If lack of self-trust hinders you…

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self-trustCan’t trust? Don’t trust? It hinders you in life?

If it were obvious everybody would be doing it…

Everyone is blocked in some way… we are all different, unique, and yet… stretching can keep everyone flexible… in spite of our differences.

And so is with capacities…

My personal journey with capacities can teach you something.

I didn’t go directly for any capacity. I didn’t know about DNA and activation, I just knew the lack of capacity intimately, kinesthetically.

For example, the 7 in my numerology/soulcorrection makeup makes me not trust. Not myself, not others… although I’ve always trusted others more than I trusted myself.

Russian bounce back dollSo instead of going directly for trust… I saw I had no direct access. So I looked what it is that I wanted… and what I wanted is this: that when something normally stopped me, it would stop me only a little bit, and then I would bounce back… Like the Russian standup doll. (Roly poly?)

I had one of those as a child. My father bought it for me, and I admired it. You could throw it, you could even stand it on its head, and it would straight itself.

So I decided that I could be like that doll:

Bounce back.

I really decided. It wasn’t just an idea, it was a decision. Decision means: cut off the alternative. And I did… And I am still that bounce back Russian doll… even though I am neither Russian, nor a doll… lol.

So when my client and student asked me to help her turn on the trust capacity, we had an exchange of emails… and I think you can benefit from it… in two ways.

1. If you have a trust issue, then directly
3. If you have any other issues, you can see that direct access may be not effective… so you can find the scenic route, and/or ask me to help you find a scenic route… and have an experience of causing your own DNA capacity to turn on: experience your own power.

OK, keep those two in mind as you read this email exchange.

Preamble: The problem with life is that it’s complex… while our thinking is simplistic…

this seems to be a fundamental issue, not just a few, but nearly everyone goes and does what H.L. Mencken famously said: For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.

For example TRUST.


I would like to know how to begin to learn trust. What can I do to see what it looks and feels like.

I wonder what I can do to experience that and then be able to strengthen it as well.


self-trust bouncing backinstead of trust, may I suggest ‘bounce back’?

That is the path I took when I needed to learn to trust.

Bounce back is a version of trust: where you can see whatever happens, however deep you may go, you can bounce back…

And surprisingly, when you have that, you don’t go that deep into anything, frustration, anger, despair, sadness, anything.

having trust as a rigid rule or structure won’t work for you, it will just be a should…

but bounce back, being that Russian doll that always straightens itself was my visual for myself, and it worked famously

I will turn on the TRUST capacity for you only when you won’t need it… because you can bounce back.

Followup question:

I think that is a good plan. I will practice bouncing back. So when I get consumed by a negative feeling, I look for a way to get to ‘neutral?’

Answer 2:

no. that is not the way it goes…

you need to practice, physically, being bouncy… both in your body and in your mind… it is a beingness

going back to neutral is not bouncy.

you can bounce in your seat, in bed, in walking… any time… it makes who you ae bouncy… and you carry that over, as confidence that you can bounce back from anything. Any set back, any insult, any emotion, any disappointment, etc.


Somebody can give you the key to a solution, and like any help, it will get you in, but will not empower you.

And if there is anything you really need in life: that is power… Empowerment means: giving you all the power.

If and when you can tease that door open on your own: you are empowered… and suddenly you have more things open than just that one door: you have a glimpse at the methodology to everything.

Yeah. to EVERYTHING you want.

If you need help, I am here. Easiest and fastest: come to one of my office hour calls. More expensive, and I may have a waiting list: pay for a private call.

In the meantime you may want to find out what is YOUR linchpin missing capacity…

I’ll muscle test it for you using the Bach Flower energies… The Bach profile.

If you don’t know, then I can’t help you…

Get your Bach Diagnostic Profile
PS: Is self-trust the same thing as self-confidence?

No. Trust is something you can give without any evidence that it is well-placed. It is like an advance… But without trust none of life works well.

Self-confidence, on the other hand, is only valid if you have a track record that shows that in fact you can and likely will succeed in the area where you need self-confidence.

If you think you can but have never tried and succeeded in something similar, then it is overconfidence… which is a form of delusion, the sign of low intelligence.

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