How a small donation of $3 got me unstuck

When money is tight, when I count every penny to make it to the next rent check, I always do something illogical, something that doesn’t make sense, but it works, and it works in spades.

I give a donation. Not big, just a little bit.

Make energy move. Money is energy

I have been doing this for about 10 years not, and every time the results are instantaneous, I get freed up, I breathe better, and I start to see opportunities where I was stuck just minutes earlier.

Today I got up tied in a knot. Everyone is buying Christmas presents, but my “wares” are not giftable, so my business has been quite dead. My second business needs a little money to start, and I can’t expect any return on my investment before next paycheck… so I am hesitant to spend the money.

Standstill, nothing is happening, and I can feel fear creeping up my chest bone towards my throat.

three-one-dollar-billsThat is when, while I am searching on Wikipedia, I notice their yellow stripe on top: Save Wikipedia, donate $3. I click, I donate, and expect a miracle.

Now, I don’t expect the miracle in money, that may not be how it works, though half of the time some unexpected money comes my way, but today my biggest issue is this sense of no movement. I want to move…

And the miracle is here, I make a decision, I know what to buy, I can buy a small quantity and still make some money on it, I am doing it… heck, I now know what I am doing.

The miracle of giving a $3 donation with the intention of getting unstuck, moving the energy, removing the stagnant, fearful, cautious, dead energy of fear of survival.

starbucks-coffee-cupHey, you should try it. If you can wing $3 and get freedom from it… it is win-win, all around. Most anything you’d spend it has a downside to it…

Make sure you don’t do it to do good. That mindset will not get you anywhere, No, do it to move energy, so you can move forward, get unstuck, be free, joyous, do it for that. The law this obeys is the Law of Circuitry… money, energy, life likes to move…

Here is the link

You will thank me for it… if you do, please do it in a comment. I’ll celebrate with you. xoxo

PS: You can also send me a donation, if you wish. You can pick how much… in the note, please say that this is a donation to cause Circuitry and Abundance… I’ll know then not to measure your vibration

let me measure your vibration

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How a small donation of $3 got me unstuck”

  1. I followed your advice and chose to give a kiva loan with the intention of circuitry and abundance.

    My resulting next step was listening to the abundance meditation on greed and committing to practicing the releasing technique a lot, I’m going to live this exercise as im certain it’s what i need.

    Thank you.

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