What prevents you from learning? to become all you can become?

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what prevents you from learning?Had you been born a cabbage… would you allow yourself to be trained to a cauliflower? Roman Cauliflower… like the picture to the left? What prevents you from that?

How do you prevent yourself from learning, being trained, getting better, growing as a person?

No, it is not lack of brain power. No, it is not even lack of curiosity, lack of tenacity, lack of assiduity… although those are part and parcel of what is really holding you back.

Back in 1987 I participated in a year long training that had four parts. The first what training about being trained. And it started with this rule that shook me to the core and created the learning machine I am.

declare yourself incompetentYou can’t be trained unless you declare yourself incompetent

Incompetent in what you want to be trained in…

I was a babe in the woods. Innocent.

In fact, for some reason I never got jaded… In a way I am still innocent.

I don’t know.

When I look at my classmates from 54 years ago, from high school, the boys and girls I set in the same room with for 3 years, I am watching for that innocence.

Most are not innocent.

When I look at the people who are in the same coaching program with me… I see two innocent people…

What do I mean by innocent?

We could say that someone is not innocent if and when they are guilty. Guilty of what?

Hiding. Hiding something about themselves. Something they don’t want you to see.

And this is where it connects to that declaration above, and this is where it connect to the idea of being trained, or simply learning something.

what are you hiding?What you are hiding is in your way and doesn’t allow you to hear and to learn.

It prevents you from emptying the mind and being totally and completely available for the incoming stuff.

I had a conversation with a guy who I consider creating a friendship with. No matter where you are in life, being connected to other humans in a somewhat intimate way makes life more rounded, makes life more enjoyable. So I am interested in having a friend, a give and take relationship, where I am just a person…

The more you want to say while you are being trained the less you get trained.

Yesterday I explained to this guy how I do it… But he isn’t trainable… so unless something shifts, something changes, he won’t be trainable.

Why be trained? Because the way you are is not the highest you can be.

I like Mark Twain somewhat inane quip: A cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education. It is not factually true, but it points to something: you can become more… until you reach your limit.

Notice he didn’t say college degree? He meant: training… or trained.

Unless you can be trained, you are stuck. Most of you are stuck at a 3-year, 6-year child’s level. How do I know? I can measure it.

Which measure… lol? Many of them, but here are a few:

    • 17. how enslaved are you to the Tree of Knowledge? (what percentage of your life is run by memes/untruth?) The more enslaved you are the less new you’ll let in.
    • 19. To what degree you have access to your adult capacities. The lower this number is, the younger age you got stuck…
    • 20. How teachable/how coachable are you?… this should be obvious
    • 24. the percentage of input that gets through to you
    • 26. To what degree you honor your emotions as reality? the more you honor your emotions, the less you are trainable
    • 28. How much control do you have over your attention? the lower this number the less you are trainable
    • 30. Do you have enough energy to do the work? this point has a yes/no answer. Approximately every 20th person tests yes. And those should be the only people I can really train.
    • 33. On the flexible-rigid continuum, where are you standing? % rigid. You see, if you are rigid, you can’t change your mind… and most training asks you to change your mind… otherwise you just stay the same. No growth, no nothing.
    • 37. Can you let go of self-concern? this is also a yes/no question. If you can’t let go of self-concern, then you can’t shut your mind up, you can’t just get what is being taught, because you are afraid that the hidden will be accidentally revealed.

One of my students had a lucky accident: accidentally she discovered that she is the one who is to blame for the falling apart of one of her relationships…

Now, whether she can change or not, so far, muscle test says she can’t… not that she won’t. but to certain soul corrections this is harder than for others.

She writes:

I did a lot of looking today. This incident created a huge change in my life it made me look and see that it’s me who is the bad one here. I looked hard and saw that I am a liar. I am the gossiper. I am who tries to make myself look good. I looked through my friendship and I am to blame. I lied and he wanted to know if I did. I didn’t keep friendship sacred. It made me clean up my integrity.

It was hard losing my friend I grew to love him and when I looked I saw it was my fault. All of a sudden I saw the nasty, pretentious me. And then said the only way is up.

Today I worked on creating new empowering contexts. Here is my list:

Who are you with regards to Sophie:
I am that doing Sophie’s work, I will make her proud. I never did make you proud but I could.

Now, it sounds glorious but if you can read between the lines, if you can read closely, she is lying in this email too. She uses a grammatical tense that says: it is done… Having an insight doesn’t translate to a breakthrough, to a done deal.

what are you hiding?Telling the truth, having nothing to hide, integrity is a moment to moment thing: if you say ‘I don’t lie’ you just lied.

Humans are born liars (Ian Leslie) and it takes vigilance to catch yourself lying and self-correct. Telling the truth about anything is a challenge to everyone, including me.

To the degree you want to protect your self-image, to the degree you want to protect ‘who you are that you are’ for yourself, you can’t be trained.

The student who wrote the email is only less than 1% trainable, and the answer to the question: can she let go of self-concern tests ‘no’.

In the workshop ‘Face the Tiger’ I ask people to face what they are lying about, what they are hiding.

But don’t be mistaken: it is a lifetime process… can’t be resolved in a puny $39 workshop.

Every time you ask the question: what am I hiding? what is the tiger I am not facing? you’ll find something else… Just like in the 3-wishes workshop every time something new ‘nasty’ gets revealed.

I have been doing this, intensely, not just teaching it, but doing it myself, for 35 years. I am still not done.

Yesterday on a coaching call where I was a client, I asked a question that made everyone wince… although I saw some faces of recognition…

It took courage to allow myself to be seen less than brilliant, believe me.

But I am not in a coaching program that is expensive and time consuming to stay the same. To hide. To look good. To fan my ego?

No, I am there, and I am everywhere to weed out the tigers I am not facing, the ‘I am sure I am doing the right thing’ stuff that is hindering my own growth and the growth of my business.

So looking bad is a cheap price to pay… and I came away from the call with three action items I sure would not have without first looking bad.

Now, if you are a pansy, a Milquetoast, a mush cookie, my courses are not for you. Don’t even try. You’ll hate them.

But if the ambition to become all you can become is stronger than your desire to look good, to be safe, to get something for nothing, then maybe you’ll benefit from my courses.

I am going to do a Face the Tiger workshop as the 3rd session of The Freedom Courses… It will be on a Sunday, in January, at 2 pm my time.

It will be at least three hours long…

You’ll need to get your Starting Point Measurements, and preferably have done the first two sessions of The Freedom Courses.

How do you sign up?

Each session is a separate course, as far as purchases go, but they are connected. The Face The Tiger workshop builds on what you learn in the first two courses that give you a foundation.

Session two is the first Sunday of January. You can buy the whole course in a subscription basis, buy session two, or just buy the old Face the Tiger workshop

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