The backdrop method of building a new, more effective Self

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Just because your brain can do something doesn’t mean you will

What you WILL do depends on a whole lot more than what your brain can do.

How you will develop the habit to fully use what your brain can do is the question here.

If you live a life, if your habits don’t require much from your brain then your numbers in your starting point measurements expressing this will be low.

When in the movie ‘Defending your life‘ they talk about how much of your brain you use… this is what they mean, not what you thought they meant.

Here is one of the universally un-exercised uses of the brain. A use that is needed for anything other than middling.

Seeing a scenario many steps deep before it unfolds.

Unless you habitually use that brain capacity, you are hosed in many activities.

Your brain can… but you won’t even look.

You don’t plan. And You don’t keep doing or learning things, because the future disappears, and the inspiration with it. You don’t operate, market your business. Also You likely don’t have a relationship that works out. You don’t even plan a meal.

And although you are born with a brain that can do all that work, unless you train your eyes, train your brain, train your thinking, it will not happen.

  • You’ll attempt to put the cart in front of the horse.
  • You’ll, as I said above, lose the energy to do anything that builds anything really.
  • And you’ll do only menial jobs way below your brain’s ability… Because ability is the soil… growing something is what will feed you.

How do I know this?

I have had, all my life, a problem with seeing what comes first and what comes second.

I had jobs, I had projects that needed that ability, but like with everything: you don’t train medical students to perform surgery on live people. They need to do it on cadavers.

So until I buckled down and started to train myself on Freecell, I was fish out of water.

And when I say ‘training myself’ I mean consciously with that specific ability in mind.

My job, when I play Freecell, is to force myself to see many steps in advance.

It’s been slow going. I am an entrepreneur in my nature… and a ‘jumping Jack’…

  • I start before I even look. That needed to be managed and trained.
  • I have narrow cone of vision and hyper focus by nature… that needed to be managed and trained.
  • And I am impatient by nature… and that needed to be managed and trained.

Freecell is a solitaire with a pack of cards. You can play it on the computer or with real cards.

Checkers… ditto. Chess… ditto.

The advantage of Freecell is that you can play it without a partner.

But, this is a big but, you need to intentionally keep the context on training, and not winning, or even fun.

There is an unexpected ‘side effect’ that is as significant as all the above:

You cannot keep the context on training unless you move away from your default backdrop.

Your default backdrop that contains all the bad things about you and their ‘remedy: the pipe dream.

In the Hero Program my goal is to help you create a project that cannot be worked on, cannot ever be completed if you are staring at your default backdrop.

The default backdrop is also the ‘map’ of the two selves: one self is a king, the other self is a pauper.

That backdrop will discourage you. And that backdrop will also tell you that you don’t need to do anything, you are already king.

The life you live is a direct fallout of that backdrop…

  • The fact that you don’t grow.
  • That you live a challenge free life.
  • The fact that you call work a dirty word.
  • The fact that you don’t fulfill more than a fragment of your potential is all because you live staring at that backdrop.

You, me, everyone.

The difference is in the percentages.

I listened to Alex Hormozi yesterday. In a podcast where he was interviewed, he said things that I teach… and I don’t think anyone else teaches.

He learned those from a ‘philosopher’ friend of his… but really learned them… not just learned the words… repeating them.

Truth repeated is a lie… and he wasn’t repeating, he is living that truth.

But… so I muscletested, i.e. asked Source how many percentage of the time does he live with that, according to that knowledge.

And Source said: 70%. The rest of the time he lives, like you, in front of the default backdrop.

My number is 80%… away from my backdrop… by the way.

Worldwide? 1% or less.

My father, very high achiever: 90%

My older brother: 20%


My students: 1-7%

  • First: you need to know what your backdrop is… You really cannot catch something you cannot see.
  • Second: you need to train yourself and your eyes to be interested in something that is not fully about you and your concerns. Without that you are doomed to spend your life staring at your backdrop 24/7
  • Third: you need a project that is going to be strong enough, interesting enough, inspiring enough to keep you away from the backdrop.

It seems that it is easier for women… maybe because women are designed to care about babies? I don’t know.

But men can care too…

And unless the project is something you care about is going to be crucial.

If the project is all about you, then it will not take you away from the backdrop.

Here are a few examples:

Case study one: doctor.

The challenge has been to move her to be interested and care about the problems she is solving. She is pulled back into the solution… that is all about how great she is… but it is all in front of the backdrop… so leads to wretchedness.

Her time away from the backdrop at this time is 3%…

The emphasis is to grow it.

