Often things you want look and feel impossible

impossible dream of doctor WhoI wrote this article two years ago about impossible and impossible dreams. I am republishing it because it is a topic I’d like you to see as a series.

Often things you want look impossible.

How do I know it? Because, for me, it is an hourly experience. Why? Because I start so many projects, use so many different methods, software, etc. that require all different skill-sets, most of it is impossible… or so it looks.

I believe that if I can imagine doing it, I can learn how to do it. But learning is hard, and some types of learning are not linear: you beat your head against the wall for a long time, before you see the light.

Most of the things I need to learn are like that.

In addition to things being hard, I also like to go for impossible projects, like transforming humanity, and such.

I know it’s impossible. I know it’s not up to me. I know and yet… I want to give my life to something that is bigger than my life. After all your life is only as big as your projects are.

Let me repeat that:

Your life is only as big as your projects are.

Most people that I know settle for less… maybe because they don’t know that regardless whether you win or lose, the size of your life is the size of your projects.

Without projects, without challenge, you are just languishing, half dead, half vegetating.

Women, when their child is old enough to live on their own, when their parents die, go through a terrible period of depression. Depression means that you don’t have anything to live for, that you don’t have a project, you don’t have a future to look forward to.

But often, before you could take on a project big enough to match your life, you need to reclaim your confidence, you need to reclaim that in fact you have value, that you are worthy, and that you can.

Men go through a similar phase after divorce, or after retirement, whether they chose to retire or were forced to.

We call these times transitional times, and they are very challenging.

Many of my students find themselves attracted to my work during their challenging, transitional times.

So far, the most useful curriculum has been to restore these people by the Unconditional Love Activator, stabilize them with the Heaven on Earth, and revisit their fundamental concern so they can get themselves unhooked.

When you follow this “regimen” you’ll find yourself attracted to challenges, and that’s when knowing that nothing is as impossible as it looks, that by shifting your eyes, by shifting the context, things change dramatically, in front of your very eyes, is the most important skill to have.

Without challenges that you took on, voluntarily, because you want to live a bigger life, none of what I teach is useful, or even needed.

This is why 90% of what I offer is for people that just want to feel better about themselves, want to feel better.

The foundational program is perfect for most people, it has what you need to get to a vibrational level of 200: that is a very comfortable level, no obligation to move further up, very nice.

The very few of you that will pursue a bigger life: you’ll need to get good at creating contexts, like being a winner, so you can sail through life without major upsets.

If you belong to the minority group, the select few with bigger desire, I recommend that you watch the review of the context webinar, where we invent being a winner.

You can also get the newest version of the Unconditional Love Activator there for a song…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Often things you want look and feel impossible”

  1. Sophie,

    I know that I am at the beginning of a process of growth. I hope that I am creating a solid foundation. I certainly want to live a big life. The night Nelson Mandela died, I went for a long walk listening to the songs of Bob Marley. Songs of Freedom. I want to be that inspiring.

    My vibration is at a very basic level. My inclination is to wait before making big plans or pronouncements. I want my life to stand for something, maybe something bigger than myself, something that brings meaning to my life every day. Or something I can bring meaning and value to.

    Your thoughts?

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