Wordless, non-linear, real thinking is wordless

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Real intelligence is wordlessWhy would non-linear anything be so difficult for you? So difficult that you can’t even fathom what I am talking about, let alone do it. I am talking about wordless thinking

The answer will surprise you, but not for the reason you think.

Here it is: real thinking is wordless.

This means a lot. It definitely means that the mind can’t help you think… the mind is all words. Words upon words, meaning upon meanings.

The mind is not the organ of thinking.

real love is wordlessAnd when I ask you to think, you go to words, you go to the mind..

And when you listen to words, when you read words, you go to the mind.

You have never even attempted to think… You have been anchored in the linear stringing-words-together-world of the mind. That is what your teachers and your gurus propagate.

And even if you can think, and many can, you don’t know that you are thinking wordlessly: your self-awareness is not high enough to distinguish that.

Stringing words together keeps you in the world of words. Real thinking takes you beyond it.

You can get to the invisible, deep into the invisible, like Einstein, like Kabbalists, like great thinkers only through the wordless.

Great thinkers do not repeat what they have read… that is not the sign of thinking.

real love is wordlessThe challenge is to bridge the two words: the ordinary stable world of words, and the extraordinary world of thinking.

Challenging, but not impossible: the thinkers that have become known have done it, the thinkers that haven’t been able to bridge that divide, are and have been considered mentally defective…

Of course thinking is not thinking about… thinking about uses language, the lowest level of language possible: descriptive language.

And for people who ‘think’ on that level, word has no power beyond this low level of ordinariness.

  • If I say ‘freedom’, and you hear it and try to describe it to yourself, you are anchored to the world of mind…
  • If I say ‘freedom’, given that I think wordlessly, I speak from the wordless: that word actually gives birth to a whole world of experiences that you are locked out of: the mind can’t help you there.

Figuring something out, interestingly, is not thinking. If you observe yourself, you talk, inwardly or maybe even outwardly. Do this and then do that… linear. One brick on the top of another… or alternatively a flight of fancy…

Although thinking, real thinking is wordless, what the thinking is for, what the thinking is aimed at, what starts the thinking IS words.

Confusing, eh? Just stay with me. I am taking you through this garbage sounding part, to a place that I can’t take you any other way, so just stick with me… don’t worry about understanding. Understanding is all mind anyway, so worthless for our purposes here.

The words set the target, the direction and the purpose, the outcome/resolution the thinking is designed to reach.

Where do you miss the ‘boat’?

Most people drop the ball at this very point. You don’t have the words for target, you don’t have words for purpose, you don’t have words for outcome. At most you have a vague notion, a vague longing, a vague foggy non-picture picture of the direction, so even if you could think you can’t think effectively without first setting a direction to the thinking.

Another mistake I see is this: what is being said, or what is being written, doesn’t agree, doesn’t match your mind-content, so it is ignored in its entirety.

One of the ground breaking books I have required my students to read is an engineer’s view of the human condition. The engineer is Margoczi, and the two books are Feelings and Words.

One of my students, a philosophy master course student decided to write his master’s thesis on Margoczi’s work.

To my utter amazement, the 90% ordinary stuff what Margoczi says, and, maybe, because of that, he never actually finished writing his thesis.

He is one of the people who has never thought wordlessly, even though he is an avid computer gamer… and gaming, you guessed, is wordless.

Gaming is wordless

Words are slow… and he would be creamed if he tried to wordify his game strategy.

Words are an add-on… making humanity clunky.

Words are in the way. Words, because for you, they come from the mind, not from where an idea comes from… words insulate you from reality, words suggest that you should live in your mind.

The mind: the little shop of horrors

But the mind is also the home of all the horrible stuff you made up as a child. And home of all the horrible and untrue things you heard, and home of all the undigested stinking mess of stuff that you didn’t know what to do when it was forced down your throat.

Not mentioning the fact that it all came in through a filter of your self-concern, so even if it was good stuff, it is now already tainted.

My Source given words are not excepted to that filter. In your mind they are turned into a hodge podge, toxic, useless, and <gasp> worthless.

Yesterday I spent more than 20 minutes drilling my core students to say what is the distinction doom, what is your core belief, what is your anchor to doom, and it was like pulling teeth from Freddy Mercury, or the Indian boy who has more than 500 teeth…

Which one to keep, which one to pull… What is useful, what is a disturbance?

That exercise, had people listened not from the mind, and tried to answer not from the mind, would have taken two minutes tops, not 20.

And even now, I am 100% certain that the distinctions are not clear.

The mind doesn’t care for clarity. But without clarity you are like a cross eyed, double visioned sharp shooter… not accurate enough, not astute, not intelligent.

Because no matter how much brain matter you have, if what you have to work with is garbage, you can’t get your results better than garbage. Garbage in, garbage out.

Add the Art of Soaring:

Surprisingly there is a good exercise that is all words, seemingly, but can effectively take you out of the mind. One of the exercises in The Soaring Method I require everyone to master, everyone who wants to really benefit from the pulling of the anchor to doom.

