Inner authority? What does it mean really?

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outer pressure to inner authorityI define someone who has that, Inner Authority, is this: they don’t need an outside force to entice them or to threaten them with some kind of punishment or doom to do what they have to do to get things done.

So, the year was 1987, and it was the end of an 8-year run of a good mixture where you could see what I am talking about.

In those years I worked as an architect in three countries.

Worked but wasn’t productive. There was no joy there. I wasn’t joyful, even though there were, here and there, interesting projects, but i wasn’t able to enjoy them.

There were as long as year long stretches where I literally suffered because I just didn’t want to do what i had to do, needed to do, wanted to do to survive, things I should have done. I was sluggish, heavy, and totally unmotivated.

inner authorityKilling myself wasn’t an option

I cared too much about causing pain and disappointment to others… but it felt it would have been better for me.

And the interesting thing is: in the midst of all that I even did several expensive transformational programs that seemed to lift some of the heaviness, for a little while. A day, a week, but not longer.

In 1987 I participated in a three day course, called More Time Workshop, that taught a discipline of getting things done.

It was self-administered, in a book, but it was pretty straight about checking in with yourself whether you did what you said you would do or not.

In addition to that, the teacher of the course, at the time, slept only three and a half hours a night, and claimed that that was enough.

So, I am like that, go whole hog, committed to the whole system, including the 3.5 hours a night sleep… and to my utter delight it lifted me out of the almost ten year long funk.

Why did it work?

I’ll muscle test instead of guessing.

doing what I had to and planned to do, and promising and doing powerful debriefing once a day 70%
sleeping only a little 10%
seeing the results 20%

Very interesting. I was afraid that sleep deprivation was going to get more credit, and I am relieved that it didn’t.
why? Because I have a difficult time to believe that my students would be willing to even consider that as a solution.

OK, so how does that first process lift your mood, and return you to your full power, potentially?

Here are a few examples that won’t work, examples from my freedom course students:

  • 1. This student promised to listen to an eight hour long audiobook in a week. That is a week long project. An hour a day on average.

Why this project won’t energize her?

It’s not enough. Not enough energy, not enough practice in it.

One of the things you need to practice is setting up a project, breaking it to doable, measurable chunks, and then setting them in time, and promise.

Promising once a week is like lifting weights once a week… no muscles, no skills.

The student wants all the heavy lifting to be done by the audiobook, not by herself… It won’t do anything, you are the problem…

  • 2. This student promised to cook dinner, and did. But wasn’t completely happy with the accomplishment, and wasn’t able to celebrate it. The food wasn’t tasty enough, blah blah blah.

What is the issue here?

In the beginning and for quite a while, the real accomplishment is the setting up, planning, promising and the powerful debriefing… not the ‘content’.

So it is a quantity thing. Repeating small actions perfectly, over time. That is how to create inner authority

I have some ‘weighted hands‘ weights from Michael Senoff. They start a little less than two pounds per hand. I started to walk with them, and they restored my injured left arm that had been giving me lots of nerve pain for a year.

small actions consistentlyAnd it took away those hanging flabby skins old ladies like me fret about.

Tiny weights, lots of repetitions is the game when your job is to restore some normalcy.

Most people don’t know normalcy: their normal is to not do anything… But I call normalcy: normal for a productive, powerful, self-possessed person…

So the game is to reach that. Get things done. Poise yourself to become a producer.

A producer of what? A producer of Life.

So what is in the way?

A few things really.

  • 1. Your predatory genes. They are either too many or too few. Predatory genes allow you to use your energy for what you want, so low predatory genes is a bigger issue in this area of life. Ideal number is three. I am just the go-between, Source does the adjusting.
  • 2. Your anchor to doom. I have been jabbering about that, but it is a dynamic where you both push and pull… you avoid and you cause… a really sinister dynamic, really the one underneath the racket.

I don’t pull the doom. I don’t pull the avoiding. And I can pull the nasty component where you want to be a freeloader, get something for nothing, use people, extort goodies or goodwill or sympathy to continue your life as a leach.

Some soulcorrections have it more than others. I didn’t have it. I never even wanted something for nothing. But many people do.

That nasty insistent energy needs to be pulled…

People with a strong energy like that want to continue their habits even after I pull the energy. In our current group we only have one like that. I have pulled that energy for him, from him… we shall see if anything changes. If not, there is something more there… and we’ll find out what it is… I don’t know…

But if the ‘I don’t wanna’ isn’t neutralized, the person won’t even follow the technology I set out to activate the inside authority and the inner motivation.

