Where did the inspiration go?

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where did the inspiration goI wrote this yesterday asking myself: where did the inspiration go?

I know it’s Christmas morning and you want to open the presents and all that…

but I want to share with you what happened in my house… so you can learn. Instead of presents I got a few emails elves and elvettes? (is that the feminine form of elves?)

Talking about festivities, and holiday season, but no gifts. WTF?

And Spock like pointy ear musings about stuff… except no Christmas spirit.

Inspiration, it seems have gone away with the epidemic, and that is what i want to talk about in this email.

Where did the inspiration go?

Inspiration is you spirit flying. Inspiration is looking into the future and saying it’s worth it… whatever life throws at me, it is worth living!

where did the inspiration go?But it seems that enthusiasm, anticipation of joy, the spirit is missing for most people this Christmas.

The houses are still decorated, but there is a lackluster mood… meh.

I spoke with my down-the-street friend of mine who is looking things to do so she doesn’t die of boredom and there is nothing to do. So she decorated her house.

I am reading a book written in 2011… way before our pandemic… Last night I was OMG I still have five hours before I can turn off my light… Not like: goodie, I have time to do whatever I want. I am afraid of slipping back into depression, so I force myself to sleep less.

But what to do with the extra time?!

project edenIn the book(s), it’s a series, I read it is a man-made epidemic that mirrors ours eerily. Except for one thing: that virus is nearly 100% deadly. Except for people who prepared for the release and were inoculated ahead of time, everyone dies.

The survivors, a mere pittance compared to the dead, face a life almost completely devoid of people…

All the memes, that life is beautiful, and such are just memes, that don’t ring true to them.

But Christmas or no Christmas, I feel that they don’t ring true to you either.

So what to do about it? How can you get your inspiration back, how can you become an inspired person?

First off, you need to get that Life is not inherently beautiful. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

My father, when he was a little boy, fell face first on pavement from a tall wall… and his face broke. I saw beautiful, because I loved my father.

I see beauty in my students, because I love them. They don’t see themselves beautiful, and they don’t love themselves.

So the question comes up, all the time: How could I love myself? How could I love life?

I understand. I have compassion for them.

I was the same way most of my life… until…

A few years ago I read a book ‘The Art of Soaring‘ by two Russian psychologists (I think). The back cover says: When first published, “The Art of Soaring” stayed at the top of Russian bestseller lists for a whole year. Revealing potent ancient techniques for manifesting your reality through humor, the book became an instant favorite with over one million readers.

Changing your life on the spot has never been so much fun! The theory section is followed by hilarious real life stories of healed personal relationships, financial success, miracle cures, and more. Simple and irresistibly positive, it makes you feel lighter, and as you start applying these amazing techniques, get ready for miracles and laughter to enter your everyday life.

I read the book, I turned around and started to teach the method.

The words ‘manifesting your reality’ is of course a misnomer, in correct vocabulary it says: ‘you create your own reality’, moment by moment.

What does creating your own reality mean? When you create your reality, you create the attitude, the context through which you look at what is already there. And that allows you to see it differently. See different things about it.

The fact: I loved my father, the fact: I love my students is a context inside which I can see their beauty, their worthiness of love.

In that course, The Soaring Method, more than in the book, you do just that: Invent a context, a filter, through which you can see things to be exited about, including yourself.

When you are excited, your spirit is stirring in you, and tries its wings. Maybe it even flies

And life occurs to you differently, you occur to yourself differently.

The objective reality didn’t change, and yet everything changed. Subjective reality is what you see… and that changed.

Of course if you tell yourself lies, like life is beautiful, then nothing will change, you just lied.

But in the Soaring Method you’ll locate something true to say with a method that is quite magical.

And when you say that, life, the world, everything seems to change as you say it.

The course also has a second exercise, in which you bring yourself out of your mind, your anger, your anxiety, your hate, your depression gradually by another magical method… quite potent, and amazing. And fast.

You can still ‘transform’ this Christmas season into joyous and yourself generous, spirited, and maybe even happy with the exercises in The Soaring Method.

Learn more…

PS: you can return to the state this golden retreiver is… any time with the Soaring Method

This good boy is having the best day

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