I am not ready! What if I choose the wrong path?

what if monsterWhat if? Let’s look at it, shall we?

You see, the ‘mind’ is only concerned with future… while it squarely looks at the past. Yeah, the mind looks in the direction of the future, but it looks at the rear view mirror…

And it makes its decisions from the past, past failures, past track record, past mistakes, past pains and punishments.

Moreover, the mind is only interested in the bad stuff… it wants to protect you from it.

I have a track record of 70% good decisions, and I can see what the mind is doing: it looks straight at the 30%… not at the good decisions.

what if I choose the wrong business?Most people have a worse track record than me, I say, but in truth I have never actually measured it. Just from the screaming inner voice of ‘I am not ready!’ I assume that all the mind sees is the big bad decisions you have made in the past.

  • Wrong spouse? Turned out to be a dud, turned out to be not supportive, turned out to be a disappointment?
  • Wrong profession?

Lots of wrong turns in life? Hanging out with the wrong crowd? Barely missing going to jail? Having no skills, no profession, no visible obvious future other than more of the same?

what if I make mistakes?Yeah… Self confidence looks into your track record, and it doesn’t find a lot of reasons to be very confident.

I am empowered by the idea to help people who up to something to lay down new tracks… tracks as in track record…

But like with anything new the beginnings are treacherous.

  • You can start building tracks in the wrong direction
  • You can start going too fast, and hurt yourself, or burn out.
  • You can start with the wrong mindset, where all you experience is being in the gap… not where you want to be.
  • You can start and give birth to a dead future… if you don’t spend enough time to look before you leap.

My teacher, Sean D’Souza has a great podcast episode where he says: don’t start a business, start a project.

But this is true for anything… starting a profession, starting a relationship, starting a diet, starting anything big enough to matter.

I started this business, yourvibration.com, as a search engine optimization project.

It was a throwaway domain. I had no idea what vibration was supposed to mean. But I needed a catchy well searched idea, and I found that people liked reviews.

what if you go too far?So I wrote a short review about people, courses, programs, I knew. I had not future in mind other than getting visitors to my ‘real site’… which was almost totally unrelated.

The project took off on its own, generating thousands upon thousands of visitors… and I said: hm… what can I do with this? Is there a new direction in there?

And if you look carefully, I do little projects almost weekly, to see what catches people’s attention, what kind of people, and ask the same question: is there a new direction in there?

I risk only a few hours of work… I wait for the world to tell me what they are willing to pay for. what they find valuable, I don’t tell the world, I don’t shove it down its throat.

This approach almost never rouses the mind to look in the past and start talking about certain failure. Or conversely it doesn’t do ra-ra… ‘of course you’ll succeed.’

So my attitude is: we shall see… I am confident that if people like it, I can take it further and develop it into a success. But I am not fond of ra-ra, you can do it, b.s. like many are… And when I look at them, they live on the other end-point of the gap: in the imagined point B… Also miserable.

B, the goal point, is tricky. Its essence is not the resulting money, weight, success, fame, whatever you saw when you set it, it really is a WHO.

what if I am already perfect?The WHO that can only evolve as a result of every step you needed to take to get from A to B. Just like T. Harv Eker said: It is not the millions, it is who I needed to become to have that.

  • If you think you already are that, then you live in lala land… you probably won’t do anything you say… because you are not engaging with reality: you wear a distorting, delusion producing lens in front of your eyes.
  • If you think you can’t become that, then you live in the past, and you think that the past determines the future, and ditto: you’ll never become that… because you won’t even start, or if you start, you’ll quit soon after.

So, let’s look again what are the conditions that help you get from A to B… and if one is missing, what can you do?

—One condition that is well-known: there has to be a strong inner desire to become that…

What makes the desire strong?

to move is to make mistakesYour upbringing has a lot to do with it.

If you are a mama’s boy, meaning your mother protected you, did things for you that you should have done yourself, if you could be rescued by your mother, then your track record says: you don’t have to do squat…

But can you emerge from that sissy boy, weakling upbringing and become a MAN? Muscle test says yes, so the question is ‘how?’

Dan Millman’s book, The Life You Were Born To Live is a useful resource for me: it has an actions list after every main number (1-0), that often helps me and guides me how to coach someone who is seemingly incorrigible.

Here are the main numbers from that book—on a separate page so you can just read that and find that when you need it.

How do you calculate your numbers? You take your date of birth, and add up all the digits… so 10 becomes 1, 11 becomes 2, 19 becomes 10… you’ll end up with a two digit number. it has the two digits and also the sum total of those… so you’ll have three numbers. Those are your main numbers… this is MY system.

My date of birth is 9/4/1947…

the sum total of the digits is 34 (soul correction number), so my main numbers are 3-4-7

Here is another example: 11/19/1973

soul correction number: 32 (Memories)
main numbers: 3-2-5

The instructions in the following, for 3, 2, and 5 are helping me to give little assignments to the person with that numerical vibration/soul correction so they can become all they can become.

So what should you do if you have an issue similar to the person whose mind said: ‘I am not ready’?

Find your numbers, and start doing some of the actions that are easiest for you to perform.

Please remember that the most important elements of any planning are

know accurately where you are at
know accurately where you want to get to

Both are difficult, and most likely you’ll need someone, a second pair of eyes, to help you make sense of the whirling, swirling ideas… to make sense, to create order from chaos.

That is the most difficult thing to do.

Most people hate chaos, so they don’t look at it, and start narrowing their cone of vision to the degree that all they can see is a very narrow sliver of reality: inside and out.

So they avoid chaos, and they avoid life, growing, living fully, full self-expression… they reduce their world to have to deal with less chaos.

I recommend gently enlarging your world, and have a guide to help you make sense… so you can create order in the midst of chaos, to make you the eye of the storm.

In the upcoming Saturday webinar we’ll attempt to take a large step in that direction: finding out where you are at, and creating a purpose that will allow you to make sense of your world.

Priceless. If further work is needed, I’ll schedule further webinars… we shall see.

Let’s create order from chaos

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