Your hate keeps you stuck until you learn

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your hate keeps you stuckYou are going to hate this article, and your hate keeps you stuck.

Focus on what you can control, not what you can’t.

Why? because the truth hurts. And what hurts: you hate. Makes sense, right?

And instead of using it as fuel for yourself to go in the direction you want to go, you’ll use it to spill all your energies on it, you’ll say: she is lying, you’ll say whatever you’ll say, but you’ll fixate on it… instead of taking what I say, and use it to actually get where you want to get to.

How do I know? Because I have been observing thousands of people over the years, and that is what all of them does.

All of them?

I dare to say all…

Even my students, when I poke where they keep their eyes, what they hate, they hate the person, they hate the truth, they hate face to face to what they don’t want… instead of turning away and wow to never look back.

Whether you are aware or not, strong feelings keep you hostage, and hate is a strong feeling.

It takes a strong person to turn away and run the other way.

Animals are smarter. They don’t hang in there hating you when you have a gun in your hand… they run.

Homo sapiens’ mind tells them that if they stare at what they hate long enough it will let them win. Bah Humbug.

I wanted to write about money. I wanted to tell you that every single program that promises to raise your vibration doesn’t. That if you want to get into vibrational harmony with abundance, you need to actually be more interested in what you want than what you don’t… all your notions about yourself and about money and about the world.

But I realized that unless I teach you how to do that, you’ll be just frustrated and hate me and hate what I say.

Even my long time students are struggling to wrap their minds about this idea of gaining energy and momentum from your hate.

Because how can you if what is NORMAL for homo sapiens is to fixate on what you don’t want, what you don’t like, hoping that it will change?

If you were a gardener and gave all your hate to the weeds and the pests instead of getting rid of them, and give all your love to what you want to grow: would you have a nice garden? You wouldn’t.

But this is what you do everywhere.

Whatever you give your attention grows.

But until now no one could teach you how to do it.

I managed to do it myself, but wasn’t aware of how I did it… until yesterday.

It’s tricky. On the surface it doesn’t look any different than what ineffectual gurus teach you, but on the core level, on the seed level it is dramatically different.

I will teach it in the Instant Coherence Workshop… but not in the beginning.

It is not a beginner level subject: before you can produce the results

  • you’ll learn to produce, you’ll need to get some practice, you’ll need to raise your integrity.
  • You’ll need to raise your power to direct your attention
  • You’ll need to get some success under your belt so you’ll trust yourself and your word.

The secret is choosing. Minute by minute, moment by moment. Choose where you focus. Choose what action to take. Choose what attitude to have. Choose what context to operate in.

Your choosing muscle is very weak… you’ll see.

But like with anything, you can start from zero and grow yourself to mastery with the right guidance.

At this point you are not on the board… because you are not even in the game.

But the moment you say: I’ll learn it because my life depends on it… and believe me, it does. Not just in the end, but from moment to moment, your life depends on it.

Whether you experience yourself as a winner, whether you experience yourself as it is up to you… moment to moment… not only in your dreams, but in reality.

I score 70 on a scale of 0-100 in the area of living my life as if I were the driver of that vehicle. 70. Only.

Puny, if you ask me… but that gives me an enjoyable life and self-love and making a living in a way that I enjoy most of what I have to do.

You, on the other hand are at zero… at the present time you and nearly everyone on the planet are at zero… I know a rare few who are above.

I have two coaches. Both are at 10, and both are millionaires.

I am not a millionaire because that is not what I care about… they are, because that is what is important to them.

What I care about is teaching you how to become one in a million, how to become someone who drive their lives, how to become a human being… and have what they want.

Money, love, adventure, fulfillment… living a life you love, a life you live powerfully.

I have been at it for a long time. I have taught an awful lot of moves.

My life’s work has been like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa: 30 paper-thin layers of paint… I am at the 27th layer of paint on my masterpiece, speaking in the language of paintings. Almost there.

