When you are sick, your job is to be sick…

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This article is from 2013… but it seems that a lot of people have influenza, especially in Europe, and therefore I am re-publishing this article…

The last few days have been extraordinary. Not good, not very bad, simply not my ordinary days.

I have had a heart-to-heart with my ego that didn’t want to allow me to grow business-wise. It was very interesting… you should watch the replay if you don’t know what I am talking about.

I have had a lot done, mostly stuff that was stressful, scary, new, and there was a lot of emotions around it.

The energy attacks resumed last Thursday, so I experience frequent debilitating pain.

I am tired. My eyes are hurting, my body is hurting, but the mind screams: “Soldier on…”

… and this is what I want to write this article about.

I read, years ago, while I assisted and Werner Erhard and Associates, a quote from Werner himself.

He wrote it to staff. I need to paraphrase it because I can’t find the original quote:

It simply says that when you are sick, your job is to be sick, and nothing else. When you are tired your job is to rest, and nothing else.

Unless someone’s life depends on you working while you are sick, or tired, you are doing everyone a disservice or pretending to work.

Your work is worthless, you are dimmed, and what is running you is some kind of self-righteousness, dutifulness, that is all self-serving, it is all about you, and it is “desire to receive for the self alone.” i.e. evil.

Confronting, isn’t it?

I don’t know anyone who lives that way? Not anyone. Myself included. See, here I am, tired, hurting, and I am writing this article.

I bet, when I’ll read it tomorrow, with a fresh head, I will hate it… I can see it coming.

So I am going to stop now, but just one more thing: I’ll have this webinar tomorrow where I’ll teach you the process of turning your life around on a dime… and we’ll all turn it to, turn ourselves, into winners.

You can sign up. If you can’t make it, you can watch the replay, I’ll send you an email with the information.

PS: I have changed my ways in the past three years. Now, when I feel a cold, scratchy throat, headache coming on, I immediately go to bed, and hang out there for 45-60 minutes, or until it is too hot… I go under the cover fully dressed… But dead giveaway that I would get sick if I didn’t do that: I am shivering for about 30-45 minutes under heavy blankets… fully dressed.

This is my method. I learned from a Chinese movie… and it works.

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