I Am Quite Comfortable In My Home Away From Home. My Life Isn’t Working. My Soul Is Shrinking. Our Planet Is Dying, Our Livelihood Is Threatened, But Go Home?

the prodigal son is welcomed home. you can never lose homeCapacities are like skills:

  • you either use them or you don’t
  • You either recognize them or you don’t
  • You either develop them or you don’t… but the rest of your life depends on it.

The capacity to tell truth from illusion, reality from unreality

…is one such capacity is at the root of developing beliefs that will support you and what you are up to. The enemy is introduced below:

Reality? Collective hunch at best.

We don’t know what’s real. At best we have others’ agreement in our interpretation of what we perceive.

The problem is the interface, the filters, the mind: our equipment may be perfect, but what gets through to our brain is filtered by the the gateways of the brain that decide what we should know about and what we shouldn’t… weird, right?

An example is the gateway called Broca. Broca decides what we hear or don’t hear. What will register when we read, and what won’t.

I had an experience like that just a few minutes ago: I read someone’s email, and as it turned out, I missed an important part of it. I never saw it. Broca decided it wasn’t relevant.

What you see and what you don’t

Scientists tell us that when the ships of the discoverers of America got to the shores, the natives could see the ripples, but could not see the ships. They had no concept of something as big, or sails… so they didn’t see it. It got filtered out.

Experiments with Papuan natives showed that they could not recognize a picture taken of them with Polaroid camera as a picture. They could see the individual dots (which we can’t!) but not a picture. The picture got filtered out.

  • The second problem is our interpretation.
  • The third problem is our point of view.
  • The fourth problem is our automatic, machine-like behavior (aka soul correction ).
  • The fifth problem is that our language gives our world, and unless the language changes, the world can’t.
  • The sixth problem is our lack of curiosity, lack of desire to expand.

And this is what has built our world view:
the agreement with others who had a

  • faulty filtered perception of reality which they interpreted based on their
  • limited and faulty knowledge of reality, taken from a point of view that
  • reduced their intelligence. And a world view that got made the right world view by an
  • automatic, machine-like behavior, totally
  • out of the control of the conscious mind.

This is the morass, the swamp. You throw in your beautiful, life-affirming ideas of life, business, love, etc… and you are surprised that others don’t get exactly what you are saying, that people misunderstand you, that you can’t make a difference, that you don’t make a difference.

The stars of this world are the people who repeat stuff that people know, who don’t rock the boat, who are part and parcel of this computer game we live in… and don’t think, don’t ask, don’t question, don’t discover, don’t innovate, don’t do… anything.

The agent Smith’s (of the Matrix) are everywhere. Occasionally even you yourself are an agent Smith when you tell everyone what an a-s-s someone is, that they don’t know what they are talking about.

Other times you read something, misunderstand it (no choice about that!) you think it is something that you already knew, and consequently cause the death of a mighty idea that could move you forward.

So what does, someone like me, supposed to do? How can one person go about changing the “reality” they speak into, so they can be heard?

Source has been largely out of touch with humanity. Instead of the tale, that it knows you personally, and keeps a tab on you and the sparrow and the hair on your head… instead it has been waiting for you to go home, like the father of the prodigal son. Home is there for you, is friendly to you.

But you have thought, all these years, that there is no way you can go home. That you need to build new homes… religions, rituals, other dogmas… and now you can’t hear the truth, don’t want to hear the truth… “you mean just pick up and go home? I am quite comfortable in my home away from home. My life isn’t working. My soul is shrinking. Our planet is dying, our livelihood is threatened, but go home? What if there is no one there? What if it will make no difference? I’d rather suffer here than find out…” you say. My words, like the sails of the Santa Maria, are invisible to you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “I Am Quite Comfortable In My Home Away From Home. My Life Isn’t Working. My Soul Is Shrinking. Our Planet Is Dying, Our Livelihood Is Threatened, But Go Home?”

  1. I've heard you and felt you were talking to me, which I feel quite often reading your articles (no kidding).

    You wrote: 'I'd rather suffer more than find out…' Isn't it in human nature? Suffering is known, familiar, doesn't require any action.

  2. Sophie,

    I hear you.

    Do not be discouraged by the lack of response. I am sure other hear you too. We are all occupied with our lifes. Yet is it too hard to giveback a minute of our time? Every time I read Sophie's posts I feel those familiar sensation in my tigerine spot. Is not it from from the touch of soul she includes in every message? How about other readers?

    Sophie, please continue you noble work. We hear you even if silent

  3. Thank you Vladimir. I know that every comment represents at least 10 who didn't take the time to respond.

    I love that just my articles activate your tangerine spot, that's wonderful

  4. I hear you! and enjoy reading what you writing. You write with truth- whether it's popular doesn't really matter.

    So much to learn…

  5. I hear you. I try to at least. You've shown that, despite listening intently, and believing that I hear everything, there is some that DOES get filtered out. I denied it, still do sometimes.

    How much have I missed all these years? It's a rude awakening.

  6. True Charlie. The truth will first piss you off, grieve you, but it will set you free. Working with me you need to count on this sequence of events.
    Whatever you missed, you missed. Look forward and know that you will miss less in the future.
    I am working on an article that goes into this topic… by the way.

  7. I hear you & read you… Some of it I don't like, but most I do and I agree with you on many things. It does seem as Charlie says that some gets filtered out and how much have I missed all these years…

  8. got it! when I have free time Sophie I always come back to your articles and soak (check stats) I feel now I am clearing out the old and welcoming the new step by step slowly but steady. Had some minor nausea in some webinars but all went away……. feeling better now. Thank you

  9. I hear you, Sophie. I thank you, and I love you. You are in my thoughts all day long. You and this work, our work, my work. I still need a detox from my habitual ways of thinking and being, and realize that I have to be conscious to go through it. You provide tools and support to the willing. I am willing.

    Thank you for demonstrating and living your love for us every moment of your day. And for keeping such integrity in your work and soul.

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