You are like a wall… everything I throw at you won’t stick

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My trusty testing group is tasked to work on allowing a capacity activation to blossom into an epigenetic shift. the capacity is called ‘there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix.

Epigenetic shifts are not as rare as the name would suggest: almost all of humanity has now made an epigenetic shift towards becoming fat and stupid… not the direction we’ve wanted to go, is it?

Also, if I see it accurately, humanity has gone through an epigenetic shift towards remaining an entitled child. Towards never growing up, never thinking one needs to earn one’s keep. And an epigenetic shift thinking that magical thinking will work.

Even highly intelligent people have a hard time shedding these childish notions…

So it is all about growing up, and dropping childish notions and developing adult capacities.

Remember the children of the village that was frequently visited by a tiger?

Their dreams were age-specific.

  • The youngest dreamed about hiding from the tiger. 60% of humanity is stuck at that level.
  • Little bit older kids dreamed about outrunning the tiger. 7% of humanity is stuck at this level.
  • Little bit older than that kids start dreaming about outwitting the tiger. Most of my students are on this level, and 17% of humanity with them.
  • And the oldest kids dream about facing, confronting the tiger. 12% of humanity is on this level.
  • 4% never dreams about the tiger. They are not even present.

You don’t go through these phases consciously.

Insights shift the genes… once there is enough clarity… if ever…

My trusty testing group, particularly the ones who email me complaining that the capacity is not on immediately, even though, gasp, they have been practicing saying ‘nothing wrong, nothing to fix‘ for a day or two.

No insights yet. it is the conscious will that directs the words, on this level, not what you SEE. The all important SEEING..

When the seeing comes EVEN without the words is when the capacity starts, STARTS taking roots.

I remember Werner Erhard sharing a childhood story of him and his sibling planting a few seeds. His little brother, Harry, now the CEO of Landmark Education, ran out and unearthed the seed to see if it is sprouting into a plant yet, effectively killing the chance.

With regards to actions, with regards to efforts, this is the same level as the youngest in the tiger story: when you expect the action to cause instant ‘reaction’, or result, or outcome.

So far from adult… decades of development away from adult.

What happens when you are a 3-year old in your relationship to life? You’ll do things solely for the results. I do this and I get that… Magical thinking. Buying the result. Already the commercial, Machiavellian attitude:

I do this and I get that…

Not the way to mastery, not the path to growth.

No capacity to think far into the future, everything is about immediate gratification… and lots of frustration, disappointment, anger, losing enthusiasm and energy.

The typical complaint of the 3-year old is ‘It’s not fair!‘ Or ‘It should have happened!‘ whatever they expected to happen. The applause, the cheering, the friendly smiles.

Add the whiny voice… sulking, flat, sullen… That is a dead giveaway that the personal development of the person is still in the ‘it is supposed to happen‘ level, the level of development where everything works according to magical rules, a certain order.

  • You are supposed to be treated in a certain way,
  • Obviously, you are supposed to be paid attention,
  • you are supposed to get the same as everyone else, it is your due.
  • why? Because you are special, or important, or whatever sh*t you made up…

The intellectual and emotional  level of a spoiled 3-year old.

Outcome dependence.

Nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t work very well when your body is older than that. but I guess, from the stories I hear, that even at age three it is a misery maker attitude. I never had that.

Let me add that for the 3-year old everything that doesn’t conform to his/her world view where things are supposed to happen, everything not conforming is wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

‘Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.’ – Robert Louis Stevenson

When we look at the rare person who didn’t get stuck at age 3, and managed to become a 13 year old, we see someone who is ready to become a producer.

On this level you can see that if it is to be, it is up to you.

What is most significant about this higher level, that you can see that it is normal that things only happen for you if you work for it. 

That fact doesn’t mean you are stupid, or not talented, or not better than others… It has implied no wrong in it. It is recognizing how reality works.

The highest and best level from which one can be effective is neutral.

Nothing means inherently anything. No one is inherently better worse than others. No result means that you are good, and no result means that you are bad. Results are just results.

When I measure your access to adult capacities in the Starting Point Measurements, I measure to what degree you have access to ‘nothing wrong/nothing to fix‘.

At this point, humanity’s number is 1%, and my inner circle’s number is 2%. Not enough to let go of the childish notion that everything means something.

The response to the starting point measurements always reflects the evolutionary age of the person.

Both the words and the emotion that comes with the email: anger, or resignation… both are the observable part of the age.

I learned the expressions: outcome dependent/outcome independent from MY teacher recently.

My teacher, when I muscle test him, is developmentally 8 years old… and yet he forces himself, with conscious awareness, to be outcome independent. Outcome independence, that nothing means inherently anything, happens at 13 year old evolutionary level. The teacher’s physical age is 50.

It is important to see this distinction:

Does what you do come from seeing reality, or does it come from the mind? A rule?

My students, or some of them, when they say ‘there is nothing wrong/nothing to fix‘ can see that it may be so for you, but not for them… get the conditional?

But nothing is ‘not wrong‘ for them. Everything shows up with a need to fix it. Their core knows nothing about ‘nothing wrong‘.

They can’t see it.

Not at age 8… my teacher’s developmental age.

If you listened to his rants, you would know, he is very self-righteous. In his world, there is right and then there is wrong, and he will tell you about it.

