Third Phase Activator: Self-Control

live in a world of your own design, be in the driver's seat of your life Our current world-view is as if we are backseat drivers, at best driving next to the driver.

All we can do are

  • observe
  • react
  • hope
  • suggest
  • protest
  • resist

but ultimately we have nothing to say in the matter of where this life is going. That is our current view of the world.

The purpose of this activator, self-control, is to return you to the driver’s seat.

When I was downloading it on today’s Daily Connection webinar, I experienced great ego-resistance.

Ego didn’t like it. Ego didn’t want it. Ego prefers to react.

But… We are made of the God-stuff, so we are capable of driving our life. I don’t mean “life” I mean our life.

What does this mean exactly? Aren’t circumstances, weather, society, who is the president, what the money oligarchy is doing to us, largely independent of us? I mean totally independent, really?

Yes and no.

Your life is defined by your perception. It is like a giant hologram, but you have your handle on the designing keys.

The same exact circumstances that in your perception are horrible, in my perception are occasions for creativity, in a third person’s perception are the best of times.

What is the truth? Beats me! I don’t know. I don’t think there is truth other than your truth. And you have 100% control over that.

That is what the Creator considers self-control.

When I first encountered this activator, I was sure it was about self-discipline. About forcing myself to conform to some prescribed norm, like only eating when I am hungry.

And although that would be really great, and I would probably be skinny as in skin and bones, I just could not see how the Creator would be so interested in that capacity, so interested in it as to make it a main activator in the Third (advanced) Phase of the Planetary Ascension.

And then I looked at some of the pointers the Creator has shown me, circumstances like flood and other catastrophes, moving to another state, moving to another continent, and I thought that the willfullness inherent in my original interpretation would make absolutely no difference in those circumstances. Actually, they would make me brittle, and I would break.

And that is when the Creator’s definition started to dawn on me: self-control is really about the capacity of being able to live in a world of your own design, conscious design, instead of resisting, forcing, manipulating, or changing anything.

The world of your own design is given by your perception of what’s going on. And the flexibility of that.

As a former architect, I know tweaking, redesigning all too well. As a “writer” I know re-writing, as a coach I know re-wording, re-phrasing my coaching.

The world of your own design is exactly like the examples above: you tweak, ongoingly. You interact with this world ongoingly, actively, creatively, and you shape it to make you well, to make you energetic, nimble, happy, joyful, exuberant.

In the created design of your world your eyes are not there to perceive what’s out there, they are there to project what you designed. You are already doing that, just unconsciously, and in a way that you can’t win.

Instead of being locked up in the world the common interpretation of events would give you: low grade depression, under the conscious perception misery, with peaks that make you reach for help, the bottle, for sex, for your gun.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Third Phase Activator: Self-Control”

  1. I remember a poster in my math class, I stared at it every day and never forgot it. I think I was 8 years old.

    The poster read:

    “If it is to be, it's up to me.”

    I have lived by that rule ever since I read that poster.

    It hit me on a karmic level.

    It sometimes got me into trouble because I bit off more than I could chew, but it sits there in my conscience and motivates me.

    It felt like I was given permission to be the captain of my ship. This morning I felt like I was given permission once again. Thank you for that Sophie.

  2. That's wonderful Rene. There are very few of your determination out there.

    Did you also get the aspect of the creator of the world-view? Or did I not express it clearly enough? Just checking

  3. You may have not gotten it on the conscious level, but you did get it, I hope, on the subconscious and the history level. I'll go for it today to fill out what I missed yesterday.

    I found a woman on Amazon, I am interested in maybe asking her for help in wording the activators. What do you think?

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