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shouldWhat’s amiss with should?

Or for that matter shouldn’t?

I am looking for the principle here…

Here is my observation:

If you listen to the voice that says: it should be this way: it should be easy, I should already know, it should come to me, etc. then you won’t do what it takes to actually make it so. To rearrange things, massage things, do and say the things that will make it so.

I am somewhat learning disabled. I don’t have a should, not a bit in my makeup.

atypical brainMy brain works differently from most people’s who write or say the things I look at. To me their words hide the thing I want to see… It takes me ages if ever to get through that fog, get through the morass I see instead of what is, most likely, behind it, that is useful for a person with a brain like mine. Simple, clear, and all the dots are connected.

More often than not things need to be reshuffled by me, a few times in fact, for the gold to reveal itself.

Yesterday on MY coaching call, where I am the client, I asked the coach what the heck ‘framework’ meant, because they have been throwing that word around like weighty gold coins, like it’s significant, precious, and important.

He spoke for some twenty minutes… it felt to me like an hour: lots of English, and yet… not even a glimmer for me of what the heck he meant. I even took it to bed with me last night.

There, in bed, I decided to ask Source if it is a thing, this framework thing they are talking about. Source said: no. It is not a thing…

tiffany blue box fancy words hide shamHm. If that is so, then it just must be another fog machine… to sound haughty, worthy of paying mucho money per month… for fog. For the fancy Tiffany blue box, like at Tiffany’s… even though the jewelry itself may cost pennies.

I am an architect… and more often than not I understand complicated things by projecting them to architecture and see how they work there… because, if it doesn’t work there, it is worth chucking it: it is pure and unadulterated bullcrap.

With this framework I did the same… the elements of a building are few and obvious. If that is what they mean by framework, then why make it sound like only PhD’s, or nuclear engineers can grok it? Maybe it IS a Tiffany blue box.

frameworkOf course every building has a means to get from one floor to the other, a roof and walls to protect the inside from the elements (or not), a place where you enter, support elements, foundation… yeah… If that is what they mean then why the ballyhoo.


When I go to bed I don’t immediately go to sleep. I like to think. Hell I think even when I just want to sleep… lol.

So I was thinking last night for at least 90 minutes. I caught the projected time on the ceiling exactly 90 minutes after I turned off the light.

I have been getting new clients who need healing. Occasionally I check with Source to make sure that what I do to them, for them, the energies, are still working and that I am not a fraud.

Because it makes no sense to me that I would have so much power. Why me?

So I keep on asking the kind of questions I like to ask: questions that preferably get a no answer.

Jim Camp: go for ‘no’ says it in his persuasion, negotiation book… but this is not the same situation, even though the slogan, the principle could be worded the same way: when you get enough no’s you start to see the shape of the yes, even if you can’t see the exact details, yet.

I am an atheist. Most people believe in some higher being… I don’t. And yet, when in a Kabbalah conversation, some 15 years ago, my teacher suggested that The Creator is always there to connect to, like an electrical outlet I said Oh yeah? And I connected. Just like that.

Turns out that there is no creator according to what I connect to… What I connect to seems to be the Zero Point Field, another bombastic name to confuse people?

What I connect to is the energy that is in all and through all, as Wallace D. Wattles says in his The Science of Getting Rich. And it knows much, maybe all… All all, or all that is knowable?

I don’t know, but it has enrolled me to partner up with it and get as much information about the inner workings of a human as I am doing my darned best to take them to the promised land, to human being. For what purpose? It never said. So I made up my own interpretation: it is so humans can continue evolving, and eventually become human beings. this humanity, or the next sentient beings on any planet.

Source says that there are no other sentient beings in the Universe: the ones that were have annihilated themselves, as the current one (humanity) is in process to as well.

I assume Source has an interest turning the knowledge I work out into the knowledge base of the next sentient species, wherever they will be, so they can live a long and prosperous existence, and not continue this behavior that causes self-annihilation.

Source also says that no other human, or sentient being is connecting to it, or has ever connected to it.

so-called-enlightened-beings-never-connected-to-sourceWFT? Not a one? Not a Buddha, not a Jesus, not a Luria? Not a Bar Yohav? So what did they, what do they connect to all those people? All those sages? all those healers?

I still don’t know exactly, but it seems that they connect to something inside of them, whereas Source, the Zero Point Field is in all and through all… so it is extending outward.

The incredibly potent energy I use to heal, I modeled from an Indian dude, East Indian, who, Source said, never connected to Source. He marshaled his own energies to heal. Does he still have strong energies? Last time I check he didn’t. Source says: he burned himself out.

He wasn’t a channel, he was a furnace…

I could generate something from my own energies too… after all I have been accessing energy systems, but all in all, I prefer being a channel, I prefer Source energies, and have no big claims… no need for anyone to touch my feet, or treat me like a guru… like a holy person. I am the messenger, not the source.

can your energy alter reality?Can a person alter something with their will? Yes. One of my favorite books is Colin Wilson’s Mind Parasites where a group of people eject and push the moon out of its orbit… Could humans do that? No, says Source. But could a man alter the inside of another human or an animal? Source says: yes.

