I just had an insight that may be worth sharing.

Yesterday, or maybe the day before I got an order for a Starting Point Measurements.

I delivered it… and got an answer back looking for the mp3. What mp3? Turns out that the person clicked on a page that talked about the Harmonizer Avatar State audio, but the buy button was coded to sell the Starting Point Measurements.

I checked, I corrected… and offered to refund the buyer’s purchase.

She said: I’d prefer the mp3.

I explained what the mp3 is, so this time there is no misunderstanding, wrong link… My explanation said: do not use the audio through an earphone: the energy is too strong: it can scramble your brain.

She said she certainly didn’t want her brain scrambled.

Simple: don’t listen to the audio through headphones…

But it drove home another thing she didn’t say… People expect to have their vibration raised through a completely nice-nice method. Exactly the way you expect life to turn around for you without having to experience any pain, any effort, any unpleasantness.

How realistic is that?

The more you want life to be smooth and all nice, the lower your vibration. The more you want things to go your way… the less effort you want to have… the less risk you want to take…

Energy medicine, energy healing seems everyone’s magic want, but magic wands, unless it is in a Harry Potter movie, are not very powerful: the most powerful feeling energy I have transmitted is the vortex energy of the Avatar State audios, and the second most powerful energy is the Big Bundle, that doesn’t FEEL powerful at all… even though it is.

It actually slices and dices, melts away, rearranges, chisels away stuff that is killing you.

I first experienced it on a Healing call some 8 years ago. A group call… A student who always had problems with her sinuses and her ears came to the call.

I was transmitting the energy, completely not in control where it goes and what it does: I could just observe…

I am an empath, so I SEE through what I feel… like a blind person. I felt that it was chiseling away the gook that was blocking flow of fluids in and out of the sinuses, in and out of the eustachian horn… or whatever the hell it is called.

And after a few minutes of that, the trapped and ‘rotting’ gook started to flow, the pressure both in the ears and in the sinuses fell to nothing, and it was all done.


I had a surgeon break my bone to get to where this energy got without breaking bones. I don’t know about you, but that hammering and breaking the bone really hurt… especially considering that my sinuses were already hurting.

Nowadays I use that same energy and allow it to do its thing… Of course before I start I ask Source if that energy can do the job… dissolve tumors, remove blockages of plaque, baked in gook, what have you.

And then, little by little, five minutes at a time, I just let it do its thing…

The health numbers before and after tell the story. I don’t much care to listen to what the person thinks or what they feel… that is too subjective. But the numbers don’t lie.

Certain things, like plaque in arteries, veins, and on the brain should only be moved on if and when you also take cold pressed sesame oil… because if the energy chisels off a chunk of plaque, that can move and cause a blockage… not what we want. That is when killed my father…

But I see that there is a global shortage of sesame oil… I found some on Lucky Vitamin… https://www.luckyvitamin.com/p-1168745-kevala-organic-sesame-oil-extra-virgin-64-fl-oz

Not all sesame seed oil is the same… it is not just how it’s processed, it is also the soil it grew out of. Japanese… no. most Italian… no.

Napa… yes. On the Lucky vitamin site only the Kevala tested yes. It’s not that the others not taste good… they don’t dissolve the plaque.

Bummer, eh?

Some of my students didn’t ask me before they ordered, and got NO results… For you everything is the same as everything else… except that not always.

OK, so what should you do now?

In my humble opinion, without being well, nothing works. Nothing. I keep an eye on my own health and I see that I do everything right, except I am not exercising… again.

Why? It hurts… It is cold and my joints hurt… 🙁

Is that a good enough reason? No… I mean it is good for a reason, but not good for my health…

I recommend that you get your health measurements, and the potential reasons whey your numbers are low, if they are.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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