Carrot or Stick? How to win at promises you make to yourself

new year resolutionsWe all know this, it is too common to think that you don’t have it.

You find yourself attracted to some kind of project. Maybe a new habit, or an exercise regimen.
It feels like a done deal: it is all yours. Done deal, it is in the bag… and then you wake up one morning, maybe as soon as next day, and all the inspiration is gone, and you are back to being pedestrian. Plus feelings, like shame, confusion, of puzzlement.

discarded-todo-listOur promises are predictably this way. We break them.

Maybe they last a few days, a few weeks. But the inspiration that brought them on disappears almost as fast as it comes. It came from thin air, and it disappears into the same place, into thin air.

We all deal with this but normally we are on our own with our shame.

I’ve taken it on myself to teach people how to raise their vibration and live their life on a higher level than before, I need to deal with this with you.

getting-fatterBecause unless you can break through an invisible yet powerful barrier, you will never experience that you have grown, that your life has become meaningful.

Lots of coaching companies talk about your negative beliefs, but I don’t believe it is really negative beliefs that can be or should be blamed.

Other companies have come up with inventing yourself as someone who can do all, be all… but their results are as short-lived as any. You get a good 24 hours every time you do a course…but life is lived outside of those 24 hours, and they hurt more in the contrast to the 24 great hours.

I have tested different approaches, and now I am ready to test yet another one. I’ll make it a course, but I’ll test some stuff out on free webinars as has been my habit for a few years now.

calvin-hobbesFor most you you, the issue is:

will you live like an expanding human being, will you start doing what expresses who you are in the world? Or will you just coast and whither away…

Carrot and stick is the code word for this method.

Back in 2013-2014 I did ten free Stick and Carrot webinars.

This webinar series talked about this whole idea of failed dreams. It explored some of the reasons I knew about, and worked with one or two people on the calls to overcome it.

I was in touch with those one or two, to see if what we did on the call has overcome the forces that normally take you out of the game.

Attendance was free, but you needed to be on time. Latecomers were  removed, unless previously cleared. Only regular students could be cleared from being late.

Participation was mandatory, no lurkers.

It was tough… I remember people revolting… Tough sh*t…

Here is the link to get access to the replays. Once you pay, you’ll get registered on the membership site where the recordings sit… Get the replays of the carrot and stick webinars.

Find out why you don’t do what you said you’d do
At the worst you’ll see why you can’t ever keep your word, why you can’t be consistent and tenacious, why, if you continue the same way, you end up where you are heading: your life won’t amount to much.

You don’t take the stick seriously: you don’t experience the pain… Or some nasty stuff… like you are too good to have to work for your results. Or lying is as good as doing, having… or the world is your bitch… or some other nasty stuff.

The truth will set you free, but first, let’s hope, it will piss you off.

Some of you won’t even get pissed off by the truth… you’ll get pissed off at me… If that’s you, maybe you shouldn’t stay a student…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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