Why do you need it?

Because you will do the exact same things that we call  ‘circling the drain’, even with the anchor gone, if you stay living in the mind.

Doesn’t it sound that I tricked you?

It sounds that way, and the mind will insist that that is exactly what happened, but what really happened is that you hoped that you don’t have to do anything, that you will be different, act different, feel different because of the pulling of the anchor to doom.

thin rope on elephant is like your anchor to doomBut observe the elephant who, when a baby elephant, was tied to a stick with a rope. In years the baby elephant grows into a big elephant who could pull the stick (the anchor) out of the earth easily, but it doesn’t.

And eventually you can just leave a ‘bracelet’ on the elephant, no rope, no stick, and the elephant will stay put.

You are that elephant. Without bringing you out of the conviction that you have been seeing things rightly, you will continue doing the same things, the same way, convinced that you are interacting with reality. Because in your mind that anchor is still restricting your movements.

  • The girl who is convinced that she is horrible wrecked with guilt,
  • the boy who is convinced that he doesn’t have enough, so he takes and takes and takes,
  • the boy who feels that he was left behind and no matter what he does, he won’t be able to catch up…

Every person has a story they live. It is a machine with parts called: dominant belief, doom, and circling the drain.

All constructed by an angry, upset, or terrified 3-year old.

My job is to disrupt this machine.

  • I can’t disappear the doom.
  • I can’t change the dominant belief: it will never go away.
  • But I can prevent you from having to circle the drain. I can pull your anchor to doom.

The first step is to pull the anchor that limited your actions to circling the doom.

The second step is to encourage you, teach you to have choice steps, but based on reality, not on what you have stored in the mind.

This last step needs to ‘say’ something that inspires you, puts a spring into your step, and twinkle in your eyes, or you’ll go back to the same old circling…

Therein lies the art… the ART OF SOARING.

Do you see now why you need to do the course where we learn it and practice it? Without practice it won’t become second nature… And won’t become a true choice. A choice that you choose because you can, not because you have to…

You probably have no idea how hard it is to choose something that is not part of that machine. Something new, that is, probably, in direct conflict with that machine… direct conflict with the dominant belief, and therefore, while the anchor was still there, was just plain impossible to do.

  • Hell, even taking off your eyes of the hood is impossible if you think it will pop up while you are driving.
  • It is impossible, with the anchor in place, to take your eyes away from the barrel of a gun that is pointed at your forehead.
  • It is impossible to say no, if you are certain you’ll be beaten to a pulp if you do.
  • It is impossible to give away your last penny if you believe that you’ll never be able to replace it.

Don’t discount first the anchor, and second the ‘trained monkey’ behavior. The monkey that can’t let go of the banana to save his life…

Don’t know the story? the monkey finds a tree that has a hole in it, and in the hole a fresh fragrant banana. He reaches in, but the hole is not big enough for his fist and the banana, so he is stuck. He can be caught, because he can’t let go of the freaking banana… to save his life.

And that monkey is you, unfortunately, unless I train you to have a choice where you can have your banana… but not just in your hand… but in a way that you can eat it.

The banana story is ultimately the perfect illustration to the doom and the anchor… by the way. (there is another banana story… you may want to look at it here how your behavior is born

You want to avoid the doom, but you want the banana… a push and pull…

Anyway, if you haven’t done courses with me, this is probably talking in riddles for you. I apologize.

So what should you do? What can you do?

If you are willing to go the whole nine yards, then get your anchor to doom pulled, and then sign up to learn the ART of soaring.

If you aren’t currently in my Sunday courses, you’ll need to attend one Saturday class where we’ll identify your doom, your dominant belief, or you won’t be able to get any benefits from the pulling of the anchor. You won’t know what the machine does.

I am thinking of February 13… but that date may change. I don’t want to leave anyone out in the cold.

And then you need to do the Art of Soaring course aka The Soaring Method, once a month, on a Friday. What time on Friday? I don’t know yet. No date is set, yet, but most likely the Friday after the 13th of February… possibly Saturday?

If you go to this next page, it will give you an option to buy pulling your anchor to doom and The Soaring Method together.

Or if I have already pulled your anchor, you can just buy The Soaring Method.

The Soaring Method is a workshop: 5% information 95% practice. You’ll find that it’s not easy: it is like wearing a pair of glasses that make the world look upside down… but the brain can adjust with enough practice, and enough time.

Without having your anchor pulled, the results will be fleeting, so don’t skimp on it, please.

Go to step 2
Are you worried about the cost? I understand. Pulling your anchor is a one-time cost: $50. Doing the ‘finding your doom’ class, if you haven’t done work with me before, is $45. And The Soaring Method workshop is $70 a month, and includes unlimited email coaching. Can’t tell you how long it has to go. My hunch is: minimum 2 months. And the sessions are only once a month, on a Friday, maybe on a Saturday? I have another course then… I can’t manage two courses in the same day… I am old and frail. But if I can re-negotiate with the other Saturday course participants, this may change. Be prepared.

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