What Is Healing? Making You Feel Better, Is That Healing?

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Making you feel better, providing relief from suffering, making you happier… is that healing?

We can argue till the cows come home. You say yes, I say no.

My definition of healing is a complete return to the original design in a certain area of the body.

Let’s say you have frequent fever blisters. It is, maybe, caused by a virus.

You put ointment on it. You change your eating or life style habits, and for months, maybe even years, you are symptom free.

But according to my definition, you are not healed.

Healing would be that there would be no virus, or whatever causes those fever blisters, in your body. None. Nothing hiding, dormant, or active.

What would need to happen for that to be true?

  1. You would need to get lots of energy in your body.
  2. The mindset associated with fever blisters is a victim mindset, why me?, things are done to me!, etc. Most everybody has that mindset. It seems normal, but it isn’t. It is a way to meet life with a built in excuse. Unless that mindset is wiped out, you will be always susceptible to diseases that look to colonize you.
  3. Your immune system needs to be well…  The immune system needs to be able to recognize, identify, and eliminate any attacks in the future. This means it can’t be overloaded poisons in the food, water, environment, recreational drugs, preservatives, and foodlike substances in prepared food. You immune system needs sufficient rest. It needs no interference through drugs that ‘relieve it’ from its work, like drugs doctors prescribe or you can get over the counter.
  4. No worldview that weakens the body… like the mindset of the world, the collective, the gossip, the doomsayers, the corporate climbers, the backstabbers, the fault-finders, the judgmentals, the reformers, resistors, critiques, or the religions, whether the religion is in some deity or some idea, like communism, or some people deserve more than others.

You see that for you to heal, a lot needs to happen.

The good news is that frequent connection to Source, activation of capacities especially the capacity of responsibility will naturally remove you from the harmful behaviors and environments through returning you to personal power.

You can also see, that superficial things that don’t address the seed level of the problems will not be able to cause healing. Making you feel a little relieved, maybe. Feel better. Temporarily.

In yesterday’s class we looked at how you developed a worldview around age three where you considered that you have the right to take away from others… and that worldview hasn’t changed, it is just hidden.

Some people act on it more than others, but it is the dominant and hidden worldview of nearly every person on the planet… no matter what they pretend… People even hide it from themselves…

That worldview, ‘desire to receive for the self alone’ or said in another way: wanting and maybe even taking what belongs to another, as if it were your right, while pretending that you are good is what creates the ‘space’ for disease.

Until and unless you at least work on that aspect of your worldview, no healing can happen… only feeling better.

That worldview where wanting, desiring is enough to believe that it is yours, it can be yours, and believe that if someone else has it, that is enough reason to hate them. Envy, and greed.

Not accidentally the 10 commandments from the Old Testament are all to urge you to become the human being the Original Design meant you to become.

The false interpretations of ‘faith’ people have relegated those commandments to morality…

But ultimately if you want to live in the thousand years of peace, at peace with yourself and at peace with others, those are the ‘rules of the game.’

If I were to add one more commandment, that would be to endeavor to earn what you want by being productive. Producing value. Or you’ll be a parasite violating every single commandment.

I wrote most of this article 11 years ago… Before I was gifted the Water Energizer audio.

And obviously, 11 years ago I didn’t know about coherence…

I am not selling the Water Energizer at this time… for reasons of my own.

But as long as your body is in survival mode, your whole self is in survival mode.

Physical and spiritual need to be in step… to be well.

Find out where you are at, physically and spiritually.

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