Case study two: counselor

The challenge has been to take her away from ‘I am smarter than you’. The ‘I’ll tell you what to do’…

The inflated ‘I’… Inflated in importance. Inflated maybe in size.

Take it to ‘What can you do?’, What is going on with you? To the emphasis of the client’s issue…

She spends now 7% of her time away from the backdrop.

Case study three: Ethnic clothes designer

The challenge has been that everything is about her creativity… Taking her away from her self-concern and to see, track, be interested in what other people are interested in, including myself, his coach.

To allow me to lead him to where he wouldn’t go on his own, so he can see and experience what he would not experience without going there.

At this point it is a battle of the wills.

He spends 1% of his time away from his backdrop.

So what is the issue? What is the default backdrop?

The default backdrop starts building in infancy. It contains everything anyone ever said and what you said it meant about you, about the world.

The worse things you said about yourself, the more restrictive your backdrop is.

Because it was so restrictive and bad… you started to fantasize about an alternative reality where you are good, and talented, and smart, and pretty, and the world is putty in your hands.

You have everything ‘real life’ denies you, love, freedom, riches, fame, and celebration you miss.

We, in this work, call it a pipe-dream.

So the backdrop has bad stuff and an escape.

I have had one student to whom this doesn’t apply: she only has the pipe dream… where she is everything. No bad stuff touches her… and yet she is a true underachiever, especially when we consider that her backdrop praises her and puts her on a pedestal.

Whatever is in your backdrop: it is all untrue.

Neither the hero self, nor the stupid self is true. You are neither… but the backdrop resists any attempts to change it.

So instead of trying to change what it says… what most ‘gurus’ suggest that you do, with affirmations, hypnosis, psycho cybernetic visualization, and other happy horseshit, what I came up with is a different solution:

Build a new backdrop away from the default.

This is what I did. This is what Alex Hormozi did. What all the 1000 did… and many other high achievers. Some of them I observe daily.

And that works whether your default backdrop is all bad or all good. Both would make you do nothing in life.

And if you look, that ‘doing nothing in life’ is the fate most people have… and that is how it is.

Unless a guide/mentor dislodge a person from the default backdrop, very few if any people are able to dislodge themselves: the backdrop is like a magnet. A very strong magnet

Your vibration is a good indicator of where you spend your time.

I didn’t have a mentor… until I ‘met’ with Source… until I connected and begged to do the work I am doing FOR Source.

So I spent most of my life living staring at the default backdrop that told me I was no good. Good for nothing.

So I have been like the Hair Club for Man commercial says: I am not just the owner, I am also a client.

The transferring my attention to the new place, to the new backdrop was imperceptible it was so slow.

And as I said above: I am now there 80% of the time.

The project that moved me slowly away from the default backdrop was the work I do for Source.

Who said it was important? I did. Who said how much to do it? I did.

Even though I can assist you selecting a project, you still have to empower it to empower you…

Some people are not ready to pick a project that would keep them away from the default context: they need an in-between project…

This is case study 4.

This client, when we started working together, was in the middle of a training program by Wim Hof.

I now encourage him to become masterful at that kind of living… extreme in many ways.

Once he was some backbone, and a solidity creating a project requires, we’ll move to doing that. When? It all depends whether he can set mastery as the context of his training or not. If he’ll do it dutifully like homework then he won’t be able to go further.

His time away from the backdrop is 0% right now.

PS: the backdrop is a two-dimensional representation of the voices in your head…

If you are experiencing emotions, you are facing the backdrop. You hear the voices.

When you successfully engaged in a project that is not aligned with the backdrop: you don’t hear the voices, or if you hear anything, they don’t sound like you.

What is missing in my Amish Horse Training Course is this insight: all the voices, good or bad, come from the backdrop… so as long as you are facing the backdrop, meaning you do what you have always done, dutifully, business as usual, you cannot not act on the voices. And you cannot have a different life.

Those voices will predictably create your usual emotions… And stop you cold in your tracks… stop you from growing, stop you from doing anything worth doing.

So selecting a project to give yourself to is mandatory if you ever want to change your life. If you ever want to go from underachiever to having a life you love and live it powerfully.

I can’t guarantee that if you have no support you can pull this off. It’s taken me decades… because this is new science.

What should you do?

I recommend first to get familiar with the two extremes of the backdrop. The February 26 Backdrop workshop had both extremes…

Once you see how it works, you’ll know if you want to embark on the journey. And then if it is a yes, contact me.

Here is the link to the February 26 Backdrop workshop.

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