Interrupt the patterns that keep you stuck

pattern interruptThe other day, during the Integrity Workshop, the urgent sound of police sirens attempted to interrupt the flow of the workshop: every fiber of my being wanted to run to the front room window to find out what happened…

Anything to break the monotony of living an a hill, at the dead part of a dead end street… in the midst of a pandemic. I am nosy to a fault.

I am known to get easily bored… and I interrupt you if you drone on.

interrupt the boring patternBoring is not a what, it’s a how.

Boring is how you say what could be said in an interesting way. So I interrupt…

You and millions, hey probably billions of others use language in a boring, predictable way, and so do authors…

My favorite authors are my favorite not because they tell a good story, but they delight with their language. If they don’t make me laugh… I don’t want to read it. This is probably why I hate nonfiction… bore me to distraction.

That play with words is one reason why sitcoms can glue you to the screen: the bantering, turns of language are delighting to parts of your brain, they tickle it… and you laugh.

It’s a learned skill… a skill one of my students is both learning and hoping to teach.

Behind your left ear are two brain gates: Broca and Wernicke. Broca is the gate keeper, and ‘she’ mostly blocks what is being heard… unless it’s interesting: unusual turns of phrases, rhythm, dramatic. Wernicke is the master of words.

Boring? Your ears hear the words, but your brain has already disengaged and it’s daydreaming.

You may have trained your brain to only pay attention when the speaker uses big words…

  • I have a student like that… she checks out 70% of the time… Her Broca doesn’t listen for useful, it only listens for dramatic, bombastic, using words infinite, wonder, magnanimous and such… And if you look at her life… she drops the ball on practical… probably can’t see them either.

She, if she wants to live a full life, will need to retrain her Broca to be more down to earth…

  • I also have a student who pontificates with big words… in her case the words are used to make herself sound bigger… but they backfire… too many big words make her boring… because Broca wants different…

Those two relate to language like some relate to food: they think having fried chicken, or rib eyed steak, or Beef Wellington for every meal will be wonderful… but we all want variety even in our eating, but even more in our listening. Sometimes simple, other times fancy…

  • I had a conversation with a man who was diagnosed to have kidney cancer and prostate cancer.

Muscle test says he has neither. He just has to pee a lot. Is there anything wrong with peeing a lot? Not a whit! You get up in the middle of the night and you pee, go back to bed and continue sleeping…

Unless you think there is something wrong with it… and then instead of sleeping you ruminate, worry, and keep yourself awake.

The doctor, like all the others, gave him something to worry about.

My mother used to say to me when i was crying: Keep on crying and I’ll give you something to cry about! add threatening voice… So I cried louder. lol.

90% of your problems are manufactured… and if you have trained your BROCA to only listen to lies that are soothing, or lies that justify your worries, or lies that justify your self-justification… you live in lala land.

I had a conversation with another man, and yes, I like conversations… I want more of it!

Anyway, this dude argued that he is going to have five thousand dollars a month by focusing on wanting it.

When I asked, he has nothing to offer in exchange for five thousand dollars a month, can’t even think of anything. But he doesn’t think he needs any value to give in exchange, it will just come to him.

He also believes that our previous president (or any recent presidents for that matter) were going to make America great again. He believes that all Democrats are a satanic cult eating Christian children for desert. That and a million fairy tales… all putting his shrinking intellect to sleep… all hypnotic talks, all making him a gamma.

language centers brocaHow do you retrain your Broca…

…so that you can become a self-directing human again (of course only if you have been that ever before. If not, I wonder what you are doing on my site… ugh.)

I recommend that you pay attention to the patterns of speaking in what you hear… Are they trying to shock you? Put you to sleep, ease your burden, resolve you from all responsibility, entice you, excite you, make you feel good about yourself, agree with your self-justification, and many more manipulative and dishonest selling techniques, all designed to relegate you to gamma.

Yesterday I was asked to measure personal vibration and truth value for a list of people by a new client.

So far every single one of them has mastered only one skill, the skill of duping you, the skill of putting you into a hypnotic state…

Hypnotic in a way, because they relieve from the burden of driving your own life, to be cause, to be fully and wholly responsible for what belongs to you.

It seems that these ‘healers’ fit in with the current culture that want to turn you into a puppet… just the way Aldous Huxley imagined the future to be. Healers, doctors, lawyers, politicians, law-makers, peddlers of goods…

To learn what pattern of thinking, what pattern of emotions, behavior you are stuck in, I muscle test people against a bunch of energies, we call Bach Energies fashioned after famed British doctor, Edward Bach who created the original Bach Flower System with 38 energies.

I have been expanding the list, because the 38 doesn’t cover all patterns that can hold you hostage… And they do hold you hostage, no doubt about that.

If I can’t find a matching ‘flower’ in the energies I already have, I’ll research until I find it… so it may take some time for me to find it…

But for most people the currently available 45 will help me pinpoint it fast.

Why is this useful?

You can’t break a habit, thinking habit, behavioral habit, attitude that you can’t see clearly, and it is very hard to see the back of your head… isn’t it? So the Bach Profile serves as a mirror… Once you see it, you can change it, get coaching to support you, get some energetic support… But if you can’t see it, you can’t catch it, can you?

When I discovered, some 20 years ago, that my main pattern was to suddenly lose hope… go limp dick in a second, Gentian flower, I devised a strategy to counter it.

The little voice says: ‘It will never work… you’ll never make it… you’ll look ridiculous… you just need to quite now!

To which I answer: It ain’t necessarily so! And 93% of the time I actually manage to continue and succeed with what I had lost hope about.

Another move I have is to say:

I’ll do what there is to do no matter how I feel…

When I look, the two main drivers are fear and pride. I am mostly driven by pride… Most people are driven by fear… Both are deadly if not recognized and tamed.

I measure three energies in the Bach Profile

  • Your typical reaction you have to the world not giving you what you want.
  • Right underneath the complaint is what you try to be but are not successful at.
  • What is you linchpin, the main blockage or bottleneck or issue:

These questions can be answered either with the emotional reaction or with the ‘flower’

  • for me the emotional reactions are in the order of the questions: anger, pride, resignation.
  • in terms of flower energies: Holly, Peacock (Monkshood flower), and Gentian

Do you see how it works?

You’ll have a lot more clarity with your Bach profile in hand.

Get your Bach Profile

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “Interrupt the patterns that keep you stuck”

  1. My latest “helpful phrase” for myself has been “can’t and don’t want to are not the same thing” I’ve used that one for a while now and it’s helped me I think.
    Ex. I can clean the litter box, but I don’t want to. So…”Ignore butt, move body.” (I just thought of that last part. I give myself bonus Jayme-Points when I make myself laugh ?)

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