What I am talking about in this article, what I taught to my students yesterday, is a crucial piece that was missing.

This move from homo sapiens to human being is like a lock to pick… with many tumblers.

According to Source this is the last tumbler to fall into place… and then will come the task of shaping the whole knowledge into a coherent whole.

It’s exciting, exhilarating… and scary.

I am old. I hope I can finish the work.

Even without the remaining steps, I can guarantee a life you can love, if you participate in the courses.

Two, mainly.

  • The Freedom Courses, where I will teach you what is invisible to the naked eyes, to psychologists, to scientists, but are at the heart of the misery of homo sapiens.
  • And the Instant Coherence Workshop, where it is all about your word… until you can be trusted to live in integrity and honor your word as your Self: the ultimate hallmark of a human being.

If you are a graduate of Landmark Education, or other self-proclaimed transformational courses, you have some cursory idea of what I am talking about, plus a good dose of arrogance. Your little voice says: nothing new, I already know that.

And maybe you do. But knowledge is not power, only applied knowledge, only action consistent with your knowledge is power.

And it should not surprise you that one can be the teacher of stuff, but not practice what they preach…

I have assessed Landmark Education leaders and none of them love their lives, none of them love themselves… but why? Because a few crucial pieces are missing… and I teach those.

But if you bring your listening ‘I already know that‘, you won’t be able to hear it. Guaranteed.

If you want to grow, I recommend that you start with the Freedom Courses.

If you want to grow like a weed, then I recommend that you start with both the Freedom Courses and the Instant Coherence workshop.

I’ll re-name the instant coherence to communication at some point…

They are on alternating Sunday afternoons… 2 pm my time. I am in New York State, so it is Eastern Time. If you are on the West Coast, you are 3 hours behind… and it’s at 11 am.

If you are in Europe, it’s at 8 pm. In Australia: it’s 6 am on a Monday.

Individually the courses are $60 a month, if you combine them, I’ll drop $15 a month from the price.

Consider it a coaching program that has no end. I cannot promise an end date… because it is up to you, and up to your classmates.

The format: very little actual teaching, most of it is drilling, exercises, hot seat, coaching, conversations, etc.

To sweeten the pot, I’ll throw in a short 1-on-1 coaching call in your first month, and your starting point measurements… so we can be both sure that you can become successful.

If you are in my Transformational Mastery program, you can get in half price… Many of the holes in your education will be filled, holes that have hindered you thus far. Email me for a coupon code if you want in.

Layers Of Mastery Of Self

I am going to call this coaching program the Layers Of Mastery Of Self because that is what it is.

I am excited about it. You should be too: the end is in sight.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Your hate keeps you stuck until you learn”

  1. I want to share with you a thought I had (or stole?) a long time ago about jealousy. I do this with hesitation because I shared it with a very well known “empath coach” recently and was little less than burned at stake for it (seriously, it was a bloodbath)
    Figuring out what makes you feel jealousy (even to the point of using the word hate) is a good way to discover some talents you actually have but aren’t using. If I ask myself what my “gifts” are, I have no idea and throw myself a pity party. If I ask myself what I am insanely jealous of in other people, I can answer that one. Other than being impressed, why should I care THAT much? Because I’m pissed at ME for not doing/being/making that thing. Because I’m good at it too (but that idiot took my place, boo hoo). It’s easier to tear somebody else up for excelling at something than to admit you’re not filling up the shoes you’ve been wearing your whole life (or hid in the closet).
    Anyway, that thought helped me. I hardly get jealous anymore. If I do, it’s ok because I just found a new thing to tinker with (and deep down I can rejoice for having discovered a new thing I’m awesome at!).
    (I still don’t know what that “empath empowerment coach” found so offensive about this idea. She does, however charge sizeable fees to “identify your gifts for you.” Hmmm….)

  2. I have a hunch that she was jealous of you seeing something that she should have seen herself. Good insight. I have been teaching this with one difference, I call it envy…

    very nice Jayme

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