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life is a journey 2Happyness and happiness

I just looked at the cover of the book The Pursuit of Happyness and it hit me that the difference between those two words is:
the first, happyness is the journey, your beingness and
the second, happiness is the destination.

“It is not about the destination, it is about the journey…” you repeat… good boy, but you don’t know what you are talking about. Literally, you can explain it, you can even visualize it, and yet, you have no clue what that means, because it is counter-cultural. And because your beingness is firmly vested in a jumping… no work necessary paradigm.

In a culture of goal setting, in a culture of competition, success is the only thing that matters (to others, in the world, in the culture…) and you ate that b.s., hook, line and sinker. And you are trapped… but you don’t have to stay that way.

Let me explain in this article the art of being on the journey, in beingness, and fully appreciating it, fully enjoying it.


journey-destinationNow, that I have the Effortless Abundance Activator, you may even be able to do what I teach you to do… without that not one of you will be able to, although your mind will tell you: you are doing it, you are doing it… don’t believe it.

Until you can accept and come to terms with how it is, yourself, your life, your situation, your results, your skills, etc. you won’t be able to be on the journey.

Coming to terms with… the secret move missing in all the teachings. Why? because it is time consuming. Because you can’t really do it alone. Because it doesn’t make anyone quick bucks, because it is not so easy to be someone who can be trusted to see what you don’t see.

The energy of the beingness is going to be looking, seeing and Allowing. The opposite of Resisting, the opposite of trying to change, trying to fix, trying to play possum, trying to avoid.

The two movies – Bob the Butler 1 , and Penelope 2 – of the past two days are excellent illustrations of this principle.

bob-the-butlerI love Bob in Bob the Butler. Not the actor (I don’t know him), but the character. He is unstoppable, he owns every job he takes on, he does it to the best of his ability, and when he gets kicked out, he moves to the next challenge: a new profession, a new skill set. He doesn’t even know he is on a journey, because knowing you are on a journey would require you to set a destination. He has none… He is your ideal Human Being, Expanding, a perfect specimen of the Original Design. If he got ever tainted… it doesn’t show. He is innocent, he is not driven, he is bumbling up the Tree of Life, one branch at a time.

Now, what is there for YOU to learn from Bob:

  1. He never chooses the next job because he has the skills, the aptitude to do it. He choses it and he builds skills. On the foundation of being: Humility.
  2. He never quits a job… he gets fired. After several learning experiences that others would call failures or screw-ups. He always leaves a job knowing more, being more, loving more, living more, and surprise: being loved more. We think that being good at what we do gets us love… and we are always trying to get more love. But Bob is loved for his undauntable spirit of giving all he got, and failing at accomplishing. Loved. Cherished. Admired. And fired. This same spirit is what gets him finish the five-day grueling training to become a butler… he is the one man standing, the rest have run away.
  3. He doesn’t take time out to lick his wounds: he considers wounds part of the game, no licking. No breaks: next job.
  4. The vibration of the character is 700… Most people who watch the movie watch it to laugh and feel that they are better than Bob… just the opposite is true.

Any journey isn’t a journey, unless you are willing to be a bumbling idiot. Unless you allow yourself to let go of your agenda, let go of your fear of failure, unless you let go of looking good, being right, wanting to win, and let go of avoiding domination.

And let go of knowing how it is, what it is, how it should be. (the capacity of humility)

The synergistic energies of the Effortless Abundance Activator actually do that.

The feedback has been consistent with mine: people have more energy, and things get done, by accident. They can let go of the compulsion of drinking when out dancing, and allow dancing’s natural high to give them the high they seek.

People let go of having to impress every date, having to have every date to be successful… they just date.

If you are one of the users of this activator, please start paying attention to what happens seemingly accidentally, seemingly unrelated to the activator.

This whole idea of not resisting, aka allowing has been a godsend… I hadn’t even known I was resisting, only with 20/20 hindsight it’s obvious in hindsight what a freaking resistor I had been… lol.

allowing, not resistingEverything has degrees… On a scale of 1-100 I am still not a 100… I can’t even imagine… and that’s good. I don’t have a goal to be a 100… I have a goal to being fully with what I am doing, to mine all the learning from every moment of life…

I like myself. I don’t care what I weigh, how many lines there are on my face, how often I do or not do laundry, how much money I make, how many friends I have or don’t have, how many things I know or don’t know. I like myself. I don’t resist anything about myself…

And this way I love my life, and I am able to do five times more than when I was resisting…

That is the magic of the Effortless Abundance Activator. 3

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  3. In this article I don’t talk about your integrity, but if your integrity is out, you need to attend to it first… or you’ll always hate yourself! Get the integrity checklist. It is inside a membership site, and you need to register, pay $3 for lifetime access, or log in… if you have an account already.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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3 thoughts on “Updated: Happyness vs happiness, being vs. doing”

  1. Sophie, I had a very lovely, effortless, and effective day just attending to what was in front of me, minding my integrity, listening to a playback of one of your webinars and to a replay of the Effortless Abundance meditation. Crazy snow, so I asked 2 friends to be my open mic audience. No answer. I set my timer and mic and did my performance to the witness. Allowing, flowing, observing. Not resisting. A very unusual Tuesday for me.

  2. I finally clean out the boxes that was sitting in the garage since I moved in ten years ago, along with the memories I resist to let go; this is very liberating, thank you Sophie!

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