It’s completely predictable. It always happens without fail.

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predictableIt wasn’t always… It is getting worse… In my generation, in my country of origin… in my ethnicity it wasn’t predictable…

But America… it is. In California: it is. In the South: it is. In New York: it isn’t. In England: it isn’t. In South Africa: it isn’t. In Canada: it is.

What is it? What is that predictable thing?

don't be so predictableWhenever I say anything that even hints on you not being perfect, you not being good, you god forbid needing to change anything about you or your behavior… you don’t even want to read it.

It’s a cultural phenomenon: society, your family, everyone is working feverishly on making you point the fingers at other people, at government, at a common enemy, at your health, at the food manufacturers, at an illness… everywhere except you.

Why is that? Because when your fingers are positioned outward you are going to look for solutions or fixes outside of you… and guess what? You’ll buy something… an ideology, a product, a course, a cure… You’ll work your fingers to the bone (if you do) to pay for all the stuff that fixes all the outside factors that make you feel bad, bad about yourself, make you not be happy, not achieve your dreams, not be able to sleep, not be healthy, or whatever else keeps you from the good life.

But the culture, society, your family, are all brainwashed… and suffering themselves… by now it’s a machine.

If you feel powerless then you’ll shop.

Even though you only feel powerless because your fingers are pointing outward.

Everything anybody says seems to blame you, and then I come along and do the same thing!

But if you listen a little more attentively: I am here to give you power, while others are there to rob you of your power.

How do I do that?

I have already said what others do: they tell you to buy something that fixes what is wrong with the outside world, or your health… or your marriage, and guess what? They say: what you buy will fix that.

So who has the power? What has the power?

Of course the outside… after all that is what causes your bad feelings, your lack of this or lack of that.

And your role is to move, fix, get out of the way, do something different, more, better, and different.

Which means those others say: you are not the cause, you have no power other than to react and fix. And, of course, complain.

Yell, demonstrate, scream, attack the enemy.

But what do people do who feel good about themselves? Where is their attention, where do their fingers point?

Hm… how would you know… right?

Their fingers point at where the real power is: at themselves. And so they expend their energy where it makes a difference, where it can work: on themselves.

No one has taught you this before, or if they did… you never learned it. Because your fingers are still pointed outward…

In my Inner Authority/Personal Authority course I teach how to use your fingers to assist you in finally reach the source of your power: yourself.

Or your Self… if you prefer.

Where everyone else is just noise. The economy: just noise. Covid: just noise. Family: noise too. Advertising, commentaries, politics: noise noise noise.

The ultimate goal of this process is to teach you to be as powerful as you are willing to be… and use that power in harmony with your inner guidance, so you can feel good, feel good about yourself, even if you don’t like what is going on in the world. And you probably won’t… But you’ll use your power where it matters… not where it doesn’t.

What are you going to find when you get through this? I don’t know, but won’t it be interesting to find out?

I can only share with you my experience, or what others experienced.

A deep inner silence… Contentment. Peace. A rightness. No urges, no fixing, no tension. And full power to create what you intend to create… if you want to create.

the dividing line is responsibilityTo the degree you learn to direct your fingers and to use your power to that same degree you’ll have what I am describing in the paragraph above.

To the degree, I say, because, of course, I can’t give you that… only you can give yourself that.

I can’t change you. I can’t change anything about you… but YOU can.

One of the first things you can do is to welcome negative, bad feelings. They will be your most important guides to power.

Don’t like bad feelings? That is the point. They guide you away from the things you think, do, believe… so you can be free of them.

If you are too soft to welcome them: this work is not for you. If you are masterful at blocking them out: this work is not for you. If you want only positive things: this work is not for you.

And I go so far to ask you that you stop visiting my site, unsubscribe from my mailing list, and stop poisoning the well.

When you learn to appreciate the guidance of the bad feelings, they will come in short bursts, and once you learn what they are trying to say, slowly but surely they’ll go away…

map of emotionsAt this point I can recognize 44 bad feelings… My hunch is that that’s it…

We’ll go one-by-one, and look to see how we can remove the cultural foundation for them, so they can be a matter of the past.

You’ll be left with only a few that will need more profound work, the feelings that are part of your soulcorrection… and with those we’ll do work… we’ll attempt to tame them, but those will not permanently go away.

Why? because of the design of humans… because of the origin of the human soul.

But we’ll learn how to have power even over them… and start winning in life.

Most people I know don’t feel like winners… and they could be. But they don’t know how…

This program is to turn you into a winner… winner over your soulcorrection, winner over everything… and feel good about yourself.

I planned to do a free introductory session on Saturday, the day before Independence Day. I am moving it to Sunday… and I am OK with only non-American people attending…

I’ve scheduled another session for people who celebrate the 4th of July… and can’t attend, for Tuesday July 6 at 6 pm New York time.

The Inner Authority course will be on Sundays… No dates yet.

So if you are inclined to check out your bad feelings… and can come on Sunday or Tuesday,

If you register in the Inner Authority Course before Tuesday midnight, you can get an early bird discount. Use the coupon code INNER

Register in the introductory sessions here:

or when you are ready… go and check out the Inner Authority course

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