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what story inspires you?It’s human nature to be fascinated by a hero story. Hero stories create hope, because they create an illusion that the listener can be a hero too, can get the girl, can get the millions. People buy, based on that hope, nearly everything.

The Hero’s Journey tells a story structure we all love. Joseph Campbell made it known and famous. Movies like Star Wars, books like Harry Potter, and even comedies like Anchorman follow the Hero’s Journey steps.

Most hero’s journey is b.s. I have the habit of muscle testing the story that sucks people in, and thus far only 1% of all these stories tested as true. So people are lying, and you are buying… Buying what they have to sell, whether it works or not, whether it is a good match to your strengths or not…

Instead of using this space to knock all the fake gurus who lie, I’ll tell you about a real story… if that is OK with you.

I have been dreaming, wishing for a different kind of following for many years. What kind? The kind that don’t need me… lol.

I don’t have a god complex… although when you read: god helps those who help themselves… I am a suspect: I want the same thing as that god person wants.

If I had to use an analogy: I have been wishing for birds who could fly, and with all I know, I would be able to make them soar.

Instead I have been attracting, mostly, the flyless birds, the ones that knew that they were meant to fly. And, of course that is a near impossible task, hard, and often hopeless, but not impossible.

Just like myself, in the original Werner Erhard slogan: A world that works for everyone with on one left out… they are attracted to me because they feel left out.

There is nothing to be left out of… it is a feeling. And a meaning. And because our world brings us what we say we are… even if you looked at our lives from the outside, you would notice, if you have eyes, that somehow we ARE left out…

Left behind, ignored, not paid attention to, not belonging to the winners’ circle, to the winning team, to the hip clique at work or in school.

And people sense it and treat you the way you expect to be treated.

I went to one of the monthly class online reunion of my high school class twice, last December, and in January.

In Hungary you call your class the people who you did most of your actual classes with, sat day in and day out in the same room. In my ‘year’ there were three classes, a, b, and c. I was in class b… we were the science class, lots more physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry than the others.

I joined this class when I was 16, after I was expelled from another high school for my behavior. I was class clown, mocking the teachers… I still do… no respect for authority.

I went from being an A-B student in the old school to a C student in a hurry in the new. They actually studied, these people…

At the end of the year they asked my father to take me somewhere else, but my father refused. So I buckled up, and went, in two years to become top of the class. No one noticed it. None of my class mates. I am not a flashy winner…

Anyway, fast forward to the class reunion, 55 years later, I am treated as the class dunce… everyone tries to teach me as if they were smarter than me. I muscle tested and my IQ is 50 points higher than the smartest one there.

I went back in my memory and I realized that I had never had a conversation with anyone, except one other ‘left out’ girl in class in the almost three years I was with them.

And I have no desire to have a conversation with any of them, so I never went to a class reunion again.

But being not part of the class wasn’t anything new to me… it all started with the family.

My mother treated me as a pariah, an untouchable, except for bodily punishment or use… of course.

This is one thing that cannot be changed. It is the essence of ‘you can take the girl out of the ghetto, but can’t take the ghetto out of the girl’. I am surely going to behave like I am left out…

Interestingly, my older brother behaves that way too… I don’t know his story, but he does behave like that. And now that I am looking closer, and muscletest it, my younger brother: ditto.

My most favorite stories

My most favorite stories, the stories that most resonate with me, that most inspire me, the stories that bring tears into my eyes are where the non-hero succeeds to survive, to make it against impossible odds.

And given how often these kinds of stories are made up and uses as ‘click-bait’ in sales letters, sales presentations, the number of people who attend these are a lot like myself: they feel left out, left behind, and up against impossible odds.

Turkeys… at least in their own mind.

ugly duckling storyAnother inspiring story, the fairy tale of the ugly duckling that turns out to be a swan…

Students of mine whose favorite fairy tale was the Ugly Duckling were different from the people who saw themselves as turkeys… they thought that they were really princes unfairly treated as peasants. Swans unfairly treated as ugly ducklings.

There is a third story, the story of the ugly cat…

OK, I feel I am losing you: but here is the dividing line: part of the people who feel left out blame themselves, the other part blame their society, their peers, their parents.

Another way to look at this crowd: they are either take on stepping out of the shadow or not.

  • If you see yourself as a prince or a princess: the likelihood that you’ll do anything to change your future is low.
  • If you see yourself as an underdog who can fight back: you can be trained to do what it takes to come out of the shadows.

