Teaching by Proxy… want it? yours for the asking…

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avatar nickelodeon teaching by proxyBack in 2013 I was experimenting with teaching by proxy. In some way I still do it in my Sunday calls.

I just listened to one of my 2013 proxy teaching calls, and I sound a little preachy, a little controlling, but regardless: it was an excellent call.

It is about how live like an avatar. How to live life like an avatar, avatar as in the Nickelodeon series’ avatars, not some spiritual ballyhoo… that I can’t say anything about, because I know nothing about it.

A Nickelodeon avatar has all the vending reality power available to him or her in moments of dire strait… When either their life is in peril or humanity is in peril.

water benderThen, and only then they can enter the avatar state where all the bending power, fire, rocks, air, water, is available to them.

I teach almost everything a person needs to know to do to exit the horizontal plane, enter the vertical, where there is no misery, no failure, no despair…

I’d like to offer this recording to you as a gift.

I don’t think I have ever published it, i don’t think I have ever made it public.

The ‘proxy’ person was a friend of mine, who is no longer a student. She became successful, and she doesn’t need me any more.

The course teaches a version of the soaring method… it teaches how to change the direction your life is going with different methods, and if nothing else, it’s an excellent introduction to what i do, what I teach, what I say could turn you into an effective and happy human…

If you would like to get access to the recording, I’ll publish it into my mobile app. That way you can listen to it wherever you are.

It is free, and it works both on the Android phones and on Iphones, even on Ipads. Eventually, in 2-3 week’s time, on the desktop as well… that phase is in development right now.

The only catch: your phone needs to be a smartphone, newer than the first models… I needed to get a new phone when I was first invited to create an app myself… I got a refurbished Iphone 8, and I am happy with that… even though I need to wiggle the connection so it charges… small price to pay for the otherwise perfect functioning.

I have a ton of content on the phone free already, and, of course, I put all my new courses there… because doing everything on your phone is the future.

If you already have an account on my mobile app: you are home free. If you don’t: just follow the instructions on your phone.

If you open this link on your desktop, take out your mobile, and scan the page and it will redirect your phone to where the video is. It is worth hundreds of dollars, but I want you to have it.


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