I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting

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I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve been hurting.

You’ve been wanting to be the best you can be, and you can’t. You always hit a snag here, a snag there… And it looks hopeless.

You are ashamed of yourself. You try to hide, but it doesn’t help. Because you know.

You feel like an impostor… But you are normal.

Humans aren’t built to be all good. Humans can improve, correct what there is to correct, to a certain degree, but not all through.

Why? Because, and don’t believe a word I say, the human soul, originally, was built to be 100% selfish, care only about receiving… care only about pleasure… that has been the design.

What the heck am I talking about?

I am talking about Kabbalah‘s version of the birth of the Universe and humanity with it.

Kabbalah is not the truth, but it is darn near… the tale of this birth is 80% true… compare that with the Bible’s tale of Genesis (the 6 days of creation, blah blah blah)… 10% true.

So here is how the Kabbalistic story goes:

Kabbalah big bangFor eons there was only one thing, The Light. The Light is an energy. Its nature was to give, so The Light beamed this was and that way, but there was no one, nothing to receive it.

After all those billions of years The Light ‘decided’ to create a vessel for its light. It constructed a vessel and for billions of years it was all good. No, better. The Light did what The Light likes to do: give all it got. And The Vessel did what the vessel was designed for: receive.

But, not by design, some of the desire to give, the nature of The Light got accidentally transmitted with the light, and The Vessel suddenly had the desire to give. It was suffering from ‘bread of shame‘ you get when you get and don’t reciprocate.

So one day The Vessel closed itself and said to The Light: No more. I will receive no more light, unless I can pass it on to something.

The Light obeyed, and withdrew itself to a tiny dot… But, another unexpected consequence, in the vacuum that created a whole physical universe rushed in. Kabbalah called it tzim-tzum… explosion, modern science calls it The Big Bang.

Now, what does this have to do with human nature, your nature?


The shards of The Vessel, that of course exploded during the Big Bang are the souls of humanity, myriad.

And because of this story, each soul has a dual nature: the nature of The Vessel, and the nature of The Light.

The receiving nature is our Dark Side… and The Light side, the giving nature is our higher self.

The conflict is normal and who you are going to be at any moment is up to you. Each human has free will, the choice to decide, each moment, who they are going to be, how they are going to react.

limbic system and prefrontal cortexSome have a stronger connection between their emotions and their organ of choice, the prefrontal cortex, so they can choose against their selfish emotions, fearful emotions, self-centered emotions more often than others… who have a weak connection only.

That connection, the connection between the emotional brain center and the prefrontal cortex can be strengthened with a regular practice of tasks where you train yourself to go beyond, a little bit beyond what’s comfortable, and each time you do that, the connection becomes stronger.

A stronger connection between the ancient emotional center of the brain and the prefrontal cortex means: you can made decisions and act accordingly. So on the surface, for the observer, you have stronger and stronger will-power.

This is what we will do in the Hero program, strengthen what you would call your ‘will-power’ and what I call the power of your WORD.

The program is unique, because it is a supervised program: you are supported, and guided every step along the way.

I have created this program because I also need it.

Left to my own devices, in certain areas of life, I am just like everyone else: I keep on doing what doesn’t serve me, keep on promising to myself and then break my word, every step of the way.

My will-power, in certain areas of life, is still weak, and I can’t trust myself.

My issues are getting up in the morning as soon as I wake up, and eating less, so I can be a lean and mean machine, so I can live longer and pain free.

What are your issues? Part of the program is to ferret them out, so you don’t have to guess. Part of the program is to create a future that makes it worth for you to go for it, and to keep going for it.

Daily accountability and weekly live coaching… unlimited questions answered in email.

Nothing like that is happening anywhere else. I am in many communities, and no one is holding me accountable… I am still alone.

The price? any sane person should charge a lot more for it than I am charging… At this point $16 a week.

Why don’t I charge monthly or yearly?

Because I want you to practice choice in that regard too. You can cancel the payments and bear the consequences: you are out and not allowed to return. And I promise, you can’t go it alone.

Maybe in one area you can succeed. I have known people who got thin and kept thin. I have known people who got productive, and kept productive.

4 pillars of the good lifeBut I haven’t known anyone who managed to increase results in every area of life, so they can live the good life… Health, wealth, love and happiness.

I have three business coaches. All three are successful financially. One is about 100 lbs overweight… and I expect him to drop dead any day. Another is very emotional and unhappy about everything… ranting all the time. The third is not happy either… not fulfilled.

Finding out what practice would make the missing pillar of the good life get stronger is nearly impossible for oneself. But I can and could muscle test for you, for them, or for whoever needs it… and gently guide them to that practice. (by the way, this is a lot like Kaizen)

And that is what I am doing in this new program.

In the beginning I can only take a few people… or I’ll get fast overwhelmed and will be useless to you.

There is a 30-day trial period where we can feel each other out… and say yay or nay at the end… So very little risk for either of us. I won’t be stuck with you, and you won’t be stuck with me.

Enroll in the GABA program…
if you don’t yet have your starting point measurements, I’ll measure it for you for the payment for the trial period

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