Psychopathy will prevent you from soaring…

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psychopathy will stop you from soaring, will make the world fixedIn this article we’ll look how psychopathy will stop you from soaring by making you, the center of the world fixed, unchangeable. And unless you can change…

Don’t be mistaken: Source’s definition of psychopathy doesn’t quite agree with the common view… I listen to Source, not the common view.

Long time ago clients are suddenly interested in participating again… clients that I hadn’t heard from for many years.

And somehow I managed to talk to their soul… and the soul told them to get off their butt and do something about their life.

Because don’t be mistaken, life is not kind to anyone, and it continues to be unkind if you continue living exactly the way you have always lived.

How is that? On one hand you are trying to fix and avoid the prediction your early incident indicated (the doom), on the other hand you are strengthening and playing it out… insanity.

Yesterday I had a really small group for my webinar, so I had the opportunity to go deep, deeper than I normally have time with each person.

And it was dramatic, and painful, and full of fury… I can tell you that.

I have several clients whose doom is: I am not accepted the way I am.

Can you feel the pain in that? Say it to yourself, out loud if you must, and watch the despair rise from your belly to your chest, wanting to paralyze your heart.

We all want to be accepted for who we are, how we are. Loved and respected.

Some of us are sickly… and still want to be accepted. Some of us are fat, gay, weird, too beautiful, too ugly, stupid, smart, but unless we are at least accepted, we have to live a life around the ‘impediment’ the world says we have, the impediment that in their eyes it makes us unacceptable.

Our reaction will depend largely on our soulcorrection. Mine is resignation. But it can be fighting, arguing, or promising the world… faking it, pretending, and more.

At the root we all live out and fight a predicament someone passed down to us, carelessly, never considering human nature: the more it is unpleasant to hear it the more you’ll make it happen.

The more you fight it…

This is why no one manifests the good things people said about them, only the bad things.

The good things we accept, the bad things we fight… and whatever you put your attention on grows.

When I was about nine years old, my father entered the room where my mother was beating me. Nothing special: she beat me every day. My father said to her: ‘Don’t beat her, she is already stupid…‘ meaning the kind of stupid who is like an imbecile.

Now, you need to know that my father loved me. I didn’t know at the time, but while doing this work, especially the work of the Soaring Method, I remembered many instances where he expressed it, non-verbally, but very clearly, and I am tearing up as I am writing this.

The tears come from the decades long inner misery of thinking that nobody loved me. It gets released when you realized that it is not true.

It’s not joy… no. It is pain that was now allowed to be felt. Not the rackety complaint, but the real pain.

In The Soaring Method workshop we will need to get in touch with that pain. It will give you the energy to enter and stay in the state of soaring, the state that is needed to cause a shift in reality…

If you are not willing, if you are not able, I’d prefer to not have you in that course.

Pain is your saving grace

My theory is that pain is your saving grace. Unless you feel real, authentic, strong pain, you are either a psychopath, or already dead inside. More likely a psychopath.

What we’ll do in The Soaring Method is use every negative emotion to cause us to soar. Pain, fear, anger, frustration… disgust, contempt, all of them.

So instead of those feelings hurting you inside, causing you disease, we’ll use it them to fuel our soaring.

Soaring is the state where you are able to leave the world you know as fixed, predictable, and unchanged… to a reality where the world is not fixed.

We don’t know we do it, but we keep the world unchanged, and giving us what we don’t want… with our pedestrian mind state.

Soaring allows the world, allows reality to do what it does best: change.

We stupid humans think that change comes from us… but the truth is change comes in spite of us… we are fixating machines.

The Soaring Method is the battle between your egomind and the spirit. Their purpose is different, the egomind wants you and the world to remain fixed, predictable, and knowable. The spirit wants the world to be the way the world is: unpredictable.

This pretty much means: the people who do best in the Soaring method are people who can allow the world to change.

There is another type of person who may have a real hard time entering the state of soaring: the person who needs to be told what to do.

Some people never amount to anything because unless you tell them exactly what to do and how to do it, they won’t do anything. They have no initiative. They have no creative impulse.

The surprising thing is: it is not because they are not capable. No, they were taught by some authority figure, mother, father, and now they are just lazy and unmotivated.

I call these clients the ones who need to be their asses wiped for them… or nothing can change. Nothing will change.

There is a deep root there, I feel… I only have one student like that and he is in the course… We’ll see if I can help him to soaring.

Without getting into soaring the world is fixed. And the purpose of the Soaring Method is that you learn to allow it to change…

What keeps it fixed is what you say about it, habitually. The fact that you consider how you see it a fact. You are the common denominator in your reality… good or bad.

This is where the coachability measure plays a starring role. If you are not very coachable, that also means you are not very capable of soaring.

Coachability is an ability to abandon what you think for what the coach suggests is going to work. Coachability is an energetic phenomenon… where you can let go of what you have been fixated upon.

At this point one third of the people who are registered in the Soaring Method test as not coachable… If they prove the muscle testing right, I will take them out of the course after the initial month.

Just one more thing:

When you hold onto your original complaint like the truth, then muscle testing shows that you are on the psychopathic scale…

Your original complaint was never true. It was a should or a shouldn’t… and it has tremendous power. The power to keep the world rotating, swirling around that complaint. A complaint where you didn’t get what was due to you.

Believe it or not, nothing was ever due to you. Life is a gift, not a privilege. Privilege means, according to the dictionary: a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group.

You have none. You can’t claim that anything is due to you. You get what you are gifted, and you get what you earn. But thinking that you should get anything beyond it: that is delusional…

And, of course, that original complaint was a delusional claim of an upset 3-year old.

Life treats you the way life treats you. Life gave you parents the kind it gave you. Deal with it.

All your claims are psychopathic… And if you insist on them, then you become a full-blown psychopath: I have had a few of those over the years.

And, of course, I have these half-psychopaths… who can go either way.

Chances are, hopefully, they will want to let go of their ‘claims’ on life…

  • A full 30% of humanity is like that: half-psychopath… having lots of claims, delivering nothing that would earn them any claims.
  • And 10% are full-blown psychopaths: have nothing to give, want to give nothing… just get, get, get. Extort, manipulate, and get away with it.

There is a sentence I learned back in 1986… one of the first sentences I learned in transformation. It is still shocking.

People are an invitation to be manipulated, coerced, and forced. Also dominated, but that wasn’t in the original sentence.

If that is true, and muscle test says it is, then you want to keep an eye out for that: your psychopaths and half-psychopaths use that about you to get what they want.

When I ask the unusual question about some people in my life if they are psychopaths, I am getting some disturbing answers. But will about that at another time.

So what does Source have to say about psychopathy?

1. It is energetic
2. It is an insistence on one’s own self-concern as the only thing that matters.

It is not a disease. It is aberration… The number of psychopaths and half-psychopaths is growing steadily.

Back to the Soaring Method: if you are signing up now, and you haven’t had your anchor to doom pulled: I’ll do it before the course… but I will not be able to organize a digging session.

In our first Soaring Method session I will pay special attention to you, so you can get what you need.

And then I’ll organize a digging session… definitely before the second session of the Soaring Method.

At this point all the latecomers are from exotic locales, like New Zealand, South Africa and Malaysia…

How interesting.

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