Stuckness, blockages, are they all about what you need?

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I want to live!Life is happier when it’s less cluttered. Your house will be bigger! Your teeth will be whiter! Angels will sing! You’ll be a better dancer. Go to 1-800-blahblahblah and prepare to be amazed. This is a commercial for GotJunk, but it could be a commercial to the removal of blockages my Integrity Workshop does beautifully.

I take my inspiration from where I find it.

Writing an article a day, leading 4-5 webinars a week, having two podcasts a week… that is a need for a lot of inspiration, wouldn’t you think so?

So I find inspiration, I search for inspiration, and more often than not I find inspiration.

Yesterday’s inspiration was enough for two calls… some inspiration has a longer ‘shelf-life’.

Your inspiration depends on your inspirability… and so does the inspiration’s shelf-life.

Inspiration that is contained and aimed at what YOU want doesn’t last long and doesn’t warm you much, I say.

This is the topic of most of the arguments people have with me, the argument over which people stop wanting to listen to me. The topic justifying most people to stop listening to me, maybe even take on badmouthing me publicly.

Why is this such a contentious topic, why do people get as angry as they get when our take on life and this topic differs?

Why? Because it is at the heart of our take on being human or not. Each major religion says something different (I think) and that may be the reason for the argument: differing worldviews.

I am of the Kabbalistic worldview of what it takes to be human, of what is the purpose of life, of what gives meaning to life.

Here it goes:

The Kabbalistic story of the creation of the Universe goes like this:

In the beginning there was only the Energy. It was all about bestowing its own benevolence… and it was beaming it… but of course, because the Energy was on its own, there was nothing else… so there was no recipient… just beaming.

After billions and billions of years, the Energy had an idea: why not create a vessel, a recipient for its benevolence… life would be much better, I will beam my benevolence straight into that vessel.

With the idea came creation of the vessel… and for billions and billions of years all worked really well, the nature of the Energy is giving, the nature of the Vessel is receiving… so everything got what they were best at.

But, unfortunately, the nature of the Energy, the desire to give, somehow got transmitted to the Vessel, and on one unfortunate day the Vessel decided the enough is enough: It is not going to eat bread of shame any more, it wants something to give its benevolence too!

And the Vessel, I imagine, shouted to the Energy, and closed itself to any more benevolence.

The Energy, good as it was, said… Oh, OK, I get it. And it withdrew itself and its energy to an infinitely small point. That created a forceful vacuum, and the Vessel shattered, and in that vacuum the physical Universe suddenly sprung into being.

Scientists call that the Big Bang.

The shattered fragments of the Vessel became the souls of humanity, designed to receive, infected by the desire to also give.

This duality, this inner duality is the nature of today’s humans…

I want I want blockagesKabbalists distinguish two kinds of desires to receive: the desire of the original Vessel: desire to receive for the self alone, and the desire of the ‘infected’ Vessel: desire to receive for the sake of sharing… i.e. be both a recipient and a giver.

According to the Kabbalists, and I can see it manifested in every instance I look at people, the more you have ‘desire to receive the self alone’ the more wretched you are. But seeing how you can be a receiver for the sake of sharing is beyond most person’s comprehension.

blockagesThe current humanity lives in or-ness… either I give or I receive… not both. To the current human it feels that they need to choose… and choosing is hard… in one case you only care about yourself, in the other you are not allowed to care about what you want, what you enjoy, what you desire… at all.

But it is not how it works.

I live nearly 100% with the desire to receive for the sake of sharing. I get everything I want, EVERYTHING! through passing it on.

I get what I want without having to hold onto what I get in its entirety. I get an idea. I get an energy. I get a healing. I get some pleasure. I allow it to give me everything it can, and then I pass it on to others.

And so it is with inspiration: I get it, I get enlivened, uplifted by it, and then… yeah, that, I pass it on to my readers, listeners, or friends and family.

I never hold onto anything… lest I become constipated… lol.

And constipation can kill you.

According to Dr. Schulze, almost all disease is caused by a blockage. A blockage spiritually or physically.

Blocking your breathing, blocking blood flow, blocking the desire to receive, blocking the desire to share.

I have recently had a really real experience of this.

I was, physically, in a ‘holding pattern’… that is code words for blockage.

I was getting weaker by the day, and I saw that the end was coming fast.

I went online and ordered a stretching machine. It was expensive, it was hard to assemble, but I did it. This was about a month ago.

Since then I have been spending 10 minutes on this machine about five times a week.

I feel better. I sleep better. My digestion is better.

Yesterday and today I went out to walk. I stretched after the walk.

Death withdrew. I am no longer waiting to die.

Stretching, properly, removes blockages, physically.

But before I could even think about finding a way to unblock myself, I needed to think of my students… of Source, and that gave me energy and inspiration to buy the machine, put it together, and extend my life.

I would have never done it for myself. Life, especially nowadays, is not that much fun, not naturally fun, after all most fun comes from interacting with people, hugging, dancing, walking together… and it is completely absent from today’s life for me.

And yet, I was enlivened, inspired by the thought that I still have a lot to give, so I gave life another chance.

Inspiration is important. Inspiration is an indication that the spirit inside is alive and moving.

Uninspired is an indication that the spirit is failing, dying, sick, or resigned.

Inspired is a beingness… but getting inspired is possible through tiny jumps… tiny instances of getting inspiration where you find it.

But beware: inspiration not used, inspiration not passed on to something or someone is a killer. Not of inspiration, but of you.

Anything that you want only for yourself creates a blockage… and remember, all death, all disease is the result of a blockage.

If you were a student once, and you are no longer one… your blockage blocked the flow, and that is why you needed to go.

not doing enough to get to the diamondsAnother little recognized way to cause blockage is to have incompletions in your life: not to go far enough to get to the diamonds.

Incompletion means: unfinished projects, undelivered or broken promises, ideas that weren’t canceled, yearnings never acted on, buried dreams…

In the Integrity Workshop we attend to those… because unblocking those blockages is essential not just to be whole and complete, but to have the spirit healthy and flying within.

and if you are in the Soaring Workshop, and it is difficult to get to Soaring, now you know what is blocking it: your incompletions…

You can’t get into the live Integrity Workshop, but you can get the home study course… And between you and me, the live sessions are only about 10% of the course: the work needed to restore integrity is performed on your own, in your privacy, between the monthly sessions.

bent bike wheel is like a blockageSo you get 90% value for a greatly reduced price. Ultimately, what you get out of the program is up to you. Some people will manage to restore the spirit to flying, others will do nothing of the sort.

So it is up to you… No one else can do it for you.

Remove blockages, and restore the spirit to flying

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