  • It irks a lot of people.
  • Other people like the fact he is so outspoken.
  • I don’t agree with him about much of anything, but his methods of producing results are indisputable… I am his student for his methods of producing results, and have room for his opinion and his ranting.

A country, a world, where right/wrong is dominant, is ripe for tyranny, for a Hitler, for a Mussolini, for a Franco. Dictators… or a Trump, who is cut of the same cloth, a tyrannical 3-year old through and through…

Outcome independence means…

…that you create a long term vision, and see that the road may be long, that the road may be arduous, and that you can’t expect results short term… In fact, short term you may have pitiful or opposite results.

If you go for the outcome and expect a result to justify you, to make you look good, to make you feel superior, to make you feel important, to make you feel better than others, you’ll be miserable… and you are. Miserable.

I heard an interesting statement yesterday from my ‘tech’ teacher. He says that

  • when you dutifully practice something, you need 400 repetitions to make it instinctual. But
  • when you practice playfully, for no reason, not for some results, not for some outcome, just for the fun of it, then 10-20 repetitions will accomplish the same thing.

I muscle tested, i.e. asked Source if this is true. No, said Source.

Is there ANY truth in it? yes.

The numbers are off? yes.

The correct numbers are:

  • 900 if you are dutiful, expecting a result,
  • 100 if you are playful expecting no results.

Playful also means curious, adventurous, and joyful.

This is, I think, why most people need ten thousand hours to develop mastery… no playfulness. With playfulness the number may drop to one ninth…

But playfulness is not really accessible if you expect any results.

I resolved, long time ago, never to learn, never to practice a skill on something that is important to me, or is for me.

This is why I always hired myself out for no pay. The ’employer’ may have been expecting a result, but I was free to play: no pay means you can do things wrong and there are no consequences.

I never stopped doing this. Learned everything this way. I developed all my skills this way.

If you don’t have the freedom to do things wrong, you’ll never have the joy, even when you do things right.

Here comes the important question: if most of you are three years old, how can you hope to grow up in my programs?

The answer is relatively simple: The DNA capacity ‘nothing wrong/nothing to fix‘ allows you to SEE instead of THINK that there is nothing wrong… If you also have The Sight capacity open, then you’ll grow even faster.

The goal is to LOOK and SEE first and THINK (verbalize) second.

At this point, saying the ‘mantra’, ‘nothing wrong/nothing to fix’ brings attention, brings consciousness to this yet closed DNA capacity… The more you hammer away at it, the more likely it will open.

The trick is to be playful about it: expect no result.

What result are you expecting now? Relief from anger, frustration, or despair…

If you continue expecting a result, and lying about it won’t change a thing. I am not the judge! It WILL take at least 900 for-no-reason repetitions to get some opening.

So be prepared for the long haul… Epigenetic shift doesn’t happen willy nilly… you need big effort…

The shift towards overeating happened through decades of overeating…

And another note: just saying the mantra but not SEEING is an ineffective action. An action that doesn’t count.

I teach a lot of this in my Instant Coherence Solution. It is called coherence, because the moment you shift the worldview, the frame you operate in, you become coherent, while if anything looks wrong or even right, you are instantly incoherent… and incoherence is unpleasant, and a stupid state…






And, of course, without it your chances are between zero and none.

You could use this to start a business. You could use this to double your income, get well, get fit, start becoming a winner.

Yesterday I found out that the skill of inventing a context is non-existent among my students. They can’t think of anyone or anything else but what they want. But that is not a creative context, in fact pursuing what you want without an invented context is a guaranteed misery maker… The epitome of being outcome dependent.

The job of the context is to take you out from what makes you miserable. Once it is invented, it is instantly available, and instantly makes you coherent. It is like the world changes in front of your eyes.

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PS: If you want to read more on outcome independence, lots and lots of articles, mostly amateur articles on the internet.

In essence, outcome independence is a stoic philosophy, in which you maintain a frame… regardless of what is happening. The frame is that reality is more important, than what you want to say about it.

So in this regard I say that the more stoic you become the more access you have to your adult capacities…

Outcome independence, by the way, doesn’t only refer to ‘bad’ outcomes, it also refers to good outcomes.

If you do a little dance when you get a good result, you know that you are not outcome independent… misery is just around the corner.

Just like in bipolar disorder where both the highs and the lows are to avoid, so is in life in general. In fact, the way to manage bipolar disorder is to medically, chemically cut the highs… that is what Lithium, or its non-toxic cousin, Lithium Orotate does. When you cut away the highs, there will be no lows. Can you see the similarity?

I quote from Reddit: When confronted with a problem, a Stoic would ask if it is something outside your control, or in your control.

If the problem is outside your control, then a Stoic concludes that since there is nothing you can do about it, so you shouldn’t worry. Accept that, and move on.

There is no point in wasting energy if you can’t affect the outcome.

This is the reason, for example, I don’t even worry about the possibility of being struck by a meteorite as I type this. Yeah, it can happen, but there is nothing I can do about it, so why bother?

On the other hand, if something is under your control, then, the stoic would say there is no reason to worry either because you can manage the issue! I don’t worry about breathing right now because breathing is right now fully under my control.

or in this article it says

  • Goals are important, but they cause us to focus on the outcome
  • It’s easy to become outcome dependent and tie your success to the outcome of your goals
  • The desired outcome would be better to be new experiences and self-growth
  • Therefore, your ultimate goals would be better if they were independent from traditional outcomes

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