Procrastination… Do his methods work?

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Andrew KirbyThis article is about a youtube guru type, who now teaches classes and consults to eliminate procrastination.

I have a special email address I use to sign up to things I don’t really want to be bothered further on.

It was the email I made for a client back in the day when I sold advertising on my sites.

Anyway, I check that email for interesting stuff… and to cull it. Once a week, or so. Or when I feel spent. I always find something that potentially gives me an energy injection.

Today I did and it didn’t.

I found an email from a youtube personality I have watched a few times… a young British dude. I’ll say his name, later, but not just yet. I want to set the scene.

He is advertising a course or a workshop or consulting or whatever it is, about procrastination.

I know it is a big buzz word: people don’t get things done, people don’t get things done on time… they call that procrastination… but they don’t go deep enough.

So I clicked over, and they interview you before you can even see how much the course is or how it’s given. So I searched youtube, and got an almost 30 minute video telling me most of what i needed to know.

And… oops, I got discouraged.

He is well spoken, authoritative, and what he says is spot on.

So I asked Source if I should do his course only so I can teach it to you. Why? Because suddenly I felt that he is better.

So, I took a big and admittedly painful breath, and started to measure stuff about him and his program.

Andrew Kirby. Vibration: 250
About-me score: 70%
Spiritual/DNA capacities: 3
Integrity: 10%
Narcissistic tendencies: 70%
His TLB: 1% this is the most surprising measure of all

His course/program: effectiveness: 10%. truth value: 70%

And then it hit me: he did many experiments.

They all need a lot of discipline. They were all very public: documented on his youtube channel. So he was completely and totally outcome dependent… he HAD TO produce… and he did.

He weaned himself off dopamine addiction (games, excitement, etc.) I could not find what DNA capacities he has on… sorry. Probably in the neighborhood of connecting the dots.

Is he happy? NO.

When you do things in-order-to, you are not happy.

Most comics are unhappy because they do comedy for the laughs… not because they enjoy comedy. And the same is true for Andrew Kirby: he is like a comic… in his own straitjacket.

But that doesn’t mean that a 70% truth value video isn’t worth watching, does it? 70% in a world of 1-10% truth value stuff is amazing. But that doesn’t mean, unfortunately that it will produce results for you. Knowledge is not power. Knowledge implemented with the right attitude and the right context, with outcome independence… IS POWER.

PS: Are his videos worth watching? I think so. Will you succeed because of them? Source says: 7% chance for that.

PPS: I have an old recorded integrity course. It is good: but it’s best when it is combined with my other programs. Especially with my Soaring Method program.

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Having outcome dependence is interestingly and integrity issue. It is a disempowering context. It makes your happiness and actions dependent on something that is outside of your power to even influence, the result. The only think you can control is your actions… and when your actions are right, you are happy with yourself, even if the results are not there.

So yeah, outcome dependence is an integrity issue.

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