The myth that underlies the linchpin that is between you and the life could love

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Myth is a widely held but false belief or idea.

Your soul correction has one element that serves as linchpin.

A linchpin is the ‘thing’ that holds a construct together. But to remove the linchpin you need to be willing for everything to fall apart… temporarily.

This is a difficult thing to do, even though you may be able to see what’s on the other side: when you rebuild yourself anew.

What’s on the other side, potentially, is a you who isn’t stuck with what you have now: fear, anger, disappointment, discouragement, hopelessness, distrust, resistance… whatever the linchpin of your soul correction is.

This issue came up recently because of what we are working on: re-thinking life, re-thinking of our thinking, our immediate reaction to most things, the right and the wrong, and the it’s-about-me-and-it’s threatening.

OK, here is a little entertaining sidetrack:

I love reading. My favorite moments are when I am surprised.

It is not easy to surprise me: as a Forget Thyself I live like I already know, I have already seen everything. so try as you will, it is not easy to surprise me… and yet, some authors can.

And those are the memorable moments in any book. Those are the reason I give five stars.

So one of these books is called Rewinder. It’s a historical science fiction romp.

Two main characters, a male and a female. The female was born privileged, and they are pitted against each other. One wants the world we live in now… the other wants the world to have a different ruling class, hers.

Forgot to say: they are time travelers able to change historical events to change the future, namely the world we live in now.

At one point they are not the same age. He is around twenty, she is around ninety…

And she winks at our boy. Makes no sense.

Later we find out that she got stuck in our world, had children, and was happy. When asked if she would go back, she says to her middle aged grandson: No way I would live in a world where I don’t have YOU.

Now, what is so surprising about that? That she was hellbent to destroy this world. She was the enemy. She was the requisite evil of the story… and gasp, it turns out that she had a heart.

This is how you want to experience the linchpin pulled out: if the evil one can be not normal, maybe even good, then there is not fixed point in the universe, other than in your speaking…

There is no fixed point in reality

There is no fixed point in reality… and the goal is to see that and learn to live in a reality where nothing ‘is’, nothing is fixed, and therefore your thinking needs to be flexible too.

According to muscle test 91% of the people who read The Rewinders didn’t catch that seeming controversy.

Why? Because people, you, don’t look at what is in front of you (reality), instead you look at what you stored in your mind… opinions about reality.

But when you attempt to and successfully take out the ‘is’, the linchpin, then you can experience a direct relationship with reality: no opinion.

Why is this fantastic?

Because everything you ever wanted in life is on the other side of that linchpin.

Everything you are right about stops you from experiencing it.

Here is an example: one of my students is a ‘Finish what you start’ soul correction.

Her linchpin is fear. Fear for her survival.

She writes in response to my Golem article: Too scared to get out of your rut

Good morning, Sophie.

I read your article about fear and ‘golem’ and it really resonated.

The fear you speak of has been with me for all my living memory, since a small child. Structurally, Golem occurs for me like a black box in the area of my solar plexus that is hard and impenetrable. This is where I contain the fear, it’s both protective, as I have no access, and debilitating because I have no access.

It’s an existential terror, it’s pre-verbal and my experience has been that it doesn’t respond to summoning courage or anything else. Granted, I don’t know that I have been able to summon courage effectively.

Others I have worked with over the years have told me it arises from my birth, which was violent in the sense that it was forceful and I sustained physical injuries.

I do have feelings of ambivalence about wanting to be in this world at all, so perhaps it’s connected.

I am willing to work with this all, but feel somehow lost in how the summoning courage works. In doing the collage, I can feel some things releasing when I move from wrong to neutral with some of the images.

Thank you,
name omitted for privacy

My answer, specific for the linchpin called ‘fear’:

yes. the fear. the golem.

I muscle tested and that is the essence of “finish what you start”

One would think it is about tasks… but my hunch is: it is about living.

very strong fear… that colors everything, and very little thought for courage… stuck in 3-year old: hiding from the tiger. from life.

what would I do if I were you?

Well, I tell you instead of what I did with anger.

I had anger like you have fear. stowed away safely, but killing me.

expressing it? No way. I even had a theory that my anger kills… and that made me feel dangerous and suppress anger even more.

So what did I do?

I was already in Landmark, and learned that responsibility is owning what owns you… in my case anger.

And I also learned that expression doesn’t mean carrying on, exploding, hitting people… I learned you can just say “I am angry” as in acknowledging it and it takes off the edge.

So I started to do that, and lo and behold, I don’t have anything at all where anger used to live…

And when I get angry, I say so. Even if no one is listening, I am listening.

You can do the same with fear.

No need to ask why, no need to fight it, resist it: it has NO POWER, only what you do has power

So little by little, sentence by sentence you can dissipate it, and become free of it.

I guarantee it.

Also no need to summon courage… for you summoning courage would mean you made fear wrong.

So don’t…

you can only summon courage from ‘no thing’ anyway, and you are far from ‘no thing’.

Thank you

You can find out what is your typical of your soul correction blockage that prevents you from living a life you love.

You can see what even for brief periods you can tame that beast… suddenly life feels different, friendly to you.

The Bach profile that I muscle test for you while connecting to Source, is a great way to find out.

The first Bach energy that tests yes is the typical reaction you have to the world not giving you what you want.

The second Bach energy, right underneath the complaint, is what you try to be but not successful at.

And the third Bach energy is your linchpin.

Because it takes quite some time for me to sit with a person on this, there is a higher than usual price to get your Bach profile with all three energies.

For the next four days you can use coupon code LINCHPIN to get a discount.

Find out what you are up against…

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