I am of the second persuasion… I did come out of the shadows.

Now what does this mean to you?

Another way to see which group you belong to is this:

Are you expecting me to wave my magic wand and make you successful?

Students who did… belong to the first group, the group of people who I cannot help. Why? Because it takes work, it takes stepping over your own shadow, it takes humility, willing to embrace your dark side, and if you are entitled, you won’t.

Oh, they are no longer students.

Students who know they need to do the work, and either do it or don’t… there is hope for them still.

If we look closely, maybe my job is to help the people who feel like an underdog, but would like to get more out of life than they are getting. They don’t want to feel left out, they don’t want to be left out of life.

And maybe that is MY job, because I don’t just have a great rags to riches story for public consumption, I actually have had a life with tens of valleys and flat-tops to have trained me and given me the knowledge that can work as the lever you need to make you, finally, move.

And I also have another secret weapon that others don’t have. I can muscle test whether the direction you have chosen for yourself to tackle is a good match for your personality and your strengths.

  • For example one of my stuck students has a dream of making a living as a salesperson.

Muscle test says he won’t. His strengths don’t align for that future.

  • Another student of mine has a direction in mind: becoming a registered nurse.

Muscle test says ‘no chance’. Her strengths don’t align for that future.

So having two secret weapons… the method to strengthen your TLB, to fatten up your GABA fibers, and muscletesting, I am certain that if you are willing then we can make you a flying bird, my dear. Someone who can be proud of your journey because you won against impossible odds.

Now, what ‘framework’ will I choose to take people who can but won’t, because they feel they can’t… (the other group is the ones who can but won’t, because they feel they don’t need to).

By the way, you can be on any level, like I was.

  • I had two master’s degrees, I had a won architectural competition, I had two successful businesses… so your achievements don’t make you feel that you belong, that you weren’t left out. You don’t necessarily feel that the world works for you.
  • And you can be at the bottom… with no evidence that you can… except that your will proves, that you can. Your mind doesn’t allow you to see a future for you that it isn’t sure you CAN achieve.

By the way, just so that you know: the fact that your mind doesn’t allow you to see a future doesn’t mean anything. MY mind doesn’t allow me to dream, fantasize, to see a future. None. I close my eyes and see nothing. I can see as far as five hours in advance.

And yet I can… Why it doesn’t allow me to fantasize? I don’t know. But between you and me: I am better off for it… because I know and act accordingly: only what I do matters… no one will give me anything, no one will make some future magically appear.

And that, knowing that if it is to be, it is up to me, puts the fire in my behind… and I do what I see is needed to keep on growing.

Maybe this is why Psycho Cybernetics didn’t work for me.

If you are a fantasist, a daydreamer, you most likely belong to the group, ‘the ones who can but won’t, because they feel they don’t need to’.

I can’t see the future… I design, I plan steps I’ll take towards a future I want.

If you have enough self awareness, you know which group you belong to.

If you are not sure, and have had your starting point measurements done by me: just email me… and I email you back. If you suddenly have an inkling that maybe you could win in life, after all, then I can only answer this question for you if you order your starting point measurements.

Several of the measurements can be altered with the GABA fibers strengthening method. The two crucial measures are

20. How teachable/how coachable are you? %
30. Do you have enough energy to do the work? yes/no
37. Can you let go of self-concern? yes/no
38. Do you have a should or shouldn’t racket? should/shouldn’t
40. Can you plan long range? yes/no

All the rest of the measures can be grown.

I am creating a group where 1. you will get instruction, coaching, guidance, 2. you can be tracked if you are doing the steps that strengthen your GABA fibers, or not.

If you follow the instructions, if you don’t resist (much), this group and this methodology, over time, can take you to a place where you’ll have a direction, and you’ll have the high enough TLB to even continue on your own.

Before you can participate with the group I’ll have to qualify you…

The cost: $16 a week. The first week’s payment will buy you a starting point measurement, if I don’t already know you.

I’ll start the group with as many as register… If you are already in, you can come to a live call. If you can’t make it, you’ll get the recording.

A ‘social’ site is being built for me, but it’s not ready. So in the meantime we’ll use a forum that I have already set up.

Meeting times probably will be on Wednesdays. Probably mornings… my time.

I call the group ‘hero’s journey’.

Enroll in the GABA program…
if you don’t yet have your starting point measurements, I’ll measure it for you for the first week’s payment

PS: Want to get a jump on the course? get this large 18 month planner

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