. I can admit it pretty easily too which is a bit frightening. Thanks for telling it like it is though. It’s cringe-worthy to know someone else knows it.

  2. The other day I actually thought to myself “wow you think you’re a lot smarter than you are…” It kind of pulled the rug out from under me. But I guess that’s a good thing.

  3. We all have one or two… but the important thing you missed: this is why you don’t amount to much in life… and that, I would be unwilling to put up with, if I were you.

  4. Yes you’re right. I am unwilling to put up with it and many other things which is why I’ve decided to trust you and the information on your site. Thank you Sophie

  5. Working with my starting point measurements and focusing on my soul correction, Sophie. Reading your work and taking the advise. Trying to “walk the walk,” if you will. Doing well so far on my family front. I plan to move on from there when I’m ready.

  6. How long would you recommend before getting another starting point measurement muscle test from you Sophie? Six months, a year, more? I’d like a check in but don’t want to waste my money obviously.

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