Are you one who has asked me to adjust your baby-genes?

Are you one who has asked me to adjust your baby-genes?

I get up in the morning and I have no idea what I am going to write about. None.

Sometimes my dreams hint, vaguely, what is maybe a direction, but dreams are clear as you see them, vague from the moment you open your eyes and reality seeps in and takes over.

I could go and see what I must write about, what I wrote about yesterday, but I am resistant to have-to’s, so I don’t…

I can see that lately I am not connecting to my readers… But I don’t know what exactly I am saying that has the power for people to say ‘nah, don’t want to read’ add frown, wrinkled nose, sign of disgust. Yours.

So this is where we are… So hell yeah, I don’t want to say what I should say, teach you, give you, lead you to the promised land… Obviously that is not what you want.

But what do you want? Add chuckling… Mine this time.

So I go to my trusty finger-on-the-pulse ‘thermometer’ called Reddit, to look and see.

Dude/dudette post a hand that is very wrinkled after washing the dishes for 20 minutes.

The first response: Dude, do you have cystic fibrosis?

And it follows a trillion responses where people jump on the bandwagon… Me too, my child too…

I am not mocking. I am observing.

Next: a student of mine, from the same country, mind you, emails me to tell me he is on bed-rest because he has angina.

Angina is a chest pain… Above the chest… Between the chest and the heart.

They give or used to give nitroglycerin tablets to ease it.

He is 27 years old.

sesame oil for plaque in your veinsI muscle test and his veins are full of gunk… Plaque. Bed-rest for angina is bad… Diet change, untoasted sesame oil, the Big Bundle, very mild exercise… Strolling… I say… But I am not a doctor.

And then came an email from someone who wanted to vent about Inelia Benz… Who is desperately trying to force people to join her tribe… All my words, so I might be wrong with my interpretations.

Is it possible that people are turning to health issues that make sense, that are tangible, instead of going into the invisible dynamics where they can’t see what they are doing?

I teach exclusively about the invisible, its moves and your moves… So you can have personal power, confidence, and all that good stuff… So you don’t have to escape into some illness, real or not, or pointing your finger to anything other than yourself… Where you have power.

How is that?

When you blame others, or nature, or even your bad personality, you have no power. Those things are the way they are, and you can’t change them.

But when you manage to look inside, at yourself, at your behavior, at your attitude, at your worldview, at least when you are my student, you can change an awful lot, so you have power.

So things, admittedly, I need to do for you… Because turning on a gene yourself takes time and inhuman effort… And few are willing to go through that much hardship voluntarily.

I did, my father did, some of my heroes did… But you wouldn’t be here (I think) if you had that high TLB, that high ‘I can take it’ attitude.

But suddenly people prefer turning for solace to things they cannot change, things they have no power over.

Why is that?

In my conversations I see that habits are stronger than the desire to have it all.

Habitual explaining, for example. Habitual justifying.

I wonder if somehow we, humans, think that explaining, justifying something that doesn’t work is as good as making it work?

What happens if and when you turn your fingers towards yourself, pointing at yourself?

It still depends…

If you say: I can’t, because I am lazy, stupid, or whatever ‘characteristic’ you blame, you won’t get any power, you’ll get an excuse. A justification. An explanation. Not a good life. Not the results you need.

If you say: let me see what I did, what I thought, what attitude I had, what beliefs I brought to this thing that it didn’t work?

And suddenly you can see things you can change, painlessly, by the way, and suddenly you become this person who can, this person who has results, not excuses.

And you can feel great about yourself, even though in the moment of looking it may feel shitty… Or not. Depending on the size of your ego.

It feels shitty for a moment, and then you enjoy a lifetime, or long success… Would you trade a moment of pain for happiness?

No? I got it. Then this site, my teaching is not for you.
Hell yeah?

Yesterday I was pondering a lot. Fridays are for pondering… A lot more than on any given day.

So as usual when I ponder, I saw stuff.

I saw that I mistakenly thought that responsibility is natural to humans… And to my surprise, when I asked Source if that is so, the answer was no.

point finger at yourself to get powerResponsibility, the ability to point your finger at yourself and see what you can change about your behavior, your thoughts, about your beliefs, your attitude, is a ‘spiritual’ capacity that can be turned on… And for most people it is not on.

For the child genes adjustment to really work, you need responsibility, the capacity on.

So if I have adjusted your child genes, I am going to turn on responsibility for you. For free.

You will still need to learn how to do it… Yesterdays article is a good place to start. You can also suggest that I do a live call… I am willing.

Found two more genes that I now feel inclined to turn on.

One of them is discipline… I turned it on last night. My knee-jerk reaction to it was just the opposite, it seems. I’ll report here so you know how it works.

No surprise: I didn’t even activate responsibility in my extensive SecondPhase course… I activated 101 capacities… But assumed that responsibility and integrity are NOT capacities, but normal behavior… They are intimately connected, but responsibility IS a capacity.

Can it turn on even if your integrity level is low? Muscle test says yes. It goes further: without responsibility your integrity cannot be high. Wow. I didn’t know that. I have never seen the connection.

This has been a missing piece of the puzzle… There are more. But this is, maybe, a more important piece than others.

I don’t know… Anyone who claims they have it all figured out is a liar.

Anyway… If you have your child/permission genes adjusted: please email me. Why? You need to ask for it… Or it won’t work. Responsibility is a huge power, but it only works if you want to have it. No one can impose it on you… So you need to ask for it to make sure that you want it.

If you haven’t had your child/permission gene adjusted, you can buy it now, and obviously I’ll turn on responsibility for you.

This could be a turning point for most people…

Let me adjust your DNA
PS: responsibility and integrity are twin capacities. They are twins because they cannot be forced upon you. Both are inner issues…

In integrity, you manage the relationship between you and you.
In responsibility you PULL everything you can see that belong to you to yourself. And see in what way they influence, cause, effect what is going on. So it is an inner job, just like integrity.

No one has any authority to call you on your integrity, or make you responsible… In the real sense of the words.

Of course everyone does… If you are everyone… Please change how you look, and gain personal power from it.

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