How to fight the rise of evil, how to be untouched by it?

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evil is risingThe rise of evil and what to do about it?

A student of mine sent me a link to a youtube video.

I put aside ego and watched it. The video was eye-opening.

It showed how someone’s worldview, value system can be shifted rapidly… within a few months or years. And how dangerous that is.

That the Trump era’s biggest accomplishment was/is that mass murder looks normal, and complimenting a woman on her dress or beauty looks outrageously aggressive, maybe even criminal.

That one character in the Harry Potter books, Remus, went to fight against the Dark Lord, the Dark hordes, and chose to left his pregnant wife home is the most horrid thing a character did in that saga.

Did you watch the video? Good… This article will attempt to knock you conscious (Just like the Big Bundle energy does!) and see what you can do in a world that has gone crazy.

evil is not only doing it but supporting itI have been teaching people to look in reality and take actions from it, allow it (reality) to inform their everything…

But I didn’t realize that if you listen to commentators, and I bet most of you do, even if those commentators don’t get paid to comment… everyone comments, you included…

So I didn’t realize to what degree people are infected. And didn’t realize that they have literally nothing to compare themselves, so they can’t see that they are infected.

What gets infected is your value order… not well said, I just don’t have a better way to say what I want yet.

So let me explain:

There is an order in the seemingly chaotic universe. It is very complicated, just slightly more complicated than a person.

So it is not possible for the human thinking,human perception to embrace its complexity.

But there is an order. And there is an order for Life, capital L… that doesn’t change by social systems, by ideology, it is Life-defined, not mind-defined.

valueWhether Robert Hartman had it correctly or not is not the question.

Robert Hartman spent his whole life trying to define good by looking at evil. The Anna Karenina method. He was a scientist.

According to Source, the order of values he set as the ‘divine order’ is 70% truth value.

Truth value is a comparison. Comparing the what someone says, thinks, teaches to what Source says is the truth. We could also call it the level of accuracy… but I’ll stick with truth value.

Because astutely distinguish what is what, their dynamics, takes perception and intelligence and accurate knowledge, people, in general, have a capacity to be 10% astute, but lacking the ingredients, perception, or intelligence, or accurate knowledge, one or all, their average take on what is happening is 1% astute.

Scientists are a little better: they can be as high as 10% astute.

But astuteness shouldn’t be confused with a value system… compared with the order of values that Source considers on the side of Life…

When you look at the two major ideologies in the United States, the ‘red’ ideology is on the side of Life to a degree of 1%, meaning on the side of Death, destruction, extinction 99%. The ‘blue’ ideology: don’t be surprised, is on the side of Life only 1% as well.

So no matter what side you identify with, you are against Life in your ideology 99%.

Where you want to be is not identification. You don’t want to get your worldview from ideologies. You want to get your worldview from reality.

Here is an analogy: plants, edible foods are good for humans… but when anyone, you or the food industry messes with it, it becomes not good for you. Toxic. carcinogenic, turning you into a monster.

Same with supplements. Same with water. Same with the air. And definitely same with what’s happening in the world.

And when you are already modified into a monster, you want more of the toxic food that turned you…

I once saw a movie where a scientist went to a remote part of the Earth to research an animal that lived on a certain plant. He ate some of that plant, and slowly became, genetically, part that animal, eating the plant, and attacking other humans and eating their brains.

And although that sounds ridiculous, if you replace that plant with political views, ideology, the movie is very accurate in that you stop being a human and slowly or fast become a monster, the enemy of humanity, the enemy of Life. You become all about you, your needs, your opinion, what you want, and what you don’t want.

If and when I look at your numbers in your Starting Point Measurements, in this process your numbers change.

I am observing a few people and their numbers.

The more someone interacts with the ‘news’, the worse their numbers become.

Their about-me score, their delusional ‘self’ score, their inspirable/inspired score, all their numbers get worse, including, of course their vibration and their intelligence.

One of the most revealing number is the cone of vision… It narrows and prevents the person from looking at any other worldview, so as to not interfere with their harmonious worldview, view of the world, view of what is right and what is wrong… and their hatred. Their demagogy.