10% of humanity, according to Source, are like that. Which means: 90% can go from being a moocher, a looter, and a secondhander to full producer.

happiness comes form having your own values and achieve from them was only 10% accurate in her categorization of humans. He called producers only people who did something big, like inventors of big things.

But I prefer to call everyone a producer who has inner motivation to get things done, things of their own choosing.

Just getting a so-so job done in employment is neither satisfying nor being a producer.

But even in a job one can be a producer. The next level would be being an entrepreneur where the projects solve other people’s problems… and that requires some spiritual capacities where other people’s problems and solving them matters to the individual.

That becoming an entrepreneur, solving other people’s problems, caring enough,  is not possible without first becoming a producer.

inner authority means: you have an II have a student who I love dearly. His ambition is to become a businessman… but he is neither a producer, nor does he care about other people’s problems.

In my classes I occasionally test if people are listening and hearing what others in the class share, and if they could advise them. So far the results prove my point: they are thinking about their own stuff… and can’t really hear or care to hear what is going on with others.

  • I have two coaches. One of them, loves to hear his voice, doesn’t care… but he is a producer. But everything he looks at he looks at through his own needs.
  • The other cares, even though he pretends not to. One I hate the other I love.

You love those who love you. You love those who care about you and your stuff.

If love has been missing for you, please know that you’ll have a long road to hoe… but you can do it. You can start by becoming a producer, then an entrepreneur of sorts. Then you’ll have love from those you crave love from.

  • I just dropped two grands on a set of DVD’s. The first speaker claimed to care… but doesn’t.
  • The second speaker, Dan Kennedy, claims, insists on being a ‘for the buck’ guy, but he cares. He has a big fan-club… I love him too.

He is someone I want to learn from. He causes pain, ‘agitates’ it, so you get off your ass… and do what is in your best interest.

I am still learning… I haven’t cracked his secret yet, but I am absolutely committed to get you off your behind… so you can start having a life worth having, a life you can enjoy, instead of being like most old people I know: afraid to die because they haven’t lived yet. And, of course, they won’t… and they will die unfulfilled and sad.

I wouldn’t want you to be one of them. It is horrible.

Now, if you are willing to get off your ass, the 1% of the 1%, then the process I described above is for you.

You will need to get your predatory genes adjusted, most likely, and your anchor to doom pulled.

If you are part of the looter/moocher 10%, you are probably not going to go for it… but if you do, by some misunderstanding, you’ll have another energy, at least, to pull.

This link allows you pick what you need to move forward

Pick your medicine
My Sunday call partner, Mike, is a few years older than me.

Yesterday, as we were talking about the zombie cells, I could feel his unusually strong interest in avoiding that and death.

Here is a minute or two of what I say:

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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5 thoughts on “Inner authority? What does it mean really?”

  1. To me that insight is so profound! Along the lines of people being afraid to die because they haven’t lived. And, if they die, that means they died without ever having lived. You worded it better. I think I understand my uncle a bit better who died at a mere age 62, but months prior had said along the lines of, “I think I’ve lived long enough.” He really meant it. Prior that moment he’d always told people he hadn’t lived long enough. He definitely was living his life. Months later he died sitting next to his wife on a summer day. Not so good for the people there at the moment, but probably a wonderful way to go for him. How 62 years can be a life lived, and 104 years could be one that in comparison is not. Thank you for your insights. Many more, but just commenting on this one.

  2. Yeah, Sheila. and I see a lot of old people scramble, but not know how t fill that emptiness…

    it could be said that I am working really feverishly to change at least a few lives to meaningful, even though it may not make a dent in the reality we live in.

    But I think people don’t know what’s missing. They wait for some outside thing to change or give it to them, but the chances for that are nil: no one there to receive it even when it is offered. Because it comes in work clothes, I think.
    success, life, opportunity, inner authority comes in work clothes

  3. I’m pretty sure that’d be me!
    Predatory Genes Adjustment was like the Staples “Easy Button” like I don’t know that I’ve experienced before! (Awesome!)
    My dad has often gotten me to do things by finding an easy way to do it.
    I’m not sure how he knows since he has claimed everything is easy for him except roofing and floor covering.

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