But I am smart! Are you Teddy from A Gambler’s Jury?

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hardware errorThe idea that it is up to you… that you have power… beyond your brain (hardware): that is alien to most people.

The feedback I am getting from Friday’s article is that I accidentally spoke from the penthouse of consciousness, and didn’t speak to where people, where you are.

Oops… didn’t realize.

I just finished reading a novel I started and re-started 6-7 times, because it was barely tolerable what was happening in the story. Emotionally, to my sense of right… intolerable.

You see, my TLB is only 70 on a scale of 1 to 100… and abuse, betrayal, no regard for another are difficult for me to stay with, and not run away. So I did 5-6 times… until I buckled down and read the book. I am glad I did… but it was hard for me. Emotionally.

The average TLB on the planet is 1.

As a sidenote: not in a insignificant way, reading what is hard to read, emotionally, has increased my TLB a lot, my estimation 20 of those 70 came from that. Not hard as hard to understand, but hard as hard to be with… emotionally.

In the book there is a mentally challenged, probably brain damaged young man, his lawyer, and a whole society hostile or apathetic… but that is not what I wanted to talk about.

a gambler's juryThis boy, Teddy, in Gambler’s Jury, shows the intellectual capacity of a five-year old.

In court the lawyer questions him, and tries to demonstrate that his mental capacity isn’t enough for him to have masterminded and committed the crime he is accused of.

The boy answers: I am smart… and cries.

I remember when I was a child. I remember that being smart was the most important thing to me… and I was always afraid I wasn’t smart enough. I still am.

I am still not smart enough.

Then I am observing students, visitors on my pages scanning an article in 1-2 minutes… and of course none of it lands.

Friday’s article was building on the previous 8-9 articles…

I can’t fathom why someone wouldn’t buckle down and attempt to get it, maybe go back to previous articles to get what they missed?

They are like Teddy crying: But I am smart

Yesterday I got a glimpse of some of the reasons.

If and when one of the two child genes that are supposed to turn off at age 3 is still on, you will not go and get the answers to your questions… You’ll ask someone to do it for you.

Long time ago, maybe 30 years ago I had an employee. We had long conversations about defining moments in life. His was when he was in the bathroom, pooping, and suddenly there was no toilet paper. He yelled for his mother but she wasn’t there. He stayed in that bathroom for many hours… waiting for his mother to bring the toilet paper. It never occurred to him to get it himself. Yeah, Teddy, right there.

Another reason: even if and when you read, you filter, sort, comment on what you read, so you get 1-10% of it only the rest is your stuff. You get strongest, what remains with you is not what was there, but what you said about it. Your commentary.

Unless you see and can catch all the stuff you add to what you hear or read, you’ll never know how much of what entered your brain was from the page, and how much you added thinking that it helps what you read.

You mix penthouse level content with basement level content… and that is what you got… a mishmash. This is why the most successful teachers are just a hair width higher than you… the mishmash of similar is more true to the original intent.

You can’t catch what you cannot see… and you cannot be responsible for what you can’t catch. Responsible as in: oh, I added my two cents worth and I now honor it as what I read… If you can’t catch it, you can’t see it and vice versa.

Sidenote: in that fun game where the first person whispers something into the next person’s ear and they whisper what they heard into the next person’s ear… the end result has no connection whatsoever to what was said originally, or at any stage of the game.

Responsibility is a loaded word: it means you take on to be 100% the cause of what you hear, the cause of what you’ll do with it.

We are all like little Teddy, entitled to feel smart, even though we only get 1-10% of what we read and add 90-99% of our own interpretation and our meaning to it, bastardizing it.

Once that pesky entitlement (child) gene is turned off, you need to catch that you are not entitled… and haven’t been for decades… But if you continue reading saying to yourself ‘I am smart’ then you will never get what other people are saying, what is written in an article… you’ll get more of ‘I am smart’ and what you already think… which is, by the way, probably a bunch of huie… meaning not b.s.

The average book has a truth value of 7%. Your view of the world is only 1% accurate… and remains that low, because of how you read, how you listen.

In this work I upgrade your hardware (the genes are hardware)… and then I help you to your behavior, your experience, what you hold true, what you are right about.

It’s like adding a bigger hard drive, a lot more Random Access Memory, a new display card to a computer. Unless you start using your hardware differently, it is all for naught.

I am working on causing you, ‘Teddy’ to go from needing 24/7 supervision, crying ‘but I am smart’ to becoming a person who starts accomplishing things in your life. I am seeing results. Unmistakable results.