So what can you do if you have already got caught up in this process of becoming a monster?

If you are still at a point before there is no return, the first step is to abstain… to withdraw, to go cold turkey with media.

The student who sent me the video is on the cusp. Can he still turn back? It is up to him. Can he resist the monstering process if he keeps on looking at and looking for others’ opinion and interpretation? No.

I would not trust myself… so I stay away. The moment I notice an opinion… I stop and start writing an article.

Like this one… triggered by a Reddit thread about characters in the Harry Potter saga… analyzed and criticized from… guess what, from an ideology.

What none of the commenters said: fighting the Dark is the number one job… beats staying with your pregnant wife hands down.

During the Second World War in Germany, people thought the same way… took care of themselves, and there was NO resistance, none. That millions of people were murdered in concentration camps, and the war, killing another 50 million people… that wasn’t the ordinary German’s concern… only what they personally gained or lost…

Low vibration.

The United States has always been divided… I guess that came from England, that was also divided…

I’ll say here my probably totally flawed take on it… I am not a historian… not at all…

The division, it seems to me, was between intellectuals and non-intellectuals. I muscletested several other foundations for division, like thinkers/non-thinkers, rationals/non-rationals… but Source said ‘no’.

When I talk to my ‘friend’, my Sunday call partner for 14 years, who is definitely 90% consumed by the ‘red’ propaganda, he has a hate, distrust of intellectuals that spews from him… so I guess Source knows best.

Watch that video, watch it many times if you need to, and resolve to take yourself out of the way of this deluge of evil.

Can you fight it directly? I don’t think so. But withdrawing from it, giving it none of your attention is active resistance… Resistance in being on the side of Life.

And if you need something to hate, if you need to fight something, fight your own evil… your self-centeredness, your inconsistency, your resistance to grow, your cowardice, your narcissism, your fakeness…

I’ll teach that in a class I call ‘Thrust away from…’ a method that is as personal to you as it can ever be…

Instead of facing what you want and being pulled back by all that inner ‘evil’, I teach to use the evil to propel you away from it… The more you use this method the clearer your vision becomes, the more aligned with Life you become, and at some point you’ll experience what you have always wanted: loving yourself and loving your life.


Going for what you think you want will leave the evil in place, allowing it to grow… And even if and when you get what you thought you wanted, the evil will be there… not allowing you to love yourself or love your life.

Some of the people I watch are rich and should be happy… but they aren’t. They are wretched… their lives are run by evil.

But we live, in America especially, we live in a weird, upside down world…

I just looked up the Bonnie and Clyde crime-duo who killed 13 people and yet are romanticized, and admired by millions.

Clyde Barrow was a scrawny little psychopath with jug ears and the sense of humor of a persimmon, cruel, egotistical, obsessive, vindictive, and so devoid of compassion that he appeared to care more for his machine gun and his saxophone than he did for the women in his life.

Bonnie Parker was 19 and married to an imprisoned murderer; Clyde was 21 and unmarried, but past a stint in prison where he got traumatized by the rapes and physical abuse he suffered by other men while serving his first prison sentence for robbery.

They didn’t give to the poor, like their public image said they did… no, they were sociopaths and psychopaths… pure and simple. The enemies of Life.

So you see, evil had fertile ground in the United States…

If you want to be an island of sanity, you need to pull out of the public conversation, and BE and island of sanity. If you want to be clean (do you?) then you need to renounce dirt. If you want to be good, you need to renounce evil.

You can pick what bad stuff can give you the push to start moving away from it… in that class, the Thrust away from class.

We still don’t have a time scheduled… But have enough participants to do the course any time.

Buy it or indicate interest
The format of the training is like a workshop… we’ll work on each participant, individually… while others listen in.

You can get individual support after the class in the Hero section… where you post your experiences, your questions, your thoughts.

If you do what I teach, you can get a value of thousands of dollars out of just the $40 course, and all the success and happiness you can achieve through the Hero program…

It is there… are you able and willing to consider this your life’s work? What is yours to do?

We shall see… said the blind man.

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