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late to the party realityOne person who I often trust sent me an email with a link to a video. Must watch, he said.

I watched, so far, an hour and 20 minutes… I rarely can tolerate anything longer.

Then I read the comments… and was (was I really?) surprised, appalled, and then confused by the comments.

The video was a lecture of an MD-scientist who was talking about what interests most of us most: what the F… is really happening?!

Reality. Reality is happening and we have no idea what it is… we see something, other people see something else… what is real, what is made up?

late to the partyLife is like a party. We arrived late. We don’t know the rules…

No one else does because everyone arrived late. The party started a long long time ago… Grrr.

I don’t read female authors… as a rule. And like any rule, this rule was also made to be broken.

After every 20 or so books I read, I read a book written by a woman, and so far I have read mostly good books with only a few appalling exceptions.

Those, the bad books were co-written with some woman and an author I follow… It is like I would allow some up and coming nobody to write my articles, pretending to be me. Would you be pissed? I was. Aaaaangry! Felt cheated, duped, and hateful.

Am I a misogynist person? Do I hate women?

No, not really. I hate linear thinking, linear story-telling, and shallowness. I hate obvious turns of language, all these make story reading not enjoyable.

It seems to me that reading is my hobby. My main tool of recreation. How I weather the pandemic, how I weather isolation, how I weather living in a world that is not to my liking. I read.

My number one requirement of an author is to have deep thinking. Number two: to be able to hold two opposing thoughts and opinions, and not drop either. Number three: be able to have a twist or two that delights either my Broca, or my sensibilities.

I don’t like surprises in life, but I love them in stories.

Best of these surprising turns author, thus far, is Matthew Iden… masterful, in fact. His novella, The Kindness of Neighbors, short easy read, made me not want to read anything else lest it spoils the pleasant shocked feeling it created…

And the book by… surprise, a female author about a female attorney. It managed to surprise me and teach me about inner worlds. Better than most of the male author books: females have a stormier inner world than males do… Even I do… even though I don’t much think like a woman… I think… lol.

A woman’s inner world is like a kaleidoscope, with even the slightest shake the picture changes, sometimes dramatically.

To experience it is no fun… it’s like living in tug of war… or swimming in piranha infested water where the piranhas take out big chunks of you… Nice picture, eh?

So teaching or coaching a woman is very different from coaching a man… Although men who had a very close relationship with their moms, the mama’s boys, are more like females in this regard.

I experience those stormy, rapidly changing emotions, but I don’t pay much attention to them, because I don’t consider my emotions a true reflection of reality.

One of the measures in the Starting Point Measurements, 26. To what degree you honor your emotions as reality? %

The higher the number the less astute, the less accurate the life decision will be…


I have decided to create a foundational home study course to answer these questions.

We were born into a world that was already going, and you were supposed to know how things work, and the same happened to your parents, to your teachers, to everyone.

late to this party called realityBecause the rules of engagement, the underlying rules and dynamics are not displayed anywhere, and therefore everyone, literally everyone tries to make it in a world where you are clueless.

Every hundred years some dude decides that he knows, and then hundreds of books are written about it, all seemingly make sense of the world, but all are simplistic and wrong.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. ~ H.L. Mencken

It really doesn’t matter if the problem is a biological, societal, psychological, or ontological… what he said, this Mr. Mencken is true: the answer cannot be simple and clear…

late arriving to the partyAnd whoever says it is must have pedestrian thinking, shallow, and linear.

I have learned from people who tried to make practical sense of philosophers, and who tested the ideas…

And then, being an empath… a kind of Seer… having Source as my mentor, I took it further.

The system, at this point, is 70% accurate, while the prevailing knowledge, what other people/companies teach is at best 30% accurate… and the most popular schools of ‘knowledge’, like that attraction people’s stuff is 7% accurate.

And because without actually having a sound and accurate foundation to view your inner and outer world from, you’ll navigate the world, navigate life from the cave… where only the shadows of reality are visible.

  • Does being more intelligent than the average bear help? Muscle test says: no. Only accurate seeing does.
  • Does being willing to work harder help? No…
  • Does getting an education help? Somewhat… but it really depends on what kind of education… Medical doctors get a 10% accurate education, and only in their field, everywhere else they are clueless… Same for psychologists, teachers, engineers, accountants…

One reason is: the knowledge base of everything is at around 10% for humanity.

And ‘education’, unless it teaches you to think, to become a thinking person, doesn’t help. In areas not included in the ‘education’ you are not more knowledgeable than the average bear. Health, wealth, relationships, navigating the emotional bear traps… Yeah, those. Morality, conscience, laws, decency, dignity, generosity, sharing, support, and a thousand different areas of life.

Can you buy the foundational course now? No… not really.

You can sign up to the notification list… and I’ll send you goodies, when I have any. Old recordings I find very useful, or I can answer your questions… maybe even write an article to answer you. But only if you sign up to the notification list.

Why? Because I reward good behavior… I know how it sounds, but let go… it takes courage to say you are interested, and that is good behavior in my book.

Secondly: if I don’t see enough interest, I won’t use my time I could fill with reading books, with creating a course for you… a course that can have as many or more than 20 mini-modules.

Will it be expensive? I don’t plan to make it expensive… no. I really would like everyone to have it, because without these foundational knowledge elements everything I say is largely useless to you.

nothing changes if nothing changesAnd when nothing changes… hell, nothing changes.

And If you really look, you are not a happy camper, are you?

Consider that the reason you are not a happy camper is only because there is something you don’t know, or more accurately, what you know just isn’t so.

I may deliver both the course and the goodies in my ‘social lair’… a forum-like program I am just checking out…

The more accurate knowledge you gain, the happier camper you’ll become. You’ll notice a shift both in your feelings and in your behavior… because your behavior is always in a perfect reflection of what you see. What you SEE will alter. Slowly. It is not an at once phenomenon. It’s a lot of tiny adjustments to how you view the world, the inner and outer word.

The first goody will arrive shortly after you sign up… where I teach reality… what it is and what it definitely isn’t… even though you have always thought it was.

OK, send me an email request… You may be invited to the lair… after a few days. Remember: this is a waiting list…

PS: with regards to that video I talk about: I am putting it on my mobile app… mainly for myself, but if you have my app, you’ll have access to it, I’ll make it unprotected, and put it in the Free Stuff folder. I’ll send the link to the people who sign up to the waiting list as soon as the video uploads. It is big. And although it is on a mobile phone app, now it has a desktop version, where you can see the videos full size, which is a problem on the mobile phone.

PPS: ever since this current state began in March last year, I haven’t been able to get a yes answer from Source. Source should know if such an illness exists… and it refuses to know. Why? only natural illnesses are illnesses… Huh? Starting to get interested? Yeah… head to my mobile app…

PPPS: Two more days to sign up to the Vision and Purpose workshop

Vision and Purpose

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