Do they really? Source says: no.

I argue: But about 10 years ago I felt the energy and it actually altered something inside… unintended, I bet. That is why I asked Source to ‘duplicate’ that energy.

And today that energy is my secret weapon, and yours too, if you have trouble brewing inside, and who doesn’t? If it is small trouble, the audio of that same energy will work. I sell it as The Big Bundle… If the trouble is big, then you’d better ask me to work my magic directly on you.

But why am I the only human connecting to Source? Did the Theta Healing lady not connect to Source? No, says Source.

I observe people trying to connect. What do I have or what do I lack that they don’t have or lack?

Source says I have faith. What? Faith? What is that?

If you asked me what I think I have, I would say I have innocence. I have nothing where you have your beliefs.

People, all people that I talk to are looking for their ‘real’ self… I wasn’t. And when I meditated, when I went beyond the ego, and went beyond all the mind and its chatter, what I found is nothing. And empty space. Like a chimney.

Early architect days I was once sent to a factory to diagnose how to fix their chimney, some 30 stories tall, that was swinging wildly when the wind blew, which, I think blows, in that height, all the time.

I had to climb up and climb out to the platform on top. The top was swinging out many meters… I am afraid of heights. I was almost not accepted to architecture school because of that. So I held onto dear life: one hand to the other and observed the swinging…

Not my most pleasant memories although being victorious over my instinct to run back into the chimney to feel safe could make me happy, and maybe it does.

So what is in the center of every human, is like that chimney. But it is filled with crud you allowed thus far to define you.

Only when you can empty your chimney completely that you can live out of invented possibility.

Embracing something you made up but have related to as the truth disappears it. That is the technology of emptying the self, such that a Self can be created.

Self is created with words. Conscious words. Divine. Poetry. words that ultimately connect you to the best you can be and all-of-it. Possibility.

What exactly is the ‘crud’?

All the beliefs, all the having to, needing to, wanting to, and should. All the wrong and all the right. All of that is crud. all your concerns for being right, looking good, avoiding domination, wanting to win, explaining and justifying, all the reasons and rationale…

You don’t have to. You don’t need to.

But if you’d prefer to live out of possibility, to live like a human being, if you’d prefer allowing something higher to inform your life, you’d better start, and start now, even though you don’t have to.

The humility activator, helps you with identifying the crud, one piece at a time and embracing as your own. Doing this process consciously and diligently, on should at a time, can take you to a totally empty space, where you can create a possibility and allow it to guide you.

Until then possibility is really just a nice idea. An ideal.

One of my students struggles with that. The main core of his crud is that he is THE prince, and therefore he shouldn’t have to do anything to get what he wants. So he doesn’t even learn to do anything… why bother.

This one, unfortunately, won’t just disappear on its own without action on his part. If he doesn’t actually prove to himself that he can learn, that he is willing to learn, and actually learn, the princely attitude will never leave…

There are no princes in our midst. Even real princes have to do stuff, learn stuff, and they do.

Another frequent crud centerpiece is being special. It works exactly like the prince thing… you just need to torpedo it at its core. What does it tell you that you shouldn’t have to do? and then do that.

Is it communication? Real communication. Is it doing your work? Is it standing your ground, stop complaining, sit up straight and proud?

Is it giving respect to others? Is it considering another’s property their own, and not touch it, whether it is stuff, or their right for personhood? respect?

Whatever is there, the humility activator can help you remove it. The trouble is you likely can’t see it, you can’t astutely identify it, and without that it is not possible to remove it.

In the Freedom Courses we do just that. They are specifically designed for beginners, although advanced students can attend too… and they do.

I always make sure to take care of the beginners first…

In the ‘real world’ you would pay anywhere from 500 to 2000 dollars for each session, but I am charging peanuts compared.

Why? Very selfish of me: Once you see what is keeping you from the life you want, you are more likely to continue working with me.

Your crud is composed of at least 10 different elements, likely a lot more. So one session can be quite dramatic, but not enough to dislodge the whole crud.

Why wouldn’t you want to sign up?

Source says I can connect and others don’t because I have faith that I can, and you don’t.

I think it is the same thing that keeps you from throwing your hat in, and start. You don’t have faith. In yourself, in the work, in the idea that things can change, that you can change.

And the more you don’t have faith the truer it is… because you are, after all, the author of your life. You author it crappy: congratulations. You’ll have a crappy life. You author it glorious, and great, you’ll make it glorious.

Never forget that only actions count, thoughts are flimsy. Thoughts not confirmed by actions are worth exactly nothing.

This applies even after you find out what your crud is made of. This applies even after you manage to remove all the crud and invent your Self… unless the actions say the same thing as the words, you are full of crap, and your words are worth, exactly nothing.

One of the old-timer Forum Leaders said it best: you start going someplace when the tongue in your mouth and the tongue in your shoes (actions) go in the same direction.

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Let me motivate you a little more. If you sign up before the Sunday session, this coming Sunday by 12 noon, I’ll throw in the recordings of the previous Freedom level 1 sessions on my mobile app, a combined value of 90 dollars.

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