Going from hate and disgust to feeling good about yourself. From hate to love

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from hate to loveOne of the few things I need to be aware and manage diligently is to not slip into hate and disgust about things or people. And when I do slip, to go from hate to love with them.

One of my ‘favorite’ ways to slip into hate and disgust has been to gossip about things or people… whom otherwise I love and cherish, but something about them irks me.

The solution is to make room for the imperfection, the part that irks me, and then I can love them, warts and all.

The secret is to rant first and accept second.

  • What most people do is suppress. It is wrong to hate your teacher, for example. Or your wife.
  • Or alternatively, they get stuck in hate. They don’t proceed to acceptance.

from self-hate to self-loveEveryone has ugly in them, including you. And you still would like to be accepted and loved, with those uglies included.

You think you are hiding them well, but you don’t. Everyone can see them, but you expend incredible amounts of energy to hide them… ineffectively.

Watching British shows is helpful in seeing it… American shows lie and lie and lie. You only notice it after you watch British shows… they show people warts and all, and they show how they are blissfully ignorant of their shortcomings.

I have a theory: in love and friendship there is a honeymoon period when what you love about the other person is their shortcomings. Look how cute he is as he talks with his mouth full… lol. Then comes the ‘normal’ life, and later comes the hate and disgust: and surprisingly you start to hate them for what they think is the best in them.

I don’t know if this is true for me with my teacher I am having an issue right now… and not the first time.

In our ‘social lair’ he calls what I do ‘vibration sh!t’. I tried to laugh it off, but it didn’t work. So I am going to rant a little, and then accept.

This same dude swears by his wife’s expertise in business typology. A personality type hogwash thingie. I have tested some of their assertions, especially about whether people should work together or not, and my muscletesting was the opposite, or at least dubious about their ‘diagnosis’.

So the pot calling the kettle black… They use some system, and I use some system. Vibration, the way I handle it, is an indicator to what degree you have managed to live in harmony with Life and Soul, or Spirit.

but if I stopped there, I would agree with his assessment: vibration ‘sh!t’, that is how other ‘experts’ use it… put yourself in vibrational harmony with whatever you want… as if there were such a thing.

Muscletest from Source says: there isn’t such a thing. You want to put yourself in vibrational or otherwise harmony with Life.

Business people, the successful ones, are in harmony with how business works. In their business endeavor they sit on the horse in the direction it’s going… not backwards.

Their spiritual vibration, the overall harmony with life can be as low as 100… as in the case of my teacher. It’s probably temporary… His political views are not in harmony with how life works, and he is a raving maniac in that area of his life. And he does attract people unhinged like himself.

If I had never seen it accurately before, in this new ‘social lair’ I can see it. Mind you only a few rabid people participate, so it is possible that the ones that don’t, joined his teaching before he became unhinged.

from hate to loveHe became unhinged the moment he got married, about a year ago. And his wife is very much with him on this…

Does marriage makes someone unhinged? Not necessarily. But having an echo where he can do no wrong, both from the wife and the financially dependent business partner can and did.

My other coach, Troy, needed an investor and my original teacher, Ben, put all his loose money into my other coach’s business, and now Troy is tolerant and approving (sweettalk) of Ben and his 24/7 insane ranting against everything and everyone who is left of his extreme right position politically.

You can imagine how I feel when he does that.

I am a single Jewish woman.

He wages war against SJW’s… very vocally, so I am calling myself in the ‘social lair’ SJW… **

OK, that was the rant.

Now the acceptance: he is unhinged. His business information is still useful to me. Just ranting has reduced my disgust and hate to next to nothing.

So what? Big deal. He went berserk. Happens to the best of us.

I am not there to indulge, accept, or condone his extreme opinions and rants. I don’t really care. In that regard he is a little ‘hitler’, screaming because he feels powerless, and he is.

I feel pity for him. No, that didn’t do it. I feel compassion? close, but no cigar. Still don’t feel good.

How about grief? I am grieving his sanity? Yeah, that does it. It seems that marriage doesn’t suit him. It makes him psychologically ill.

I am looking inside. I find no hate, no disgust.

One of the elements of integrity is to have all of you available for Life… but anger, hate, disgust takes you out.

Incompletion: the state of lacking something or of having failed to complete something.

It is called ‘incompletion’. Why? Because when you are all of you available, and powerful, and in harmony with Life, you are whole and complete… so when you are not: it is called, logically, incomplete.

In the Integrity Workshop we learn to create a list of areas and issues you are incomplete about, or issues that make you incomplete.

And we learn to regularly visit those and do what we need to do to take them out of existence.

What I demonstrated above is how I put my incompletion about Ben out of its misery… and get complete again. Complete feels like heaven, especially compared to our ‘normal’ state, which is incomplete…

Whether you know what it is, whether you pay attention, it seems that your other self does, and it bugs you. You often don’t know what it is banging on about, and this process, called ‘incomplete cycles’ comes very very useful there.

A little bit of work once a day, once a week, or once a month can be like having taken a vacation, without having to go anywhere.

I learned this back in 1987. It was part of a system, and pretty much that system is what I teach in the Integrity Workshop.

I was an unhappy architect when I started. My vibration (remember it is a measure to show to what degree I am in harmony with Life) was 100. Insane like my teacher, Ben.

But I started to do the system as soon as I left the classroom. And I worked it and worked it and worked it.

Result: In a year and a half I left architecture. I had my own weekly magazine. I created my first coaching group that was wildly successful. I made a living. I bought my first computer and learned to create the magazine on it.

I went from an unhappy architect to a wildly successful magazine publisher. Volunteers were lining up to help me with the work. I was admired.

And my vibration was still only 170.

So yeah, vibration is misunderstood. But a 70 point increase is still amazing.

I also went from self-hate to self-love

So a program that can do that for you too is what I am offering in the Integrity Workshop.

It starts on March 27, Saturday, at 2 pm EST. It has four sessions and lots of time to practice in between. The sessions are scheduled to be on the last Saturday of the month.

The course is priced less than what I paid for my course back in 1987… But I will raise the price every week, until it is priced right.

My core group gets free admission, because I have been testing the system on them, and it seems to be working. At least that is what I see and that is what they report.

And given that I started when I had a vibration of 100, it is open to everyone, no preconditions.

The course is only sold in payments. Why? So that you can decide any time to quit. And so I can decide any time that I don’t want to work with you.

If you don’t do the work, you’ll get booted. Simple, right?

OK, here is your link to register

Go to step 2

** sjw… I was looking for a picture in google, search term sjw… turns out that sjw doesn’t means single Jewish woman… lol. I feel foolish. no. stupid. it means ‘social justice warrior’. So I am changing my name back to my given name in the lair… darn. I may have to brush up on my ‘hate’ vocabulary, and soon.

PS: I just realized something. Ben has a self-image of being unlovable. A typical thing for his soul correction, Finish what you start. And he is now diligently working towards the status quo, where he is alone, where he is not loved, and where he doesn’t have to please anyone.

Now my heart goes out for him.

PPS: I have been digging, and I find that the sold correction ‘Sharing the Flame’ and Ciruitry are also anchored in self-hate

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

1 thought on “Going from hate and disgust to feeling good about yourself. From hate to love”

  1. Loved the article, this is an issue that needs to be addressed more. Challenge in any way is an opportunity for growth, and growth can be uncomfortable. Mastery is not a happy all the time, or get rich quick gimmick. From Jesus to Mother Teresa every master reminds us that negative feelings are part of the experience. Power is built by learning to accept negative thoughts. Only then may we turn it to our advantage, change thought patterns and give real forgiveness; outwardly and to ourselves.

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