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Everyone who comes to me or to my site, yourvibration.com, on some level wants to be more, wants to have more.

Most visitors come here AFTER they research how to get what you want… in whatever area of life they feel a lack.

So people come here with a sense of lack, neediness, and a hope that I can tell them what they need to have, or maybe can even give them what they need to have, so they can have what they want.

Unfortunately 99% of my site’s visitors leave disappointed… yet again.

Did I not give them what they need to have? I have, at a rate of about 70% goes away looking for someone who doesn’t tell them that they need to DO something… that wasn’t what they wanted… they didn’t want doing.

One subgroup of my visitors is enamored in the Law of Attraction, but haven’t been able to find proof that it actually works. They believe it does, but they haven’t cracked the secret.

Most leave, but some stay.

Yesterday we had a Get Guidance from your Future Self workshop, where one of my students who has been enamored with the Law of Attraction was participating. His question to Future Self was: I want to trust myself to take the right actions that take me to freedom...

You tell your Future Self what you want, and then wait for guidance.

I didn’t catch it, but Future Self did: if you want the RIGHT ACTIONS only, then you’ll never go anywhere, you’ll be stuck where you are.

And that is one of the stumbling blocks for most people, especially the Law of Attraction believer crowd.

Taking action, any action, with your eyes open, is the only way to get a different vantage point of reality, including what’s possible, and what’s a possible next step.

I said: with your eyes open… because unless they are open, you won’t notice that the view has changed. You’ll be locked into the mind’s view: which is the past.

In my personal experience this is what keeps people stuck, not taking action, or not taking action with their eyes open.

The result is this: they remain in the tiny box where they live… and they will live there until they take an action that ‘pokes the box’ and look… with fresh eyes.

The student with the question to the Future Self saw that even asking a question of Future Self and keeping the eyes open has taken him to a new place…

Remember, even asking constitutes an action…

He saw that he was judgmental of the actions, and that he only accepted the idea of an action that he could see that was the right action.

The problem is: sitting in your tiny box, everything looks as it always has… wrong, wrong, wrong.

My own personal journey has proven to me, that taking an action, any action, dislodges me from the fixed view from where I only see what I have seen before, and takes me to a place where things can look different.

In any area of life.

I’ve even come to love the wrong steps. It’s not immediately obvious that a step is wrong. If you think that life is a one-two punch, which it isn’t, then that is your fixed view, and everything other than winning the lottery is a wrong step for you. The path to anything more complex than tying your shoelaces has many steps… Come to think of it, even tying your shoelaces has many steps… some look wrong… and they still work.

Here is an interesting example to consider: you want to climb a mountain. You take off and climb another mountain… wrong direction, right? But from this ‘other mountain’ you can see your target mountain from a different vantage point and you can see where it is unclimbable, and you can see a path you can take that is both easy and you can do it.

What climbing the wrong mountain a wrong action? If you kept your eyes open: no. If you didn’t… yeah.

How many of you would keep your eyes open? That is the crucial question: muscle test says: 90% of you would declare defeat, and sulk… and only 10% would look at the ‘wrong step’ as smart.

This is the biggest issue I, as a coach, have to deal with in my courses, programs, and coaching: people don’t keeping their eyes open to see what there is to see. They remain blind with the new vista… because their view is covered with the picture of what they wanted…

I wrote a little answer to a question on Quora: what is the difference between two high IQs… intelligence, in simple words.


Instead of writing a quasi scientific answer, like most psychologists who answered that question did, I demonstrated the difference in myself… in what I see… given that I have managed to raise my IQ and can help you do the same.

And, if you read it, you’ll see that one of the differences will be the attitude towards seeing…

  • Low IQ: you get stuck in what you see.
  • Higher IQ: you are willing, at least some of the time, look again.
  • Even higher IQ: you’ll do things just to see the vista changing. Adventure, and fun fun fun.

If you are a student, the results you get at low IQ in five years is the same as you would get at a higher IQ level in a week, or a month… or in five minutes.

The result the man whose question to his Future Self I quote above, got the answer that could set him on the path to complete and total success… But chances are that he will need to get the same answer for years and years, before he can see the path.

At least this has been the case with every single student I have ever worked with.

What takes minutes at a higher vibration, higher IQ space, takes years… and for some, it takes so long, they never see it.

So I have to take them through many different processes, all called workshops, before they open their eyes enough to see.

And, of course, all those workshops have DNA capacity activation included… and I also have to improve their overall health… mandatory to have your intelligence available to see.

The Validation Challenge

One of the most interesting processes I have been using are the different challenges that are free, intense, and cost a pittance compared to a workshop.

Of course you enter the challenge on the level where you are. The assignment to do as often as you can can change your intelligence level, your vibration, and a host of other scores I measure, even if you don’t accomplish the ultimate goal of the challenge.

The challenge currently available to participate in is the Validation Challenge. The ultimate goal of the challenge is to enable you to see others as a person, and consequently yourself as a person.

And while none of the 15 participants achieved the ultimate goal, each and every one of them has covered more growth in 30 days than can be expected in a less intense and more expensive medium, including private coaching.

One person got very close… but close is not the same as achieving the goal.

So I am continuing the challenge for another 30 days… and adding another layer of challenge to it: listening to what others say… including getting what you read… The challenge here is the inner chatter, either the mind, or you actually talking about what you are hearing or reading… thinking that the world will wait for you to stop ‘thinking’… But the world doesn’t stop, and you end up with not hearing most of what was said, or not hearing most of what you read…

I’ll be able to measure the improvement, if any… I am very excited to see if this challenge can do the trick… or not…

As you see, I am not worried about doing the right challenge, I am eager to see what there is to see, whether the action was the right action or a wrong action… either way there will be something new to see.

If you want to join the Validation Challenge

If you want to join the Validation Challenge, including the Listening Challenge, you can. The cost is $45, doing what there is to do, receiving my daily emails and clicking through the chart where I measure you… If any of this doesn’t agree with you, please don’t apply.

The feedback is mandatory for you to do course-correction. My emails are more often than not give you valuable pointers of what to do and what to stop doing.

OK, enough yapping. Here is the link…

Participate in the validation challenge

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