What causes disease: a lack of ease, feeling bad? Can your health measurements answer that question?

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health measurements show the 90%, the invisibleI have a number of people who subscribe to getting their health measurements monthly.

Today I measured four of those. I played Freecell in between to cleanse my system.

Of what? Of the previous person’s energy.

This cleansing serves two purposes: 1. I won’t accidentally remain connected to the person I just measured 2. I steel myself to the experience of being them.


Yeah… When I am connected to you, I am, physically and emotionally merged with you. My brain, luckily isn’t, that’s why I can stay connected to Source, that’s why I can measure stuff about you.

So having such frequent experience of total immersion in people’s world, especially people who have or will have some disease… I am almost certain that their attitude, their relationship with themselves, others, and things to do is warped. Unhealthy. Unaccepting. Intolerant. Bossy. Demanding. Domineering. and oftentimes narcissistic.

health measurementsOf course I have no idea what narcissistic really is… but I do have a direct experience through at least one client.

I prefer to use my terms. The term that is most dominant is ‘self-concern’ that goes hand in hand with the number of ‘about-me’ score.

I have written about the cataract-like covering over your eyes that don’t allow you to see others, reality, to the degree that your ‘about-me’ covers your eyes.

But what i didn’t say there is that there is a willful component: you don’t even want to see the other person… you only care about what you are getting, what YOU care about, and at most, you pretend that you care about another person or their needs. Or what needs to get done…

Because this is not only about another person, this is about everything that is not you.

I have a few students who excel at not getting things done, or getting them done only as a ‘have-to’.

When you do anything from have-to, you are saying that you are forced, obligated, imposed upon, enslaved… etc.

You are saying that if it were really up to you, you wouldn’t do the darn things, screw everything and everyone. Yeah, screw them! Screw Life! Screw Nature. Screw society. Screw the planet.

To the degree you consider yourself the only important ‘thing’ in the universe, to the same degree you ‘sport’ desire to receive for the self alone, AND narcissism.

So if psychologists asked me I would not call it narcissism, I would call it the me-disease… not elegant, but it would be truthful.

So what does it feel like inside a me-disease person?

Horrible at worst, very unpleasant at best.

health measurementsThere is a lack of allowing. Lack of ease. Lack of harmony. Lack of rest.

They seem to be vigilant, even when they sleep, to watch out that they don’t miss their due. What due? Everything.

The about-me person considers everything their due… they are always should… they should get this, others should be that… try to get away with murder claiming what they want.

For clarification: there are two kinds of complaints in a person’s original incident: should complaints, and shouldn’t complaints.

Mine is shouldn’t… and my about-me score is 7%.
Should complaint people’s about me score is 70 or above.

One way to see if a person is a should person or a shouldn’t person is to listen in whether they look for change in others, the environment, even their behavior, or if they catch that they did something wrong themselves.

In which direction their index fingers are pointing.

They should love me… he should allow me to do whatever I goddamn want… I should be able to get what I want without any effort, I should be treated with respect… blah blah blah.

I shouldn’t be the way I am… is the most frequent shouldn’t.

Another interesting way to see if a person is a shouldn’t or a should type is their relationship to activity.

Should people want the glory, the result, the effect. They are outcome dependent.

When they do something, they want it to cause a certain effect. This includes that when they email me, they expect a certain response and get angry, disappointed, disheartened when they get a different response, and happy when they get what they expected.

health measurementsTheir questions also ask about how to get a certain outcome…

Outcome dependent… a sure way to be unhappy most of the time. A sure way to do the wrong things, repeatedly, because you are only interested in the result, and not the activity.

It should work! is the battle cry… but it either works or it doesn’t… That is reality.

Outcome independent people, the shouldn’t people, advance a lot of faith, and trust, and activity before they expect any results aka outcome.

They don’t hesitate falling in love with the activity, instead of being in love with the results.

They are happier people with less internal disturbance, and diseases.

Here is the million dollar question: can a should person turn into a shouldn’t person?

Muscle test says: 70% certainty that the person can’t or don’t even want to… no matter what the price they have to pay.

I have had clients with cancer, that weren’t willing to change, or even consider changing their ways.

I have clients who are not willing to change their opinion about how to make their water coherent either… even though my way is faster. That is another way they are willing to cut their noses in spite of their faces.

Another should characteristic.

Interestingly, only 10% of humanity is a shouldn’t person. 70% are should… and the remaining 20% is undecided.

Of the people I have ever measured only 5% are shouldn’t. Why? Because somehow my methodology seems to promise results without work for those who are expecting results without work.

health measurements and emojisAnd some, even after a decade keep on hoping that it will change, it will give them what they want without them having to do the work it takes to change.

My challenge is to ‘convert’ these should people to people who can work towards and for what they want… health, wealth, love and fulfillment… a life lived with power… loving themselves.

I can tell you, it is a challenge. Can I do it? Muscle test says ‘yes’, and that keeps me going.

If someone is willing, I’ll make sure they also can… are able to…

One of the toughest parts of being a business owner is to decide who to work with and who not to work with.

It is also the most controversial.

Creates hate, anger, and a desire to hurt in the people who I can’t or won’t do business with. They feel excluded, and nothing is as painful as that… I think. Being excluded.

But if a business is an energy system with finite amounts of each energy components, it is important to invest those energies wisely: invest them where they can produce the most results both for the business and the client.

health measurementsResources like time, money, love, will power, Life Force, healing energies… everything.

So what should I offer you today, after reading this somewhat depressing article that paints a somewhat dark picture?

If you are a should person then taking care of your health may be a huge gift you can give yourself.

Your number one concern is to give yourself all that health needs… even if you cannot give yourself being in sync with Life… you probably can’t.

Cell hydration, eating the right foods at the right time the right way, making sure you don’t lack important nutrients that the lack of them can make you ill.

This is where you should put some attention, and therefore today’s offer is offering a discount on my health measurements, my food list, my essential nutritions list.

My recommendation is: find out where your health is at. and then you’ll know exactly what to order… If you already know… then go directly for the lists… You can save a lot by ordering it until Monday, March 1.

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