Truth value? Whether you think you can or think you can’t

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truth valueWhat is the truth value of Henry Ford’s statement ‘Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you are right‘?

7%. Which means: it is 93% not true.

Why so low?

Because what you think may not have anything to do with what you can do… It has more to do with something else…

Underneath every action, underneath every skill there are DNA capacities that make the action possible for you… or not.

If you look at actions, or what it takes to accomplish anything as a tree, the statement by Henry Ford says something really obviously untrue: you can grow apples on a cherry tree.

Not true. Why?

Because the fundamental difference between an apple and a cherry is on the DNA level. Now, had I said apple and pear… yeah, they can be grown through splicing them on the same root stock…

Does this mean you can make a human sprout new abilities like fruit trees can? Or are they new abilities really? or just variation of the same gene?

A University Professor in my town, Syracuse, NY could be used to make me right or make me wrong.

Your DNA, just like, for example a stone fruit (peaches, cherries, plums) has all varieties encoded in the DNA tree. Some aspects of that DNA, many many pages of code, are expressed, others aren’t expressed.

All 40 fruits of the Syracuse fruit tree monster had to be a variety of one kind of fruit bearing tree, in this example: stone fruits grafted into a stone fruit base.

A human DNA has all spiritual capacities present, except they are not expressed… said in another way: they are not active. Keeping an unused capacity open is expensive for the body, so if the capacity is not needed, regularly, it is turned off by the body.

The roots are the most important part of the tree. We’ll look if it is true for humans as well…

truth valueCan humans be grafted to expand what they can do?

In spite of all the novels I have read about enhanced physical performance… all grafting-like human interventions, I would say that grafting doesn’t change how the whole tree or whole human will behave.

The Syracuse professor carefully selected the root stock to make sure the whole tree will do well in the climate of the Northeast… or whatever other area he created these multi-fruit trees. Tolerant to certain soil, amount of water, etc.

And although the buds of the different fruit trees grafted into the base tree make it look very different, down inside, on the root level each tree had a certain character… just like humans do.

The big difference is that humans can turn on capacities in the DNA through sustained effort.

In my experience this is a rather painful experience, because the person needs to confront their lack of capacity… and the behavior enabled by the new capacity is very uncomfortable.

I am saying this from my own experience. Experience shared is in essence a person’s explanation of what is happening, 99% of the time inaccurate.

Now, back to the original question: why Henry Ford’s statement is 93% untrue:

Unless the activity you are looking at needs abilities you have, abilities you can build skills upon, you are not going to be able to win at the activity. Doing it so-so, yeah, maybe you can.

But do it well, be excellent at it, no… for that you first need to have the root level DNA capacity or capacities get activated.

There are two known ways to this:

1. an outside circumstance forces you to ‘grow wings’ in a way. The pressure is tremendous, it is life or death… and you either come through or you don’t

My father sprouted his spiritual capacities this way. I was born with his 30 capacities… and added 20 to them in the past 35 years… through the second method.

2. I set out tasks for myself, tasks that were uncomfortable, painful even, and I gave myself no back door… I created my own do or die scenario… in my head.

The hero program uses this method… combined with the third method that I used to open up one capacity for myself: the capacity to plan, formulate, before I swing into action. We’ll see if this capacity will also enable me to create bite size assignments in my courses… I haven’t tested that yet.

This third method is creating a daily practice to accomplish something… and if needed, if I can identify what capacity is needed but missing, support it with DNA capacity activation.

But before anyone can succeed in the Hero program, we’ll need to learn how to create new habits, kill bad habits, and change habits.

Tomorrow’s mini workshop is about that… habits. It’s at 2 pm New York time… and will be approximately 3 hours. It is an online workshop, of course. You can use your desktop, or your smart phone if you have the gotowebinar app installed on it.

When your register, you are taken to my mobile app where I have some goodies that you can consume to prepare yourself mentally to the workshop.

I’ll pull the plug at 1 pm… so I won’t have any surprises.

I’ll make this workshop mandatory for people who want to be in the HERO program… after all if you are not able or not willing to change your habits, the HERO program can’t do it on its own.

Enroll in the Habits webinar

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