The Racket/turning point workshops will be instrumental in that, because what we decided at age 3 isn’t clear today… unless you get some help.

To my dismay, some, even though you paid me good money, most of you think that was all you had to do, and I’ll do and the genes will do the rest… You don’t accept or not realize that you have to learn how to drive your new vehicle. How to live as an adult. Not depending, not waiting for something or someone do what is yours to do.

the human machine is more complicated than a fighter jetI can now see that my analogy of two cars, the old one is a clunker, the new one is a fast sports car is not a good analogy. Old clunker and fighter jet would be a better one.

Using that would clue you in that it is not enough to just have a fighter jet, if you don’t learn how to drive it, you will not fly it. Although I do see some soul corrections (e.g. 25) want to have someone fly it and they just sit there and enjoy the flight.

In the end of that book with Teddy, the lawyer finds him an apartment finds another similarly challenged boy as a room mate, and the two boys learn to cook, and clean, and manage payment dates, and buy the groceries… Their brain can grow, do more things, and eventually become a brain that can. Teddy is looking at going to community college… What? yeah.

But only because that apartment and that arrangement provides room and opportunities for the boys to become ‘normal’ instead of being kept as a five-year-old.

Sidenote: is this realistic? I think so. With stimulation the child genes can turn of, as they should, even though the boys are 18… but emotionally and intellectually not older than 3. So yeah… Not so with ‘normal’ brain people though.

Consider yourself Teddy, and consider that the DNA adjustment is the new apartment, with new challenges, so you can actually become a powerful person who will grow into their new hardware.

I will probably lose many of you with this article… you may protest that you are not Teddy… that you are really smart… That is going to prevent you from getting that you are cling to remaining the same.

I am OK with that… just please don’t pay me for more DNA adjustments… I will refuse to do work for you.

Nothing is more dangerous than a person who is given more power than what their consciousness can inhabit…

Just watch teenagers crash cars they have stolen… I am sure they cry to themselves: But I am smart!

If you can commit to watch and listen instead of rush through, the Rackets course is for you.

I am adding a live session to it, in addition to the three recorded ones…

Yesterday in the Turning Point workshop it was obvious who had watched at least one video in the Rackets course, and who hasn’t. They caught on faster, and had a deeper, more impactful result, a real turning point.

Some purchased the course but hadn’t watched it and probably will be satisfied just having bought it.

These are the kinds of people who go to satsang… where you sit with a guru and believe that you can absorb their vibration.

Interestingly the process that reveals the racket and slays it can be repeated and repeated and repeated… it’s like brushing teeth, or bathing. Or therapy. Or coaching. Or weeding.

Every time a new weed pops its head up and you have a chance to slay it.

I raised my vibration to where it is now through practicing responsibility (the questions!) and the racket exercise. Even what I saw in expensive courses would have been lost on me without practicing responsibility.

Here are two examples: In a course that I paid 4000 dollars for, not including flight and hotel six times from the East Coast to the West Coast, in making a collage where I collaged that I am locked out from the good life (a complaint) this is what happened.

I had pictures for a pool party, people having fun. Then methodically I cut out thin strips of black paper, and pasted them in front of the scene. I saw that I did that. One moment I was in the party, the other moment I erected a separator, bars, between myself and the party. OMG… I could be part of the party if I wanted to… I just need to SLAY the barriers I erected.

I am alone collageIn another instance, also collaging, I was collaging the theme: I am alone. A complaint.

I glued pictures of crowds on the left side of the pasteboard… people, penguins, other animals. I glued a picture of a tall pine on the right side, with a black bear on the top.

I realized that I am alone by choice. I am the black bear and I climbed to the tippy top of that tall tree, so no one can join me there.

I saw I could come down and join the crowds, or own that I am alone by choice. Very freeing.

The visible part of a racket is a complaint. Any complaint. Many complaints are hidden under comments, opinions, but they are there.

When there is a complaint, there is a racket.

Unless the complaint is looked through the racket method, it is stuck, as if there were nothing you can do about it. No ownership, no responsibility is possible, because it looks like you are right. But that is not how life works.

So it is, if you ever want to be free to play in a way more beautiful world, working through most of your complaints is mandatory.

I am offering you this incredible tool… through a course, and through inexpensive opportunities to get rid of all your baggage, for good.

Get the Racket course and a free workshop
The baggage you have been carrying on… forever.

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