What Is Healing? Making You Feel Better, Is That Healing?

what is healing? More about healing

Making you feel better, providing relief from suffering, making you happier… are these healing?

We can argue till the cows come home. You say yes, I say no.

My definition of healing is a complete return to the original design in a certain area of the body.

Let’s say you have frequent fever blisters. It is caused by a virus.

You put ointment on it. You change your eating or life style habits, and for months, maybe even years, you are symptom free.

But according to my definition, you are not healed.

Healing would be that there would be no virus in your body. None. No virus hiding, dormant, or active.

What would need to happen for that to be true?

  1. You would need to get lots of energy in your body on the historic level and on the present level by connecting long and often to Source.
  2. The mindset associated with viruses is a victim mindset, why me, things are done to me, etc. Most everybody has it, it seems normal, but it isn’t. It is a way to meet life with a built in excuse.

    Unless that mindset is wiped out on the history level, 6,000 years and 600 generations, you will be always susceptible to viruses.

  3. The immune system needs to be well… that is another task for the history level repair. The immune system needs to be able to recognize, identify, and eliminate any virus attacks in the future.

    This means it can’t be overloaded with getting your body rid of poisons in the food, water, environment, recreational drugs.

    It needs sufficient rest.

    It needs no interference through drugs that “relieve it” from its work, like drugs doctors prescribe or you can get over the counter.

  4. No mindset that weakens the body… like the mindset of the world, the collective, the gossip, the doom sayers, the corporate climbers, the backstabbers, the fault-finders, the judgmentals, the reformers, resistors, critiques….

You see that for you to heal, a lot needs to happen. The good news is that frequent connection, and activations of capacities will naturally remove you from the harmful behaviors and environments without you having to make drastic changes or use will power you don’t currently have.

You can also see, that superficial things that don’t address the seed level, root level, the history level of the problems will not be able to cause healing. Making you feel a little relieved, maybe. Temporarily.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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