I am not your mother! I.am.not.your.mother, damit!

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I am not your mother! Yelled the chiropractor. Thank god, I thought, but she continued, and then, ultimately refused to provide care.

This happened to me several times, in several environments, not just with chiropractors and not just with women.

Like every person on this planet, I live my life out in a machine. No, not the Matrix, albeit I may, but I am not aware of that. But I am painfully aware about the personal hell machine I created with my words.

Everyone has a machine. That is where you live.

It is running your life, most likely, and there is no escape the machine… other than surprisingly it is possible to carve out a good life, on condition that you know your machine and learn how to manage it.

What does the machine do?

Like every machine, it has a trigger, and it has a cycle. It performs a predetermined action or actions. and unless you are aware, unless you learn the moves of the machine, unless you learn to manage it, your life is predetermined… and miserable.

Like every machine, if you get into its path, if you resist it, it chews you up. And yet most people resist their machine… and surprised that they are chewed up… oy.

My machine is a them vs me machine… They are allowed to live… I am not. they are loved… I am not. They are celebrated… I am not.

Nasty victim machine.

Playing it all out, mostly in the mind, but often in the ‘field’… forcing the world, people, to say, express their contempt, their unlove… is that a word?, their no room for me.

This morning I was looking for a one-time friend with whom I haven’t spoken for some 13 years.

We were not a good match: she liked to rub elbows with celebrities, and I don’t like that, and I also don’t like to stand out… so we parted ways, no good byes.

I looked for her on Facebook this morning, and found a celebrity prominently featured on her page: a woman I had a big falling out with. People call her the second coming of Michelangelo… she is a sculptor.

Immediately my heart squeezed: I am nothing.

Holy crap: I have a student who has the same soul correction as mine, and his base issue is this: unless I am somebody, I am nothing.

I never realized that it’s been sitting there for 70 odd years… running the show.

Humans, the human machine is really like an onion… except when you peel an onion, there is a final leaf… while, it seems, that with the human machine, it is endless… Of course nothing is endless… but it definitely feels that way.

It seems that the core issue, at least at the depth we have been able to descend, the core issue is comparison.

If you look, Darwin said (I think) that living things compete for resources, and compete for opportunities to procreate, the duplicate their DNA… to dominate the gene pool.

That is the source of this comparison and competition… or in my case comparison and resignation.

Some soul correction are fiercely competitive, mine is the kind that resigns that it can’t…

My dominant ‘Bach profile’, or Bach Energy is Gentian.

Intense blue flowers, every part of it is useful. Edward Bach talks about Gentian a lot, in his book, Form and Function he mentions Gentian, and yet… gasp… it never designates a whole section to it.

You see? Being left out, that is what the machine says… and then acts unnoticeable. And then Gentian complains about it.

Alternatively this same machine acts up, behaves loudly and obnoxiously, and gets thrown out… yikes…

That used to be my whole life. I have been managing this machine, catching its trigger, or if I can’t, redirecting it, or softening the blow… so my life has been somewhat tragedy-free, somewhat friction-free.

The more you know the machine, the more aware you are in the moment, the better you get at managing the machine to just hum along, instead of chewing you up.

I’ll teach the conversational strategy of beating your machine in the upcoming ITCH webinar.

Now that I see how deep the rabbit hole goes, I am going to ask different questions of Source… I am going to ask it to identify the Bach profile according to how Edward Bach did, not by your current attitude, as I have been until now.

I think it is useful to know your base nature…

It is possible that your most dominantly expressed nature, your ‘personality’ is a reaction to your real personality.

For example I am known to be undeterred, moving steadily forward… just the opposite of my Gentian easily discouraged ‘real’ personality.

For example this woman who is all sweet and accommodating is covering up that she is a domineering Vine persona, really.

It probable will take me longer to coax Source to give me the bottom line than it normally takes me to get the obvious… but I think it will be worth it… Especially if you want to be in the ITCH live…

And in addition to that: Remember that the energies of the Heaven on Earth are duplicating the energies of these personas… blunting them, so you can have more conscious choice about how to be in life.

In my arrogant opinion my energies infused in water work better than the flower remedies.

Why? Because they are pure and pinpoint accurate, while who knows what different effects and influences dull or even kill the energy of that particular flower.

But obviously my opinion is my opinion. Once I muscle test your base personality, you are free to buy/use my Heaven on Earth, or buy the Bach Flower Remedy in a store… As long as you are conscious of what you are moderating, what way your personality is trying to dominate your behavior and your outlook at life, you are as good as gold.

Get your ‘real’ Bach flower muscle tested for you…

and if you want, book a short conversation with me, where we can strategize how to beat it so you can have the life you want.

Because don’t be mistaken: every single person on this planet has a ‘story’ at the core that makes it, unmanaged, impossible to enjoy life, to get what you want out of life, and there are no exceptions.

But when you know your machine, and to the degree you know your machine and learn to manage it, just like a clunker, can take you where you want to go… you don’t need a Ferrari for that.

Get your ‘real’ Bach profile tested… I can’t wait to see your results.

Get your ‘real’ Bach profile
This offer lets you book a private call with me at a cut rate price. Why? Because I want to dig deep with you… I actually love doing that… that’s why.

Will this be available forever? I doubt it. Once I have all the data I need, I’ll raise the price to what it normally is. How about a week? Till next Sunday? How about till Friday… September 11… you should remember the day, 9/11

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