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Earlier today I slayed one of my closely held ‘truths’, that I can’t deal with complexity, that I can’t deal with creating a sales letter… for whatever is hard about it for me.

And when it rains it pours…

I found myself crying at the idea that I am considered ‘one of ours’ (mishelanu) by Jewish people. How do I know? My Jewish tech teacher welcomed me with a celebratory image: one of us…

So I cried.

Truth be told: all my life I was searching for home… as if I didn’t have one.

But given that we are in truth-saying mode, I muscle tested if I made that up that I didn’t belong? And lo and behold, muscle test say ‘yes’. I made that up.

Wow. I didn’t realize that. Maybe I made up everything about myself? And Source say yes to that too. Holly molly.

Everything that has defined who I am was made up by me, and then I went and collected evidence for it… that I wasn’t loved, that I was treated as a throw-away, that I was stupid, that I was… blah blah blah.

Sidenote: I wrote this article a few days ago. since then my little brother called who I hadn’t talked for maybe seven years, and my best University friend, who I thought has left our friendship about a year ago. So it is even more obvious that I made up the not-belonging story.

Back to me crying: I am must realizing that every time I cry the kind of cry I had when someone told me I belonged, a new wrinkle of what I made up surfaces.

The stuff you make up is unique to you… but how you react when you think you got what you said you lacked, what you said you missed, what you said you needed is pretty similar… except some people cry inward, others outward, like myself.

Until you find the real you under all the crud, all the crap, all the untrue stuff you piled on the top of it, you will not experience your power, you won’t be able to live a life you love and live it powerfully.

Some people made up worse stuff about themselves than you did, others less bad… but either way, every single person alive made up some crap… and until they see that it isn’t true, never was true, and instead of it being the description of a problem, it is the cause of the problem, of maybe all the problems you now deal with today… and until you clear that crud off, you can’t be you, you can’t be free, you can’t be happy.

Is this true about wildly successful individuals?

I believe it is. It was definitely true about Steve Jobs… it’s easier to know about him, because of his wildly successful biography.

But judging from the low vibration of all the famous people I have measured, each and every one of them was a puppet on a string, maybe chose their vocation to fix the stuff they made up about themselves. Some are more troubled than others.

Occasionally I get to observe these people, and see from their mannerisms mainly how and where they got hooked.

So it is not just you… it is everybody.

But most people aren’t even willing to be challenged on their ‘true self’… because if they didn’t have that what do they have… I guess.

My students are a somewhat special breed: they are willing to listen.


The problem is that listening isn’t enough. Getting it isn’t enough.

The problem with EVERYTHING is that for things to work you need mastery. And for mastery you need to actually do the thing that works over and over and over… mastery takes time and it takes effort.

And most people are not willing to schedule time for mastery.

I just bought this exercise program, called One and done… I can see that it can be very effective… listen carefully now! once I can master it. Once I can master it.

While I am dabbling in it, while I am learning it, it is anything but effective, or useful, or even enjoyable.

And that is how life is.

There is a collective psychosis that says that you can get something without effort. And, of course, you can’t. And there are false gurus whose entire attraction is that they lie to you. They tell you what you want to her, true or not.

The marketers’ slogan is: sell them what they want, give them what they need, but most ‘gurus’ sell you and then give you what you want… not what you need.

What people want is easy, instant, and effortless… What they need, if they want to have anything useful is hard, it takes time, and it takes a lot of effort.

False gurus sell you the sizzle… and they give you, drumroll, the sizzle again. I am not a false guru. I have a handful of followers and even my handful of followers don’t want to do what they have to do to get what they want.

At the moment I have one student who is doing what is there to do: to dig herself out from under the false story she made up about herself and the world.

If she perseveres and takes it all the way to mastery, then there will be two people on the planet… her and me. lol.

That is really the situation… without exaggeration.

I have this growth course…

Sidenote: By the way, I know I am ranting, no need to tell me. I am ranting.

Let me ask you a question: have you heard about any program or course where just sitting in the classroom gave you enough practice to say when the class was done: I now have what the class taught.

Some long time ago I changed high school. It was in October or November in the second year of high school.

In the new school the girls had shorthand and typing as their practical. The boys, if I remember, worked in a car mechanics shop.

Anyway, I had to catch up.

I had to make up for 32 hours of classroom time in my own time. It took me ten hours, and with the ten hours I was ahead of every girl in the class. Why? Because I actually practiced for ten hours, while they spent only the time in the class to do what they were told to do.

Classrooms are great, but ONLY THE WORK YOU DO OUTSIDE OF THE CLASSROOM will count in real life.

Most people who you call book smarts are only book smarts because they never took what they ‘learned’ into practice, they are worthless in the real world, useless, not worth a damn.

And this is true everywhere, in my courses too.

Yesterday I listened to an old recording from 2014. Two of the people on the call with me are also in my Growth course.

Neither of them remembers, practiced, and ever mastered what I taught those 6 years ago. Never even made any effort.

And that is what drives me to distraction…

OK, It’s Rosh Hashanah… and you are supposed to be nice, and you are supposed to want to be written into the book or Life… But given how the world is going, I am not quite sure I want to.

The main reason you are not able to step out of the made up world and look at reality is the lack of emotional and intellectual flexibility

to have it turned on, you need to have, already, a strategy of how you are going to use it, what you are going to step out of… If you don’t come prepared, the capacity will not be needed and it will turn out quite promptly.

Ask me to activate flexibility…

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