Ask a good question, win $50

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Ask a good question… on a health topic of your choosing. It’s worth $50 to me.

If it is a good question, I’ll answer it in an audio, and in addition to getting the answer, you will win a $50. Not credit, but real god honest cash.

I leave the topic up to you, with one restriction: it has to be on health.

Good questions are hard to come by.

There is an entire site dedicated to good question… the ones that get a lot of answers are the best questions. Why?

Because the question reflects what people are thinking of, what is interesting to people, not just you.

The best questions are questions when I ask why you asked them, you have some vested interest… it is not just some move to be considered smart.

As you may know, my favorite way to express myself is short audios, and not too long articles. Around 5-7 minutes when turned into audios.

So I am not a book gal, I am not a lecturing gal, I have tried and can’t even do it. It is just how my machine works.

I am best when I answer a question… whether it is a question I am asking of myself, or I am asked and I answer… that is my best modality.

I get bored really really fast… Thinking is an arduous job, you should try it sometimes… lol. Most people don’t think, I can tell when I am connected to them: the area of the brain that lights up showing activity is not the area where real thinking happens. What lights up is the storage room, the mind. I can also feel the eyeballs moving: typical movement for someone who is searching in a storage locker.

When someone is thinking, and at this point I only have myself as an example, a totally different area of the brain lights up, the eyes don’t move. At max they blink… maybe even rapidly. But the eyeballs are not moving.

I’d like to get some questions that challenge me. Questions that I don’t already have an answer to… Questions that are interesting to explore. Interesting to answer… And put into a book.

And questions that more people will be interested in hearing the answers to, than yourself. That is a challenging part.

I am in a coaching program myself… with some 30-40 other people. And only about 1% of the questions considers the wider application than just the questioner’s issue, problem, business.

And when rarely it isn’t… has happened twice in the past four months, I get insight into my problems, my issues, my business that the other questions don’t quite provide.

Why is it so hard to ask a good question?

Of course to ask a good question fitting in my standard of a good question, you, at least for a moment, need to be generous, and think not only about your benefit. I know, it is mighty hard, given the high about-me number across humanity.

Generosity, real generosity is as rare as a five-legged dog… or a three-legged man.

But maybe you can come up with a question that interests you, and then think of a way to frame it so to include other people… and then you can win the $50…

OK… I know, I know, I am setting the bar too high. Would raising the reward bring in more questions? I don’t think so. Shall I lower the bar? Then I would give up even the chance of getting what I want.

  • But Sophie, how do I make my about-me score lower? Good question.
  • But Sophie, how do I learn to be generous? Another good question.
  • Unfortunately, in this context of ‘health questions’ they won’t fly.

But the answer is not too difficult: What makes you all about yourself is what the mind tells you, that you need to be concerned with yourself, or else… And the same thing is what makes you un-generous… because to be generous you need to be able to not be concerned about yourself for at least while you are generous.

To be generous you need to be able to not be concerned about yourself for at least while you are generous.

You can train your attention to not pay attention, not pay heed to what the mind says.

Remember, you are not your mind, the mind is not your friend, the mind is a frickin’ storage room running your life… The janitor! Not you.

The Amish people use horses and buggies to get around. And for that they need horses that can ignore the noise of vehicles on the highway.

So they train them.

They train the horses to stop paying attention to the noise… by proving to them that all that noise is not personal, is not about them, is not something that is important to listen to.

When I look at humanity, I see a parallel…

Humanity looks at all the noise as something to pay attention to… the mind is just one noise-making device. Newspapers, gossip, untruth, TV, newspapers, politicians… all noise.

You need to train your attention… and the Amish Horse Training Method is a godsend.

It is simple, albeit not easy. And it is training, so just knowing how to do it is not enough. You know how to hit the ball out of the ballpark… but to actually do it, reliably, every time, you need lots of practice. But is it worth it?

For one, you gain autonomy: without paying attention to the noise, you’ll finally be able to hear your own voice. And start to drive your life as if it were yours, because it is.

But until now you’ve allowed the noise to drive your life…

I will do a live workshop on Sunday, December 13. I’ll answer all the questions you have, if and only if I can see that you have been practicing, and your questions come from there…

You can buy the recorded training now to start training yourself. Until Sunday I’ll include a recording that is worth in itself more than what you pay for the course.

Train yourself to ignore the mind chatter!
And then you have a week to practice and have good questions for me…

Because as long as your mind and the noise is running your life, you won’t have a good question about anything, you won’t be able to be generous, loving, caring, and even listen to someone fully.

Why? Your mind won’t let you. Now, if those things are important to you, buy the freakin’ course. Go.

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